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Websites: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


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By Ted Hart

Published in: Technology
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Websites: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  2. 2. Internet 2 2 Ted Hart, ACFRE • CEO at Charities Aid Foundation of America • & • Founder and CEO at • Radio Host- Nonprofit Coach • Author: • Internet Management • People to People Fundraising • Nonprofit Guide to Going Green • Nonprofit Internet Strategies • Major Donors • Fundraising on the ©2014 Ted Hart
  3. 3. 3 Ted Hart Books Available All available on & ©2014 Ted Hart
  4. 4. What Percentage of Traffic Comes to Your Home Page First? 5 80%? 75%? 45%? 100%? 10%? 50%? ©2014 Ted Hart
  5. 5. 6 Traffic To Your Home Page? Is Your Website Designed For Real Web Use? ©2014 Ted Hart 29%
  6. 6. ONLY 29% of website traffic is the result of direct visits @tedhart #bbcon 6 #bbcon Tweet this now ©2014 Ted Hart
  7. 7. 8 You Have 10 Seconds……. It's clear from research that the first 10 seconds of a page visit are critical for users' decision to stay or leave. ©2014 Ted Hart
  8. 8. 9 You Have 10 Seconds……. 1. Who Are You? 2. What Do You Do? 3. What Do You Want Me To Do? ©2014 Ted Hart
  9. 9. Are You Ready? Online Tip #1: Clearly Display Name, Logo, Mission Online Tip #2: Photos of people, action, not just buildings Online Tip #3: Provide easy access to social media you are active on 10 ©2014 Ted Hart
  10. 10. Are You Ready? Online Tip #4: Use Encryption Technology Wherever You Request Sensitive or Confidential Information Online Tip #5: Provide Multiple Opportunities and Methods For Gifts To Be Made Both Online and Offline. Online Tip #6: Post a Comprehensive Privacy Policy 11 ©2014 Ted Hart
  11. 11. Are You Ready? Online Tip #7: Eliminate the scroll Online Tip #8: Provide Online and Offline Contact Info. Online Tip #9: Provide Method For Communication/ Information/ Education (i.e. eNewsletter, etc.) 12 ©2014 Ted Hart
  12. 12. Are You Ready? Online Tip #10: Provide Information On How Donations Are Used To Support Your Mission (stewardship) 12 ©2014 Ted Hart
  13. 13. You have just 10 seconds to capture website visitor attention! @tedhart #bbcon 13 #bbcon Tweet this now ©2014 Ted Hart
  14. 14. 13 An Overall Strategy Donate Now Multiple Ways To Support Sign Up For Newsletter 13 ©2014 Ted Hart
  15. 15. 14 Multiple Ways To Support Tell A Friend Sign Up For Newsletter Donate Now ©2014 Ted Hart
  16. 16. 15 Multiple Donation Links ©2014 Ted Hart
  17. 17. 16 Navigation very small Donate Now Picture of People Not Buildings Sign Up For Newsletter Is Below the Scroll Some of the best content is Below The Scroll ©2014 Ted Hart
  18. 18. 17 Photographs too small, video difficult to view Poor Navigation at Bottom of Home Page Donate Now Very Poor Design, Typeface too small, difficult navigation Not inviting to target audience ©2014 Ted Hart
  19. 19. 18 Promote Volunteerism Photos of People Donate Now No Scroll Sign Up For Newsletter No privacy policy posted Online Press Center Multiple Ways To Support Feedback ©2014 Ted Hart
  20. 20. Mobile and Tablet 20 #bbcon
  21. 21. 20 Election of Pope Benedict XVI ©2014 Ted Hart
  22. 22. 20 ©2014 Ted Hart Election of Pope Francis
  23. 23. A FEW 22 You Have 10 Seconds……. ©2014 Ted Hart
  24. 24. 18 Page Loads Fast Thumb-sized “Tap Targets” “Above Fold” Navigation Big Clear Font ©2014 Ted Hart
  25. 25. 18 Page Loads ‘Pretty Fast’ “Above Fold” Navigation Big Clear Font Thumb-sized “Tap Targets” ©2014 Ted Hart
  26. 26. Resources For Mobile • Test your website for mobile for speed and user experience: • eed/pagespeed/insights • Design your website for mobile: 26 #bbcon ©2014 Ted Hart
  27. 27. 24 LIVE: Website Review This part of the session is interactive. ©2014 Ted Hart
  28. 28. Did this session leave you feeling electrified? Don’t forget to complete a session survey! Each completed survey enters you into a drawing to win a complimentary registration to bbcon 2015 in Austin, Texas*. *Blackbaud reserves the right to change or withdraw this promotion at any time, without advance notice. Promotion has no cash value and may not be exchanged, applied to, or combined with any other offer. 28 #bbcon
  29. 29. Thank you. Ted Hart, ACFRE CEO Charities Aid Foundation of America 29 #bbcon v 703-549-8931 Facebook: tedhart LinkedIn: tedhart Skype: tedhartusa Email: Twitter: @tedhart