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Johnny english


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Johnny english

  1. 1. Johnny English James Hunter
  2. 2. Johnny English is a 2003 British action comedyfilm parodying the James Bond secret agent genre. The filmstars Ben Miller, John Malkovich and Rowan Atkinson (who, twodecades earlier, appeared in an unofficial James Bond film — Never Say Never Again). The screenplay was written by Bondwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, with William Davies, andthe film was directed by Peter Howitt.
  3. 3. Mise-en-sceneCostume – the costume in the first couple of munites of the filmis dark which may connote mystery or secrecy. It also works wellwith the low key lighting helping Johnny blend into the background (lighting comes later). When he has entered the room,there is a young woman wearing a short, black dress whichconnotes corruption.
  4. 4. Mise-en-sceneLighting - the lighting for the majority of the opening is low keyas it is dark. This is because it is night-time and it is the best timefor Johnny to break into the house. The darkness signifiesmystery as to why he is there. Near the end of the opening thereis high key lighting where the woman turns on the light to revealherself holding a gun.
  5. 5. Mise-en-sceneActors – the main actors in the opening are a woman and Johnnyhimself. The facial expression on Johnny’s face when he has justentered the building shows knowledge of weapons and firearms.Whereas the expression on his face when the mysterious womanreveals herself is an element of surprise. On the woman,however, the expression on her face seems to be an element ofannoyance. The way they communicate with each other is in aflirty, but formal way. The body language on Johnny is relaxedshowing he is calm, but the woman’s body language is tense.
  6. 6. Mise-en-sceneMake-up – in the opening to Johnny English, the only make-upworn is by the woman, black eye shadow and pink lipstick whichtells us that she’s not that innocent, but she’s not that sluttyeither.
  7. 7. Mise-en-sceneProps – the props used in the opening couple of minutes are 3guns with one being held by a woman which challenges thestereotype of a woman because we wouldn’t usually think of awoman holding a gun. The other 2 are being held by guardswhich meets the male stereotype. In the room there is a sofawhich the woman is sitting on to make herself look as powerfulas she can be.
  8. 8. EnigmaThe enigma in the opening of the film is:Who is the woman?Why is Johnny breaking in?What does he need?What is that piece of paper?
  9. 9. GenreThe genre of the film is an action/adventure/comedy
  10. 10. AudienceThe audience that this film is made for, is for those who like theaction/adventure movies with a bit of comedy in it. This film hasa lot of comedy in it. This was made for the teenage/young adultage range as is has a lot of comedic scenes.
  11. 11. Film Opening Conventions Met?In the opening, we get introduced to one of the key characters(Johnny)and we see the studio and production company names.What we don’t get which challenges the conventions are theactors’ names. There’s non-diegetic music for almost the wholeopening 2 minutes. We get enigma but we don’t get the title ofthe film. There’s not much action in the first 2 minutes but wefind out that the opening was just a dream that Johnny washaving.
  12. 12. What I ThinkOverall I think that this is a good film opening as there are plentyof questions to keep the audience wondering what is going tohappen in the film. It has a little bit of comedy and a bit of actionwhich the average action lover will like.