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App Competitions: You're Probably Doing It Wrong


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Best practices for using in-person hackathons and online software competitions to grow developer communities around APIs, SDKs and open data.

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App Competitions: You're Probably Doing It Wrong

  1. 1. Software Competitions: You’re (probably) Doing It Wrong Hackathons vs. Online Challenges (roles & expectations for each) Best Practices for Awesome Q & A
  2. 2. In-Person Hackathons Online Challenges Ideas & Prototypes Local Feedback & Testing Recruitment Fun Newbies Networking Products Global Implementation Partnerships Work Pros Existing Teams VS
  3. 3. What Makes a Hackathon Awesome? Meaningful Theme (i.e. not about $$$) Clear and Appropriate Expectations IP Stays With Developers (or open source) Featured APIs & Data Remain Available Cool Venue Leverage Existing Communities
  4. 4. What Makes a Hackathon Awesome (cont’d)? Unique Prizes Convenient Timing Platform to Communicate & Showcase Sponsorship Tiers & Practical Demos Helpful Mentors & Organizers Safe, Tolerant & Welcoming Environment
  5. 5. What Makes a Hackathon Awesome (cont’d)? Teammate Matchmaking Ample Internet & Power Outlets Healthy, Tasty & Plentiful Catering Demo Coaching Functional Audio & Video Winner Promotion & Next Steps
  6. 6. What Makes an Online Challenge Awesome? Developer Program Ready for Primetime Clear Guidance on What to Build and Why Online Presence Informs & Engages Free(mium) Access for Participants Ample Time for Outreach & Polished Product Development (~3-4 months)
  7. 7. What Makes an Online Challenge Awesome (cont’d)? Compelling Prizes (+1 Popular Choice) High Profile & Engaged Judges Conversational Promotion Showcase Participation Ongoing Support & Marketing
  8. 8. Questions? Brian Koles | | 212-675-6164