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December News | Shelf Life Testing
December 6, 2013
Planning Time
December is the time for companies to conduct their 2014...
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Shelf Life Testing Update - December 2013


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Shelf Life Testing at Midwest Laboratories, Omaha, Nebraska

2013 was a siginficant year for the Midwest Laboratories Food Laboratory. A lot of advancements were made in the area of data management. Clients can now access their data online. In addition, different shelf life scenarios: accelerated, periodic, short-term and long-term can be setup in a more efficient manner.

Learn more in the Midwest Laboratories Shelf Life Testing - December 2013 Update.

Learn why Midwest Laboratorires continues to grow in the area of food testing and why 2014 looks to be an even bigger year for food testing and enhanced client reporting.

Contact Erin or Sue Ann ofr more information regarding shelf life testing or other food analysis needs. For additional information, online, check out the Midwest Laboratories Main Site at

Midwest Laboratories | Omaha, Nebraska

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Shelf Life Testing Update - December 2013

  1. 1. December News | Shelf Life Testing December 6, 2013 Planning Time December is the time for companies to conduct their 2014 planning. This time of the year many clients talk to Erin Smith and Sue Ann Seitz regarding their shelf life testing needs in the area of food products and packaging. The packaging market is constantly changing to keep products fresher for longer periods and to keep the environment healthier. As your packaging changes so does the shelf life of your product. Be sure to maintain your packaging, but keep your product integrity a priority. Interactive Shelf Life Program Midwest Labs added a state of the art shelf life program in 2013. This program allows both the client and scientist to be more interactive. The system allows decision points to be introduced that alert both parties immediately when the product falls out of specification. The system compiles all data over time into one convenient report along with data plotting. This plotting of data allows for trends to be seen easily and makes estimating shelf life much more accurate. Please inquire for examples of this easy and interactive program. Microbiology along with Analytical Chemistry Midwest Labs is a complete food testing facility, offering both microbiology and analytical chemistry. Midwest is able to design a shelf life that monitors both your food safety and quality needs. Each shelf life if specifically designed by our Food Scientists to meet the varying needs of your product. This process often involves a combination of food safety and quality parameters. Please inquire to get your personalized quote. Food Laboratory Expansion 2014 A new food laboratory with larger shelf life and chemistry capabilities is currently under construction and will be opening in 2014. Stay tuned for more information.