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Social Media isn't a Buzzword Anymore: Nonprofit Edition


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Facebook® has 1.15 billion monthly users, Google+® has 359 million monthly users, and Twitter® has 218 million monthly users. That’s an ocean of people, activity, and opportunity frequenting the top three social networks on the Web!

Join Blackbaud’s director of digital marketing, Frank Barry, as he dives into the ways your organization can use social media as a tool for donor acquisition, including:

- How the web is impacting donor acquisition
- The right social networks for your organization
- Ways to inspire action and conversation around your mission

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Social Media isn't a Buzzword Anymore: Nonprofit Edition

  1. 1. Social Media: ! It’s Not Just a Buzzword Anymore Cupids Arrow: Thoughtful Engagement to Acquire Donors
  2. 2. Meet  the  #npEXPERTS  
  3. 3. #npEXPERTS   Frank  Barry     Digital  marke7ng  director  at   Blackbaud.  Frank  has  spent  10   years  helping  nonprofits  use   the  Internet  for  digital   communica7on,  social  media,   and  fundraising  so  they  can   focus  on  changing  the  world.         @franswaa  
  4. 4. Social  Stats   •  As  of  January  2014,  74%  of  online  adults  use  social  networking   sites.     •  42%  of  online  adults  use  mul7ple  social  networking  sites.       •  There  are  now  over  1.15  billion  Facebook  users.  Note:  The  user  base  is   aging,  45%  of  Internet  users  aged  65+  use  Facebook.       •  Pinterest  (21%)  is  now  more  popular  than  TwiXer  (18%)  among  Internet   users.  Older  women  are  the  most  ac7ve  on  Pinterest.       •  40%  of  cell  phone  owners  use  a  social  networking  site  on  their  phone,  and   28%  do  so  on  a  typical  day.           hXp://­‐sheets/social-­‐networking-­‐fact-­‐sheet/     hXp://­‐social-­‐media-­‐2-­‐0-­‐infographic/77055/    
  5. 5.  Gen  Y  and  Gen  X  are  the  Future  
  6. 6.    Not  Big  Givers  (31%)  
  7. 7.  Growth  Opportunity  
  8. 8.  World  Wide  Web   47%  /  40%  gave  through  the  world  wide  web.  
  9. 9. But  you’ve  got  to  get  people  there…   •  Search  Engine  Op7miza7on   •  Social  sharing  (G+,  Authorship,  etc)   •  Google  Adwords  ($10k  grant)   •  Retarge7ng  (*Facebook)   •  And  much  more  (social  ads,  display,  etc)    
  10. 10. 55%  of  Gen  Y  follow  chari7es  on  social  media;  with  29%  saying   that  social  media  is  an  extremely  important  way  to  stay  in  touch.        Socially  Connected  
  11. 11. 6  Tips  to  Boost  Social  Media  Engagement   •  Pick  the  right  social  network  to  focus  on.   •  Make  it  someone's  job  –  at  least  part  of  the  7me.   •  Know  what  your  audience  is  looking  for  –  what   type  of  content/communica7ons  do  they  value?   •  Be  consistent  and  give  it  7me  to  grow.   •  Use  images  and  videos  as  much  as  possible.     •  Highlight  people,  the  work  you  do  and  the  impact   you  make.  
  12. 12.  Mobile,  mobile,  mobile…   98%  /  86%  use  a  mobile  as  their  only  phone  and  62%  /  47%  would  give   a  dona7on  to  a  nonprofit  on  a  mobile  device.  
  13. 13.  Fundraising  on  behalf  of…   43%  /  46%  have  fundraised  on  behalf  of  a  nonprofit.  
  14. 14. Email  SLll  King   hXp://­‐content/ml-­‐loads/2012/01/infographic_abs_final.png  
  15. 15. hXps://­‐resources/onlinemarke7ngstudy    
  16. 16.  The  Welcome  Series  …  
  17. 17.  Results  MaNer  …  
  18. 18.     Download  the  new  …   Fundraising  Appeals  Guide  
  19. 19. Ques7ons?