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Pgp for blackberry


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install PGP on blackberry handsets enable to have safe and secure communication between two parties. Thus, contact Blackberry Secure and get the best blackberry PGP Email encryption service.

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Pgp for blackberry

  1. 1. Install Pgp for Blackberry at is a leading wholesale and retail provider of the Blackberry mobile handsets that function on the latest PGP encryption technology. Based out of Windsor, Ontario, this Canadian group is focused toward securing the blackberry devices. They sell the mobile phones that work on the pgp for Blackberry technology.
  2. 2. They also offer it as a service. In this, they install the pgp technology on the devices that do not have this on their phones at affordable prices. Their network of dealers is spread across the UK, USA, Spain, Portugal, Dominican Republic, The Panama, Russia, Thailand, Mexico and the Netherlands. The company offers one-to-one customer service and excellent technical support to their customers to guarantee that their mobile text would not be intercepted by any third party. Moreover, a number of customizable features related to the PGP technology are also provided to meet the specific needs of the customers.
  3. 3. For orders that exceed eight units or more, special and group rates can be availed. They ensure the orders are delivered within 3 business days anywhere in the world through their FedEx Priority service. to get an online invoice or to place orders, contact the company on (519) - 9972322 or send an email to: For support related queries, contact