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Ignite Session: Tips & Tricks in The Raiser's Edge


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bbcon 2013

Published in: Technology

Ignite Session: Tips & Tricks in The Raiser's Edge

  1. 1. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 1 Ignite Session: Tips and Tricks in The Raiser’s Edge PRESENTED BY TIFFANY CRUMPTON
  2. 2. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 2 • A presentation are meant to "ignite" the audience on a subject, i.e. to generate awareness and to stimulate thought and action on the subjects presented. • So…I want to IGNITE all of you with cool things being done in The Raiser’s Edge. Guaranteed- something for everyone! WHAT IS AN IGNITE SESSION?
  4. 4. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 4 POTENTIAL AFTERMATH OF IGNITE SESSION
  5. 5. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 5 One Presenter 75 minutes 30 Ignite Ideas 3 Mountain Dews + 4 cups of coffee consumed today OUR MISSION TODAY- BY THE NUMBERS
  6. 6. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 6 THINGS YOU WILL SAY DURING THIS SESSION I wish she would slow down… for real I can’t wait to tell [insert name of coworker] about this…they will FREAK out! Where was that feature again?I didn’t know I could do THAT!?! Is she talking really fast- or have I not had enough OMG
  7. 7. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 7 • You will become increasingly popular in the office • Your boss will start asking you for more cool things after seeing what you learned • You can pretend that my tips and tricks were YOUR ideas so you are even MORE popular in your office. • You can even allow your co-workers to try some of this after you share this info with them  THINGS THAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER THIS SESSION
  8. 8. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 8 WHO ARE YOU? • Level 1- I am a true beginner. Brand new to RE • Level 2- I use RE from time to time… want to enhance skill set • Level 3- I use RE regularly and pretty much know what I am doing. Others at my org come to me with questions and requests • Level 4- I am the reigning RE King/Queen of my office! Others fear my supreme knowledge and ability… and if Tiffany wasn’t on stage, I would be there!
  9. 9. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 9 Homepage/ Navigation Record Viewing/ Management Mobile Batch Data Management Query Exporting Reporting and Dashboards KEY FOCUS AREAS
  10. 10. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 10 HOMEPAGE/NAVIGATION
  11. 11. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 11 1
  12. 12. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 12 1
  13. 13. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 13 DATE ENTRY TRICKS Use the 1-31 date trick: becomes F7 pops up a calendar in date fields (comes in handy when setting up pledges) Hit F3 in a date field pops in today’s date Hit F2 to load a default value into a record. Shift F2 to load all defaults 2
  14. 14. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 14 GET YOUR HOMEPAGE IN ORDER! • Access all common records, tasks • Personalized for each user • Organize in folders • One-click access to information • Include other applications and websites • Quick links to favorite dashboard panels and action reminders 3
  16. 16. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 16 SET UP DEFAULTS TO FACILITATE DATA ENTRY Be sure to catch Craig Haubrich’s session on RE Default Sets! Tues- 10:45 AM 4
  18. 18. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 18 • Right click within RE… will often lead to a shortcut or additional option - Save some clicks - Choose/Reorder Columns - Legend options for grids • “If it’s cool, it’s in Tools” - Action Tracks - Default Sets - Install Samples - User Options NAVIGATION TIPS! 6
  19. 19. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 19 RECORD VIEWING OPTIONS/CUSTOM VIEWS
  20. 20. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 20 CHANGE YOUR CONSTITUENT SEARCH SCREEN RESULTS! • Change output of query- fields, order, sort • Common examples- outputting record ID from other system (ex. Member ID), spouse name, giving history, age. What other fields? Search query will be your “default” until you change or reset it. * 7
  21. 21. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 21 USE CUSTOM VIEWS TO CHANGE THE WAY A RECORD LOOKS Only show what you need to see! 8
  22. 22. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 22 BUILDING A CUSTOM VIEW IS EASY! NO WEB/HTML KNOWLEDGE NEEDED 8
  23. 23. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 23 APP OMATIC VIEW 9
  24. 24. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 24 LET’S GET MOBILE!
  25. 25. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 25 Your response to the RE Mobile app was GREAT! - Over 2,700 Organizations have installed it - App has been downloaded onto more than 16,000 devices RE MOBILE 10
  26. 26. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 26 RE MOBILE EVENT APP 11
  27. 27. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 27 BATCH/GIFT ENTRY
  28. 28. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 28 CHANGE FIELDS GLOBALLY IN BATCH 12
  29. 29. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 29 BATCH- LOAD A QUERY! • Good for regular givers and member payments • Some orgs enter constituent IDs in Query with Specific Record ONE OF and then load into Batch (using defaults to load in) * 13 Lesson from a fellow client: Set up your default row first so it will fill down
  30. 30. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 30 Customer Quote: “We have batch templates set up for different functions, online event registrations, online gifts, recurring EFTs, checks, credit card charges, etc.” BATCH FOLDERS RE 7.93 14
  31. 31. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 31 RE 7.93 RE 7.93 14
  32. 32. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 32 DATA MANAGEMENT
  33. 33. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 33 TABLE CLEANUP UTILITY  Standardize data  Eliminate misspellings  Remove duplicates  KB BB81596 15
  34. 34. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 34 GLOBAL CHANGES • Before you begin… - Create a query of records to be changed • Query type corresponds with type of record to be updated (Constituent, Gift) • Query should be static • Globally Add Records - Constituent codes, actions, attributes - Moving data to the correct location • 2 step process to add to new place and delete from old • Globally Change Records - Attributes that are useful, but need intuitive names - Old actions that are still open - Recommend using the “create a query of changed records” option in case something goes awry 16
