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Moving your finances to israel


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Moving your finances to israel

  1. 1. Common mistakes that expatriates make - and how to avoid them Part 1: Moving your finances to Israel Baruch Labinsky MBA, TEP Licensed by the Israel Securities Authority Financial Planner/Investment Manager October 2013
  2. 2. Crucial to keep % of your finances in your country of residence. - Historically, when shekel was weak olim preferred to keep their money in country of origin. - Reality changed over past 10-20 years. Now Israel has one of the most healthy currencies and economies in the world.
  3. 3. There used to be a tendency to keep money abroad because of the ease of access. Post 9/11 is a different reality. Hugely increased bureaucracy.  Harder to have banking relationship in another country.  More difficult to transfer money.  Some US banks now do not want nonresident American bank accounts.
  4. 4. An increasing number of olim have transferred their financial center of gravity to Israel.  It is easier to manage finances in the same country.  Global uncertainty means no-one knows the long-term financial future of any country.
  5. 5. Available in stores in Israel and abroad and via
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