Tahoe Village Upgrade/Remodel Plan


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Tahoe Village Upgrade/Remodel Plan

  1. 1. With anything I request or suggest to the TVHOA Board I also agree to volunteer my time to gather details. Icreated the following slide presentation to provide information to the TVHOA Board and Staff about the currentstate of Tahoe Village.In my opinion, we have exhausted the useful life of the original Tahoe Village plan. Now is the time to create anew plan for what we want Tahoe Village to look like for the next 20 years.I believe we need to create a 5 year master plan along with an itemized budget to upgrade and remodel TahoeVillage to give it a mountain theme and consistent look throughout.The six areas of focus are:#1 Garbage Sheds#2 Garbage Containers#3 Street Name Signs, Posts and Welcome Sign#4 Fire Hydrants, Posts and Fire Signs#5 Traffic Signs and Posts#6 Wayfinding and one way loop issueFor each of the six areas of focus listed above I have pictures detailing the current state of things a explanation of the current situation(s) along with a possible solution(s) slides with additional pictures and informationI believe every homeowner and business in Tahoe Village will benefit from these proposed improvements.Brent Knittel775.450.6653brent@launchlaketahoe.com
  2. 2. #1 Garbage #2 Garbage Containers #3 Street Name Signs, Posts Sheds and Welcome Sign#4 Fire Hydrants andPosts #6 Traffic Signs and Posts #6 Wayfinding
  3. 3. Garbage ShedsArea of Focus #1Current Situation- Sheds have an outdated look. There is damage to trim, siding and/or the structural integrity. Current stain on buildings is single color and outdated and faded. Some roofs still have shakes. 2x4 studs showing on inside walls and ceiling give it an unfinished look.Possible Solutions Fix/Repair trim boards and body of all sheds. Correct for any leaning- square up Remove all stickers/signs/graffiti paint from sheds. Add stain or paint to the exterior body of the shed. Add stain or paint to the interior of the shed. Add different paint or stain to exterior horizontal and vertical trim pieces for contrast. Add black metal gates to front. Add rock to 4 ft around outside base of shed. Add colored metal roofs. Add plywood to interior and cover all studs (paint or stain new plywood).
  4. 4. Current Situation- TVHOA rents the garbage Garbage Containers containers from S Tahoe Refuse. Garbage containers are covered Area of Focus #2 with rust and dents. Stickers and signs plaster the fronts. South Tahoe Refuse not willing to replace or repaint. They may be willing to swap out a couple.Possible Solutions- Replace garbage containers- purchase instead of rent (see slide with garbage container examples and purchase option). Scrape off all signs and stickers. Paint front and top of container only. Paint entire container. Create and add one clean looking sign/sticker with needed information
  5. 5. Street Name Signs, Posts, Welcome SignArea of Focus #3TVHOA Street Name Signs and PostsCurrent Situation- Current post and sign color scheme is outdated. Need to add signs to help with directions in specific target areas (see wayfinding slide). Many different styles of signs used when selling a unit.Possible Solutions- New design and color(s). Keep signs and posts, but change color scheme. Encourage properties to update building/business name signs using TVHOA approved colors/design. Encourage properties to update the building and unit number signs using TVHOA approved colors/design. Require same sign design when selling a unit.TVHOA Welcome SignCurrent Situation- Sign colors are outdated. Signs are different color(s) and styles. Lighting is outdated. Snow build up covers signs during winter months. Lacks a welcome to Tahoe Village feel. No Heavenly presence .Possible Solutions- Update color(s) of the Tahoe Village Sign Update the lighting for the sign Create a roof to box in the signs and protect from snow build up. Create Welcome To Tahoe Village sign Create consistent color(s) scheme, font, style for all signs Use this opportunity to add new signs for additional properties/businesses? Heavenly?
  6. 6. Fire Hydrants, Posts and Fire Signs Area of Focus #4Current Situation- Fire hydrants and protective posts need new paint. Paint colors are not consistent throughout Tahoe Village. FH signs are faded or damaged and need replacing. Posts holding the FH signs need to be replaced or repaired.Possible Solutions- Paint all Fire hydrants and protecting posts a consistent color(s) throughout Tahoe Village Come up with a unique paint color scheme/pattern specific to Tahoe Village for fire hydrants and posts. Repair/replace all FH signage and posts with wood posts. Create unique posts or color for FH posts throughout.
  7. 7. Traffic Signs and PostsArea of Focus #5Current Situation- Traffic signs are faded, bent and in need of repair or replacement. Posts for traffic signs are dented or bent. No consistency with traffic sign posts- some are wood, some are metal. Some are painted green, some are silver color and some are rust color. No dog pick up bags or signs about leash rules for TVHOA. One way road issues can always be improved.Possible Solutions- Create consistent post and color plan. Partner with KGID and Douglas County to replace/upgrade signs. Dog leash rules and dog pick up signs, posts and bags
  8. 8. Current Situation- Wayfinding Tahoe Village Need to improve directional signage in/out Area of Focus #6 and within Tahoe Village.Possible Solutions- Create sign plan for Tahoe Village with consistent colors, posts, shape etc… Add car pull out (or HOA parking lot) along with a 4ft x 8ft large sign with map of the area and you are here marking. Directions to overflow parking lot(s). Tahoe Rim Trail connector sign. Place signs throughout leading to largest draws (Ridge and Heavenly). Place signage specifically for smaller draw properties. Create sign for HOA Office, Pool/ Hot Tub Create signs directing people out of Tahoe Village to state route 207. And signs at (Tramway and S Benjamin) and SR 207 directing left to S Lake and right to Minden Adding- this way to (Ridge, Heavenly, SR 207) signs will help with one way loop issue. Move sign shown in picture 30 feet before Y in the road and the Needle Peak cut. Create thru traffic stay left sign just after Ridge on Quaking Aspen to keep people out of confusing parking lot. Create sign plan for no Heavenly parking throughout.
  9. 9. Garbage Shed Examples Here is the newest style of garbage shed to hit our area. They cleaned things up with:  Rock to 5ft around the outside  Green Metal Roof  Blocks used to 5ft in the interior  Black Metal Gate/Fence  Updated trash container.TVHOA Sheds Repair CostsPaint Costs Add Rock Add Fence Per Shed One Color W TrimSingle 11Double 10
  10. 10. South Tahoe Refuse is notinterested in replacing ourgarbage containers. Newcontainers will cost +/- $60,000.00
  11. 11. Quaking Aspen Ln Ridge Tahoe
  12. 12. With this styleplace lighting Tahoeinside the sign.Comes on Villagewhen senses At Heavenly Mountain Resortdark.
  13. 13. Add 1, 2, 3 or 4 Radar Signs1) On Tramway near Tahoe Village HOA Office2) On Quaking Aspen coming down hill along Stagecoach.3) On Quaking Aspen after the Ridge Tahoe.4) On Quaking Aspen between last radar sign and stop on Tramway.
  14. 14. Add Pet Stations throughoutTahoe Village.Place close to dumpsters tofacilitate those completing thetask.