  35. 35. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 35 • Globally delete records – BACKUP your database first! - Example for obsolete attributes and actions Screen is found in Administration, Globally Delete Records 16
  36. 36. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 36 NEW DUPLICATE MANAGEMENT! RE 7.93 17
  37. 37. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 37 QUERY
  38. 38. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 38 CREATIVE USE OF QUERY OPERATORS: Zip like ?????-???? Will ensure that all records have a ZIP+4. You can then get larger postal discounts if you use this query for a mailing. Zip begins with 294 will find people that live in several zip codes that begin with 294 Zip between 29400 and 31000- 9999 finds all records that have a ZIP or a ZIP+4 in a geographical area. 18
  39. 39. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 39 Question Mark (?): use the question mark symbol to replace a single character. Asterisk (*): use the asterisk to replace a series of characters. Brackets ([ ]): use brackets to query for a range of characters or to locate several characters. For example, use the criteria Last Name “begins with” [A-C] to locate all constituent records with a last name beginning with A through C. Use brackets with a comma to search two values at the same time- ex. [C,K] WILDCARDS… I THINK I LOVE YOU! (THESE WORK IN RECORD SEARCHING TOO!) 19
  40. 40. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 40 QUERY CRITERIA TIPS Query Fields allow you to select any field that is currently in your query. Use them to save time! Drag fields to any of the query tabs without having to select that tab first 20
  41. 41. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 41 COMMON QUERY QUANDARIES • How to include/exclude specific records in a query - Specific Record field or NEW Query List feature! - EXPERT TIP- copy and paste up to 500 constituent IDs from Excel into Constituent ID ONE OF field in Query! Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the list before copying. • How to query on record property fields (Date Added, Date Last Changed) • Gifts (One time gifts) vs. Summary Information (cumulative gift totals) • How to query on “linked gifts” to include/exclude event payments, membership dues, etc. - Use “Gift is Linked To” field 21
  42. 42. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 42 COMMON QUERY QUANDARIES (CONT) • How to query on records with a specific attribute and a blank description (KB BB48199) - Create a query for the appropriate records (e.g. gift, constituent, etc.) - On the Criteria tab, select: • Attributes, Specific Attributes, [attribute category], [attribute category] Import ID Not Blank AND Attributes, Specific Attributes, [attribute category], [attribute category] Description blank • How to query on constituents who gave during any X of Y years (or months) - Create a series of queries and merge them (KB BB150050) - Export to Excel and use functions - Crystal Reports- Record Selection feature 21
  43. 43. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 43 RANDOM SAMPLING ON STATIC QUERIES… A GREAT TOOL FOR MARKETING PURPOSES! After saving a static query with a random sampling, you have a scientifically randomized group of people. 22 EXAMPLES- • Send a survey to donors • Experiment with appeals and packages (send 50 people a color brochure and send 950 people a black & white brochure. Will the % response and average gift increase for these 50 people?)
  44. 44. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 44 ANYONE’S HEAD SPINNING YET?
  45. 45. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 45 TWEET AWAY… IT’S FOR A GOOD CAUSE! #BBCON #REIGNITE @TIFFANYCRUMPTON
  46. 46. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 46 BASING A QUERY ON ANOTHER QUERY 23
  47. 47. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 47 EXAMPLES: • Quick data entry changes “on the fly” • Scroll through records in query order to spot check data results ACCESSING RECORDS…FROM A QUERY 24
  48. 48. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 48 QUERY LIST FIELD ADDITIONS RE 7.93 25
  49. 49. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 49 EXPORT
  50. 50. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 50 CREATIVE QUERYING…WITH EXPORT Export gifts for a particular gift query in a constituent export! Wait, why is this cool? You can filter out gifts based something other than the pre-defined filters… such as gift attributes, gift codes, gifts linked to Event registrations, linked to memberships. * 26
  51. 51. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 51 Customer quote: “I have to jump back and forth between Excel and the RE Export function, relabeling...again and again. Also, my label names would be more consistent” RAISER’S EDGE 7 27
  52. 52. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 52 CHANGING EXPORT HEADERS RE 7.93 27
  53. 53. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 53 REPORTING AND DASHBOARDS
  54. 54. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 54 PIVOT REPORTS 28
  55. 55. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 55 DASHBOARDS OFFER QUICK AND EASY DATA! 29
  56. 56. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 56 QUERIES AS DASHBOARD PANELS • Place commonly run queries on Dashboard for easy access 30
  57. 57. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 57 DASHBOARD IDEAS Giving  Gifts from unassigned prospects  Daily gifts  Gifts from Board Members  Annual fund donors who reached a certain giving level  Gifts at certain dollar amount  Gifts to specific campaign priority  Gifts to particular unit or department  Gifts from alumni of a particular college or school  Gifts from selected Reunion Class Actions  Action Reminders  Recent Actions from defined group Prospects  Prospect lists  Prospect birthdays  Recent gifts from managed prospects  Gifts from prospects Funds  Newly created funds Events  Event Summary (personalized with individual event queries)  Event attendance Appeals  Appeal Summary 30
  58. 58. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 58 DASHBOARD TIPS • TRICK- Can’t find the option to put a constituent query on Dashboard? Use the Solicitor or Proposal query- it will allow you to use one! • Rename columns of queries by right-clicking on results, Rename Column • Dynamic queries work best, always refreshing when dashboard refreshes • The Query List feature (first released in RE 7.92) is AWESOME for Dashboard lists! 30
  59. 59. 10/7/2013 #bbcon #reignite 59 THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION… GET IGNITED! Tiffany Crumpton @TiffanyCrumpton #reignite