Yet Another E-Commerce Integration: Magnolia Loves Hybris


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Yet Another E-Commerce Integration: Magnolia Loves Hybris

  1. 1. Yet another e-commerce integration
  2. 2. What is ?"... a complete multichannel commerce softwaresolution that integrates product content, commerceoperations, and the extended channel to helpretailers, manufacturers, and other businessescreate a unified and seamless cross-channelexperience for their customers - from online, to in-store, to mobile and beyond"(not talking about Magnolia assuming you already know what Magnolia is, right?)
  3. 3. So, talking boutecommerce SOFTWARE... "a platform that enables online sales for B2B and B2C commerce.An e-commerce platform not only facilitates a transaction over theWeb, but also supports the creation and continuing development ofan online relationship.” (Gartner)
  4. 4. e-commerce ismorethan just sellingproducts and services online
  5. 5. Sure, you not only need theENGINE...a complete tool for managingyour catalogue and selling stuff
  6. 6. ... but also the WINDOW-SHOPuser-friendly tools that allow you to easily deliver and optimize personalizedshopping experiences and communicate with your customers across allchannels.
  7. 7. A growing market Forecast for US online retail (billions of $), Forrester research300200100 0 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015% of total retail 11% 11% 12% 13% 14% 15% 15% (excl. grocery)
  8. 8. Here Hybris is a leader... IBM WebSphere Commerce Oracle ATG hybris ability to execute challenger leader niche player visionary completeness of vision Gartner (Nov 2011)
  9. 9. ... widely deployed
  10. 10. ... large customers
  11. 11. ... large customers
  12. 12. ... a completeplatform
  13. 13. Hybris also ships a CMS Moduleand well, you may think to build your e-commerce module on Magnolia...
  14. 14. So, why choosing to integrateMagnolia over Hybris CMS?
  15. 15. just easier(yeah, you already know Magnolia is easy to use, right?)
  16. 16. A different CMS forecommerce websites only?
  17. 17. MORE features,RICHER ecosystemNot an addon, but a full-fledged CMS
  18. 18. FASTER implementationDeveloping Magnolia components vs Hybris components
  19. 19. Drawbacks?Sure, you need bolts
  20. 20. OK, but... integrated?how?
  21. 21. Not two systemstalking each other
  22. 22. DEEPLY integratedalways been a great plus for Magnolia... and Hybris perfectly fits
  23. 23. Back to reality,Tech pillssorry, just pills... wont be boring
  24. 24. Inside Hybrisbased on a jee open source stackruns on a customized version of tomcatwith custom hierarchical classloaders (ugh)modules are spring based(and a custom scope... not so easy to @Template)CMS features added through ajee filter and custom tags (remind anything?)
  25. 25. A real case historyB2B platform for dealers
  26. 26. already lovesfor its online presence
  27. 27. chosefor e-commerce
  28. 28. So what?a CMS is mandatory... but why a different one?
  29. 29. Challenging deadlineno time to play(live in january 2012)
  30. 30. Hybris? Magnolia? Integrate Magnolia INTO Hybris? Or Hybris INTO Magnolia? Isnt that hard? We may run in troubles. Should we consider keeping two systems separated? Integrate using remote services? Renounce to easy to use? What if it doesnt work? It may take a lot of time. It cant work. The server cant handle both. Lets plan some test. Lets do a POC. What about authentication? What if anything goes wrong? It cant fit in the current plan. We have deadline we cant miss. We are not sure if... DONE!uh... really? wow! awesome!
  31. 31. With Magnoliasaving timemaking the platformeasier to managegreat flexibility
  32. 32. Flexibility measureda new websitewith different look and feel and navigationbuilt with the same componentsin 2 weeks
  33. 33. So, if you are running Magnoliaand need e-commerce? or, already on Hybris and want additional flexibility and simplicity ? + proved to be a great solution
  34. 34. DEMO time!a very simple demo based on standard Hybris accelerators(not too much to see... it just works)
  35. 35. Contact us!via ferrari 39 Monza, Italyhttp://www.openmindonline.itinfo@openmindonline.itFabrizio Giustina /