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5 Tips for Fundraising in an Election Year


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Ideas for how you can build momentum for your cause during an election year.

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5 Tips for Fundraising in an Election Year

  1. 1. 5tipsFOR fundraising IN AN election year
  2. 2. tip #1: CONTINUE TO emphasize retention BY cultivating existing donors AND reinstating RECENTLY lapsed donors
  3. 3. tip #2: ASSESS THE climate WHEN building acquisition AND reinstatement strategies BASED ON THE aggressiveness OF 2016 fundraising AND THE status OF consumer confidence HEADING INTO THE fall
  4. 4. tip #3: ALIGN advocacy AND fundraising teams INTERNALLY TOWARDS shared goals
  5. 5. tip #4: Rally advocates AROUND your cause AND galvanize SUPPORTERS THROUGH opt-ins, segmentation, AND PERSONALIZED outreach
  6. 6. tip #5: Pay attention TO YOUR DONORS’ political engagement—ESPECIALLY major donors AND IF YOUR mission RELATES TO issues debated DURING THE election year
  7. 7. tip #6: FOR MORE nonprofit insight DURING AN election year, DOWNLOAD THE FULL REPORT