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Student Support Services Information Session 3.23.11


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Student Support Services Information Session 3.23.11

  1. 1. Virtual Information Session(Turn on your speakers. Use headphones if you are in a computer lab.)
  2. 2. Student Support Services Student Support Services (SSS) LEADERSHIP RETREAT 2009
  3. 3. Federally Funded Grant (serves 160 students per year)Provide support for students as they work toward achieving higher education goals.
  4. 4. Main Goal of Program Assist participants to graduation With an Associate’s degree within three years AND/OR Transfer to a four year college
  5. 5. How canStudent Support Services (SSS) assist you?
  6. 6. Who, what, when of CollegeNot sure about all you should doCollege lingo – What does SAP mean?All the processesneeded to successfullynavigate college
  7. 7. Services for Academics•Tuesday Topics•Tutoring•Advisement
  8. 8. Technology Training  Laptop checkout  Basic technology training  PTC Pathway  Desire to Learn (D2L)  More advanced
  9. 9. Educational/Cultural activities Leadership Retreat Etiquette Training Cultural events - Koger Center/ Lander
  10. 10. Career Awareness•Career Tracks•SCOIS•TypeFocus•Referrals to career counseling services
  11. 11. Individual Services Personal Assistance Life Coach/Counselor Course Tracking (Semester Plan) Sounding Board Support
  12. 12. College Transfer College Fair College Tours Transfer assistance Applications
  13. 13. Expectations of Participants Attend:  Regular meetings with counselor  Tuesday Topics sessions (2 per semester )  Leadership Retreat in the Spring semester  Technology Trainings (3 per semester) Participate in all activities Complete Curriculum in 3 yearsRemain active until graduation or transfer.
  14. 14. Eligibility RequirementsApplicants will meet one of the following requirements . . .  Low income and 1st-generation college student (which means that neither of your parents received a 4-year degree.)  Student with a disability  Single eligibility (low income, 1st-generation or disability)Applicants must meet both of the following requirements . . .  Academic need  Does not have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree
  15. 15. Acceptance into The SSS programStudents will be notified when: ◦ All current applicants have been interviewed ◦ Slots available for eligibility are determined ◦ SSS staff determines which students can benefit most from the program services ◦ Students will receive a letter notifying them of their acceptance or denial. ◦ NOT all eligible applicants will be selected ◦ Eligible applicants are kept on file for the academic year and are evaluated for eligibility throughout the year
  16. 16. How to Apply Complete the post-test at the end of this presentation. Print the certification of completion. Take to Betty Jean Gilchrist in the Student Success Center in 101A to receive an application. Complete the Student Support Services application Turn in copy of 2009 Federal Taxes (If you did not file, call 1-800-829-1040 for a tax transcript.)
  17. 17. Thank you for your interest in the Student Support Services program!Please refer any questions to a Student Support Services staff member located in the Student Success Center in 101A or call (864) 941-8385. Betty Jean Pleshette Renee Sandra Gilchrist, Admin Elmore, Carruth, Burton, istrative Director Counselor Counselor Assistant
  18. 18. One final step . . . Please click here. . . to complete a post-test and see how muchyou’ve learned about Student Support Services.After the post-test, you will be directed to adocument that you will print and take to the StudentSuccess Center to exchange for an application forthe Student Support Services program.