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Raiser's Edge Database Cleanup Tips


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Raiser's Edge PPT for the K-12 2015 UC

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Raiser's Edge Database Cleanup Tips

  1. 1. THE RAISER’S EDGE DATABASE CLEANUP TIPS EE Breakout Session 2: Deadra Elliott, Presenter
  2. 2. Wireless & Sample Database Access #BBK12UC • Wireless Access: • SSID: K-12 • Password: blackbaud • The Raiser’s Edge Sample Database Login: • Type the URL • Find your user name and select PC or Mac user • Enter the user name and password provided • RE7 database password is: admin
  3. 3. #BBK12UC Learning Objectives • Review best practices recommendations for reducing data integrity issues • Review available database tools in The Raiser's Edge and techniques to help with common data cleanup including: • Global Add, Change, Delete options • Duplicate Constituent Management • Table Cleanup • Review additional tips for database cleanup and maintenance
  4. 4. 5 Presenter Bio-Deadra Elliott
  5. 5. From the beginning…. #BBK12UC • Tips for limiting data cleanup: – Establish system security options to control data access – Standardize data entry procedures – Document your organization’s data entry Policies and Procedures – Train end-users
  6. 6. #BBK12UC Define security options in the Administration module: System Security Tips Define Group Privileges and Add Group Members
  7. 7. #BBK12UC Define security options in the Administration module: System Security Tips Don’t forget to define options for each module. Limit add/edit/delete rights. Access to individual reports
  8. 8. #BBK12UC Set the rules for how data is entered, managed, and extracted from The Raiser’s Edge: Standardize Procedures • Constituent records entry • Address and bio updates Records Management • Campaign, Funds, and Appeals records entry • Batch or online processing • Acknowledgement Letters Gift Processing • Standard reports and queries • Standard exports • Mailing procedures Reporting & Extraction Document procedures in a Policies and Procedures guide for your organization.
  9. 9. When you need the right tools… Globally Add/Change/Delete Records • Admin module Duplicate Constituent Management Tool • Admin module Merge Constituents • Admin module Table Cleanup • Configuration module #BBK12UC The Raiser’s Edge is equipped with standard options to assist with data cleanup and maintenance.
  10. 10. Database Cleanup Examples #BBK12UC • Data entry staff member enters an incorrect attribute on a large number of constituent records. • The solicit code “do not mail” needs to be removed from solicitor records. • Gifts marked as “Acknowledged” need to be changed to “Not Acknowledged.” • Older fund records need to be marked as “fund is inactive.” • The Volunteer Coordinator requests to delete a large number of old volunteer records.
  11. 11. Global Change Options • Options are located in the Administration module • Important Tips: – Limit security access for end-users – Request a data backup for larger projects – Choose Selected Records vs. All Records • Global Change Options: – Globally Add Records – Globally Change Records – Globally Delete Records #BBK12UC
  12. 12. Global Change Options #BBK12UC Global Change Example: • Global Change option in Administration module • Based on a query of selected records of “Board Members” • Field used is Constituent Attributes “Anniversary” • Operation is ADD • Value 7/2/15
  13. 13. Managing Duplicate Records • Configure Business Rules in the Configuration module to reduce the risk of creating duplicate records • Always SEARCH first before adding new records #BBK12UC Duplicate Criteria
  14. 14. Duplicate Constituent Management Tool #BBK12UC Merge Records Option
  15. 15. Merge Constituent Records #BBK12UC Merge a single record into another record from the option in the Administration module Merge records individually from the Constituent menu in the record
  16. 16. Table Cleanup in The Raiser’s Edge #BBK12UC Merge table values to correct data entry mistakes.
  17. 17. Table Cleanup in The Raiser’s Edge #BBK12UC Right-mouse click to access the Print Code Tables Report option.
  18. 18. Other Cleanup Tools • Import (Administration module): • Import is used to create new and update existing records • Link to EE import guide: • Convert Pledges to Recurring Gifts (Administration module): #BBK12UC
  19. 19. Other Cleanup Tools • Open records from query results tab: • Use the OPEN option to open records directly from query results. This feature is helpful for manual clean up of data in a group of records. #BBK12UC
  20. 20. Other Cleanup Tools • Non-constituent merge utility: • Located in Plug-Ins. Option is used to identify and merge non- constituent records. #BBK12UC
  21. 21. #BBK12UC Additional Database Cleanup Tips for The Raiser’s Edge Knowledgebase tips from 1. How to globally replace table entries in The Raiser's Edge 7 (Article Number 41782). 2. How to clean up Addressees/Salutations in The Raisers Edge 7 (Article Number 49074) 3. What is the Non-constituent Merge Utility and how to run it? (Article Number 41225) 4. How to globally change the address type in The Raiser's Edge 7 (Article Number 45963)
  22. 22. #BBK12UC Additional Info for The Raiser’s Edge Blackbaud Data Services for The Raiser’s Edge: See your sales account rep for a custom quote. Configuration and Security Guide: Database Administration Guide: Global Add, Delete, and Change Guide:
  23. 23. #BBK12UC #BBK12UC Download the Blackbaud K-12 UC15 Mobile App & Engage With Us! Go to your app store, on any mobile device, and look for: Blackbaud K-12 UC15 - Agenda - Speakers - Attendees - Sponsors - Session Surveys and more! Conference resources just for you!