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Measuring Social Media ROI and Insight Generation


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Bottom Line Analytics has developed a whole new approach to measuring social media ROI. Our Semantic Engagement Index is based on Linguistics and represents a shift away from the status quo of 'Listening' tools...rather it allows us to measure the 'degree of engagement' from social media conversations as it transpires from chatter.

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  • Good Description and also Presentation about how to measure social media ROI and insight generation. With graphical information is very good and understandable. Please Share some related Presentation.
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Measuring Social Media ROI and Insight Generation

  1. 1. A breakthrough in measuringthe impact of social media onbrand performance
  2. 2. 10 Second versionNote: Off the shelf ‘sentiment’ metrics are based on automated word countingexercises.Our Approach:• Is built upon a validated Linguistics approach known as ‘Stance Shift Analysis’• Uncovers the ‘Personal’ and ‘Emotional’ components from conversations.• Underpins a metric called the Semantic Engagement Index (SEITM)• Closely links to brand sales.
  3. 3. Copyright 2013 Next-Generation Marketing InsightsConfidential & Proprietary; All Intellectual Property Rights Reserved• The foundation of BLA’s measurement of social media is the development of a metricbased on Linguistics methodology called Stance-Shift Analysis (SSA).• SSA applies more than 30 rules of language to textual conversations about brand onsocial media and other digital platforms*.• Our rules based “scoring algorithm” turns textual data into a metric called theSemantic Engagement Index or SEITMOur approach is based on Linguistics* Stance shift analysis can be applied to Voice of Customer (VOC) across any digital platform: Social Media, Call Centre transcripts, FocusGroups and Online microsites.
  4. 4. “I just got my cool new Iphone5 from Best Buy,however, I keep getting dropped calls on theBrand X 4G network”Decoding Text DNA using Stance-Shift AnalysisEngaged Positive tonality Brand mention & relative importancePersonal and emotional connectionEngaged negative tonalityCustom coding enabled by Business IntelligenceTopic Content List- Iphone5- Phones 4u- Brand X- Network- 4G- Dropped calls
  5. 5. Business IntelligenceClustering & CARTCorrespondenceFrom Millions of CleanedTargeted ConversationsWe apply advancedModeling TechniquesSmall Pepermint Afternoon Snack 12PackGreat Deal Breakfast yum LargeMiss it Get me one Orange on saleMorning Half Priced got coupon Drive HomeVanilla Mocha 8Oz need a hitWe Detect Thousands of interesting“nodes” of Consumer informationStriving for integrated consumer understandingClear Topics &Concepts ofImportanceEmergeOur Supervised Learning PatternDetection organizes the nodesThe solution path for Consumer Chaos5
  6. 6. SEITM shows superior correlations to brand salescompared with other social sentiment metrics82.9%14.8%9.9%7.7%5.9%2.8%-3.2%-20% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%SEMANTIC ENGAGEMENT INDEX POS/NEG RATIOMETRIC 5 POS/NEG RATIOMETRIC 1 POS/NEG RATIOMETRIC 4 POS/NEG RATIOMETRIC 6 POS/NEG RATIOMETRIC 2 POS/NEG RATIOMETRIC 3 POS/NEG RATIOComparison of correlation to sales for the SEITM versus the six leading “sentiment” metricsThe SEITM performs betterbecause it captures thenuances from language whichgo to explain behaviouralintent and sales.
  7. 7. The correlation* to sales over time shows the SEI has Predictive Power7ACID TEST: SEITM has proven linkage with brand salesCorrelation = 81.1%Correlation = 83%Correlation = 83%* Lead lag analysis has confirmed that causation is only one way – the SEI to a large degree is able to drive hard commercial metrics.Correlation = 86.4%Correlation = 84%Communications Services SEI Index V. Sales Index Restaurant Retail SEI Index V. Sales Index
  8. 8. Social MediaROIIn-MarketExecutionContentStrategy &InsightBrandReputationManagementMonetise your social mediacampaigns via our media mixmodels.Use a deep understanding ofconsumer conversations todevelop Content and MarketingStrategyMonitor and manageconsumer conversationsthat are impacting yourbrand reputation.Enhance the in-marketexecution of Promotions,Sports Sponsorships andevents based on consumerconversationsWhat the SEITM can do for your business
  9. 9. Identifies the key conversations driving customerengagement.Measures the degree of engagement your customershave towards key marketing events and promotions andthe reasons behind those events’.Provides insights to strengthen engagement with yourcustomers for hard-to-measure marketing activities suchas sports sponsorships, Facebook and Twitter campaigns.How SEITM drives brand performance
  10. 10. 1) How can we increase store traffic and drive positive engagement ?2) What are the key image, experiential and promotional strategies that will drivesame store sales?Insight & OutcomesThe key drivers to Positive SEIwere:1. A place to hang out2. To meet people3. AtmosphereThe client developed a ‘2 for 1– bring a friend’ promotion todrive store level sales.Sales increased by 23% onyear on year basis.10Beverage A271Beverage A74Insights from social conversations help to increaserestaurant sales
  11. 11. We would be delighted to show you how SEITM canhelp your business. Drop us an email with your contactdetails for a FREE COMPLIMENTARY WEBINAR.
  12. 12. Bottom-Line Analytics is a full serviceconsulting group focusing on marketingeffectiveness and brand performanceanalytics.Our modeling experts have a total ofover 100 years of direct experiencewith marketing mix modeling.We are dedicated to the principles ofinnovation, excellence anduncompromising customer service.Everything we do is geared towardsimproving commercial performance.About Us Our Experience
  13. 13. Michael WolfeCEOBottom-Line AnalyticsE: mjw@bottomlineanalytics.comM: 770.485.0270www.bottomlineanalytics.comDavid WeinbergerCMOBottom-Line AnalyticsE: david@bottomlineanalytics.comM: 770.649.0472www.bottomlineanalytics.comMasood AkhtarPartner, Analytics (EMEA)Bottom-Line AnalyticsE: ma@bottomlineanalytics.comM: +44 7970 789 663www.bottomlineanalytics.comEMEAUSA