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Black and pink prison industrial complex presentation


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This presentation highlights the violence of the United States carceral system and celebrates the resistance of LGBTQ people to the harms it causes. This presentation is given by members of Black and Pink. Learn more at

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Black and pink prison industrial complex presentation

  1. 1. Prison Industrial Complex
  2. 2. Carceral state
  3. 3. General Population Prisoner Population White: 83.7 % 43% Black: 7.9% 28% Latino/a: 10.1% 25% Massachusetts Statistics
  4. 4. From “The House I Live In”
  6. 6. George Jackson Brigade
  7. 7. Men Against Sexism Walla Walla Prison
  8. 8. Gay Community News Prisoner Project
  9. 9. Anti-Police Abuse Coalition 1984