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Final ppt copyright vs plagiarism pdf


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Final ppt copyright vs plagiarism pdf

  1. 1. Our 2 favorite words:
  2. 2. COPY
  3. 3. PASTE
  4. 4. It’s as easy as a touch of a button, or click of a mouse
  5. 5. but what might it mean for the long run??? LESS WORK... for now...
  6. 6. I plagiarized. Or m a y b e i violated Copyright? I don’t even know.
  7. 7. learn the difference!
  8. 8. PlagiarismVS Copyright
  9. 9. Often confused... but different
  10. 10. PLAGIARISM
  11. 11. comes from the latin word “kidnapper”...
  12. 12. “”””””””””””Using someone else’s “””””””words without “”””””””giving them the “””””””credit...
  13. 13. avoid plagiarism= give acknowledgment
  14. 14. It may seem harmless...
  15. 15. But... there are consequences
  17. 17. copyright= permission
  18. 18. get permission or else... punishment worse than plagiarism
  19. 19. you deal with the courts!
  20. 20. The easy route isn’t always safest... SO know the difference between plagiarism and copyright
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