Radial Landscape Mapping - A Revolution in Competitive Brand Mapping


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The Radial Landscape Map provides clarity, insight and a window into the market place. It represents the competitive landscape and serves as a tool for marketing communications teams and brand managers to ensure; brand alignment with key differentiators, marketing messages resonate with the target audience and customers develop an affinity with the brand and its’ personality.

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Radial Landscape Mapping - A Revolution in Competitive Brand Mapping

  1. 1. Radial Landscape Mapping(a revolution in brand mapping)
  2. 2. Radial Landscape Map(A revolution in brand mapping)Knowing how your brand is perceived in themarket place is of paramount importance.Brand strategists are always keen tounderstand how their brand aligns against abattery of perceptual equity and imagestatements.Existing brand maps generated throughstatistical correspondence analysis arethought by many to be confusing.
  3. 3. Radial landscape mapping is based on a statistical data reduction technique* designed to measure theextent to which a set of brand personality attributes are associated with a set of known brands. Analysisresults are illustrated using a ‘Radial Landscape Map’ where brand personality attributes are positionedout around the perimeter depending on their mutual association/correlation. Individual brands arepositioned inside the map.Introducing…Radial Landscape Maps(A revolution in brand mapping)* Adapted statistical correspondence analysisBrand personalityattributeFunFamilyExpertBrand XBrand YCaringBrand ZBoringBasicIrritatingTiredBrand WIn some cases, thebrand attributes startto cluster togetherrepresenting anunderlying theme orlatent construct. Brand W: Close to the centre - it isalmost equally associated with all thepersonality attributes, but has amarginally higher association withvibrancy, expert and fun. Brand X: Has a significantly higherassociation with fun, vibrant and expert. Brand Y: is being pulled towards familyand caring. Brand Z: Is regarded as a basic, tired andboring brand.Vibrant
  4. 4. Someexamples
  5. 5. Authentic Mexican FoodGreat Tasting FoodHigh Quality IngredientsFood from scratchClean/comfortableatmospherePersonable. Friendly employeesTreats you like a valued customerCrave Menu ItemsVariety of menu itemsHas drive-thruHealthy nutritious itemsHas large portionsFood prepared how you want itModern up to dateGets order rightSimple menuOpen late night/24 hoursFood timely/fastConvenient nearby locationGood value for moneyLow pricesCase: Restaurants (competitive brand positioning)The MenuConvenienceValueService DeliveryFood QualityBrand ABrand BBrand CBrand DBrand A is perceived tobe a convenientoffering and to lesserdegree a valueoffering.Brand D isdifferentiated by thequality of the food.
  6. 6. Alpha (2007)Alpha (2011)Alpha (2012)Beta (2007)Beta(2011)Beta (2012)Gamma (2011)Gamma(2007)Gamma (2012)Is affordableIs genuine and authenticWorth what is costsGoes well with foodSophisticated drinkAlways doing new thingsWould like to be seen drinkingFor football fansYouthful brandIs very refreshingCool & edgyAssociate with musicInspires OptimismGood when havingwith friendsIs an uplifting drinkMakes moments funThirst quenching brandGreat tastingComforting & RelaxingFor someone like meHas a premium qualityDelta (2007)Delta(2011/12)Value &AffordabilityQualityYouthful & Cool Social & FunPersonalBase: Daily Drinkers of Alpha onlyAdapted Statistical Correspondence AnalysisCase: Drinks brand (evolution in image through time)
  7. 7. Value and PriceCoolness, funky,style, DécorTaste and productqualityIn-store customerexperienceGood valueCoffee PriceFood pricesStaying inSeating/chairsToiletsRichnessLatteAmazing tasteLike no otherCool brandFunkyStylish Artwork/DecorBubbles represent conversational clusters, whilst size indicates level of engagement.Brand VBrand XBrand YBrand WBrand ZBrand Y is leastdifferentiated by socialconversations.Brand Z stands out v.competitors for thetaste & rich flavour ofits beveragesCase: Coffee chain (400K social media conversations)
  8. 8. What is so special about the Radial Landscape Maps?1. The maps provide a means of visualising reams of cross tabular data on brands.2. They provide a powerful window into the positioning of brands within a competitive landscape.3. The maps are designed with simplicity in mind.4. The maps serve different audiences – researchers, brand managers/strategists/planners,creative and product-experience designers.5. The maps have multiple applications outside of the immediate brand/attribute space. We cancapture large amounts of unstructured social media conversations and represent in a powerfulmap.
  9. 9. “I was immediately impressed by theelegance of the visual, the ease ofunderstanding it, and the power of thestatistical analysis behind it”Leonard F. MurphyChief Editor & Principal Consultant | GreenBook Research Industry TrendsGreenBook blog article - Radial Landscape Map – A Revolution in Brand Mappingand Data Visualisation. Click Here
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