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How To Boost Donor Retention Rates in 5 Steps


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Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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How To Boost Donor Retention Rates in 5 Steps

  1. 1. #npEXPERTS | Lessons from a Fundraising Insider: How our Donor Retention Rates grew to 43%
  2. 2. #npEXPERTS | Meet the #npEXPERTS
  3. 3. #npEXPERTS | | Katherine Niederer-Morris I’m a passionate philanthropist, fundraising nerd and former member of the Stock Market Club at Argyle Middle School. I’m Katherine and I’m a small shop fundraiser. @KatOnALeash
  4. 4. #npEXPERTS | | The mission of Lena Pope is to help create hope, happiness, and success for children and families. When it started in 1930, Lena Pope was a home for orphans and children in need in the Fort Worth area. Lena Pope has evolved to meet the changing needs of our community. Our focus is on empowering families to stay together. We do this by focusing in two major program areas.
  5. 5. #npEXPERTS | How did we do it?
  6. 6. #npEXPERTS | Keeping a Healthy Database
  7. 7. #npEXPERTS | Keeping a Healthy Database 1.  “Monday morning” reporting a.  New donor b.  Donors over $250 c.  Consecutive donors d.  LYBUNT/SYBUNT 2.  Address updates a.  Mail house b.  Post office returns 3.  Action tracking a.  Global ads for mailing b.  Personal thank you letters c.  Phone calls d.  Solicitor info
  8. 8. #npEXPERTS | •  50-70 emails a week •  Lots of phone calls •  Personal letters & notes •  …. with no response. Being Comfortable with Silence
  9. 9. #npEXPERTS | Focused on Courting New Donors
  10. 10. #npEXPERTS | | •  New donor packet - $4.70 (ugh!) •  Not listening to donors •  Asking for the second gift to quick What hasn’t worked?
  11. 11. #npEXPERTS | | What HAS worked? •  Fast email response (short and to the point) •  Super personal tone •  Don’t start with “Thank You” •  Tell them about the impact •  Ask them to go have lunch/coffee
  12. 12. #npEXPERTS | Lots of Coffee Dates
  13. 13. #npEXPERTS | | My Go-to Questions... 1.  Are you from the area? (People like to give) 2.  How’d you get connected with Lena Pope? 3.  What other nonprofits are you involved with? (Helps ID interests) 4.  How did you like … (event, giving exp., etc) 5.  Would you like to come see more?
  14. 14. #npEXPERTS | Keeping it Interesting
  15. 15. #npEXPERTS | Suggested reading... 1.  TMZ 2.  The Invention of Wings 3.  Foodie 4.  Travel to new places (Go Spurs Go!) 5.  Local activities
  16. 16. #npEXPERTS | Additional Key Drivers Leadership I’ve been very fortunate to work for a Director and Executive Director who allow me to be creative and take risks. Thank Yous We had one letter that was sent to everyone regardless of the gift, program or purpose. Now, we have 12.
  17. 17. #npEXPERTS | Whats on the horizon... Annual Reports Changing annual reports from super formal to short form with lots of imagery. “Hard hat tours” “Hard hat tours” of new building (in construction). Thank Yous Revamping thank you letter from exec. dir. Infographics Visual stewardship reports (al la the INFOGRAPHIC)
  18. 18. #npEXPERTS | Building a Community of Sharing Connecting with peers, sharing my thoughts and experience, leveraging social media.
  19. 19. #npEXPERTS | |