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Turning your newly enrolled families into annual fund donors


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Presentation by Angela May

Published in: Technology
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Turning your newly enrolled families into annual fund donors

  1. 1. Turning Your Newly Enrolled Families Into Annual Fund Donors Presented by: Angela May, bCRE Database Administrator, Denver Academy #BBK12UC
  2. 2. An Introduction About Me • Database Administrator at Denver Academy • Blackbaud user for 9 years • Blackbaud Certified in The Raiser’s Edge • Led several schoolwide database initiatives • Presented at the Blackbaud Conference for Nonprofits About Denver Academy • An independent K-12 day school for diverse learners • Enrollment of 370 • Blackbaud products: – Raiser’s Edge – Education Edge (Admissions Office and Registrar’s Office) – Online Campus Community – NetClassroom – FAWeb #BBK12UC
  3. 3. Overview of Presentation • Annual Fund as a whole at your school • Annual Fund and your Newly Enrolled Families – Welcoming Newly Enrolled Families – Educating Them about the Annual Fund – Turning Them into first year Annual Fund Donors • Team Approach: Admissions and Development • Ideas have been gathered over the years from several sources, including list serves, blogs, trainings, and trial and error at our school • Take what you want, leave what you don’t! #BBK12UC
  4. 4. Why this presentation? • Newly enrolled families “count” when it comes to Annual Fund participation • When you know how newly enrolled families are participating in Annual Fund, you can craft a strategy for increasing their participation (measure it!) • A Team Approach is important! #BBK12UC
  6. 6. Let’s check the temperature • Does your school have an Annual Fund? • Is the Annual Fund the #1 fundraising priority? • Does the Annual Fund have competition? – Capital Campaign – Parent Association – Classroom initiatives • How well is the Annual Fund promoted? • How do your employees and Board feel about Annual Fund? • How are you communicating PROGRESS toward your goal and SUCCESS? #BBK12UC
  7. 7. Why Measure Participation? • Accreditation organizations (NAIS) look for participation figures from your school’s various constituencies (parents, alumni, board) • Grantmaking foundations may request your participation numbers, favorable numbers can mean GRANT MONEY! • It is essential to have a goal and to know your progress toward your goal! And share it! • How are your newly enrolled families participating? The results may surprise you! • The fiscal year end is a great time to measure last’s year’s participation numbers, to get a baseline to compare against #BBK12UC
  8. 8. A look at the Numbers Participation: New Parents • 30 out of 100 gave • 30% participation Returning Parents • 120 out of 200 gave • 60% participation Counted together • 150 out of 300 gave • 50% participation #BBK12UC 30% 70% Participation among New Parents Donors Nondonors 60% 40% Participation among Returning Parents Donors Nondonors
  9. 9. Increasing New Parent Participation • Is “New Parent participation” in Annual Fund not where you want it to be? • Does “New Parent participation” in Annual Fund bring down your overall parent participation percentage? • It’s time for a strategy! • Joint effort between Admissions and Development – Welcoming Newly Enrolled families – Educating them about the Annual Fund – Turning them into first year Annual Fund donors! • Measure it! Measure it! Measure it! #BBK12UC
  11. 11. Welcoming New Families • How does your school welcome new families? What about out-of-state parents? • Some Ideas: – Welcome Packet – Letter from the Headmaster, Development Director – New Parent Orientation – Picnic with the Teachers – Parent Association Welcoming Committee – Parent to Parent Network • The GOAL is to make them feel connected and welcome #BBK12UC
  12. 12. The Team Approach Admissions • New families are not “off your plate” once they’re enrolled • Follow up with families at regular intervals • Make information available to Development • Admissions and Development: arm-in-arm Development • Easy does it! • Privacy first • Get as much relevant data as possible into your database • Wealth screen • Development and Admissions: arm-in-arm #BBK12UC
  14. 14. Educating about the Annual Fund • Rethink assumptions: – “they know what Annual Fund Is” – “they know the importance of participation” – “financial aid families don’t have the extra money to give” • Education starts on your website! – Excellent examples: • Charlotte Country Day School (N. Carolina) • Poughkeepsie Day School (New York) • Annual Fund should be prominently displayed at school events: Back to School Night, the fall musical, etc. #BBK12UC
  15. 15. Educating about the Annual Fund • What’s your Annual Fund “elevator speech”? • Traditions of Giving brochure • Emphasize that participation at any level is important • Consider emphasizing the success of the Board appeal and the Employee appeal (if they were successful) • Educate about the Annual Fund before appeals go out! • The mailed appeal should not be the first time they have heard about the Annual Fund. Same with Phonathon! • Important to communicate: “we ask all families to give” (financial aid families are not off the hook!) #BBK12UC
  16. 16. The Team Approach Admissions • Prominently display Annual Fund materials in your Admissions office • Enclose a copy of the latest Annual Report in the new family welcome packet • Take families to the Development Office during the tour! Development • Provide up-to-date literature to Admissions on a regular basis • Mail a handwritten note from the Development Director to new families • Keep Admissions informed on your ‘new family’ fundraising efforts #BBK12UC
  18. 18. Turning them into Donors! • After welcoming them, and educating them, it’s time to ASK! • It should be clear by now that Annual Fund is “a thing” • Use a Multi-channel approach: – Mailed appeals – Emailed appeals – Phonathon (consider a special script for new families) • Follow up on “promises”/pledges • Report on Success! Prominently display the progress toward your goal. • Public gratitude: “Thank you to all who have donated!” #BBK12UC
  19. 19. The Team Approach Admissions • Enjoy the fruits! You were a part of the Annual Fund’s success! • Continue to contact new families throughout the year • Notify Development about any new information that would be helpful Development • Track progress toward your goals • Design reports to track ‘new parent participation’ • Report back to Admissions on the progress toward the goal • Thank the Admissions staff for helping you! #BBK12UC
  20. 20. Conclusion • New Parent participation is important! • Measure it! • Don’t underestimate the value of a Team Approach between Admissions and Development – Welcoming New Families – Educating them about the Annual Fund – Turning them into first year Annual Fund Donors! #BBK12UC
  22. 22. #BBK12UC