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News Letter July 2013


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Slides designed by Medical Wing of Rajyoga Education & Resafor general public for creating awareness among them of Lifestyle Diseases and available no cost solution of Raja Yogi Lifestyle being taught free of cost at Brahma Kumaris Cenres across the world.

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News Letter July 2013

  1. 1. Medical Wing News Letter . a ‘ Rajayoga Education & ' uiffiafirfiivrmarmnuar Research Foundation wvvw. bkmedica| wing. org JULY, 2013 Brahma Kumaris . /au. fiaa. ¢W/ Our gzzzkiizgg éeacozzs. .. President Vice President Executive Secretary Dr. Ashok R. Mehta Dr. Partap Midha Dr. Banarsilal Sah Medical Director Director Director Brahma Kumaris’s GHRC managing JW Global Hospital & Research Ever Healthy Hospital BSES Municipal General Hospital Foundation Brahma Kumaris Shantivan Andheri (W), Mumbai. Mount Abu. Abu Road. This world and our life here is a wonderful story.
  2. 2. Medical Wing News Letter Heart to Heart f’ “. Dr. Banarsilal Sah, Executive Secretary, Medical Wing anarvfinfirfnaainltnsfiinsir nrtqnnlewrfinmnaernmnfiw-rinnafiaarsfifi 1sl%InnEI1citr%i°r%rrs‘—EIs= IiT= In141a's'= In1%r, aII= icn%r. .. arrnsincisfi1nI%Wm%I%»*aeigemafigorfiéaWaevsmwérgn’rasHfige—Wl“ar, qarcirfiostiiociieraicitannnttfir-3?<‘TEH‘%q°rti*isi I ngrarrnsinrnuiriian, gaitorndardcinurwreroindargainonrahrntatfitnirtnai fitmafimwnfirengqmaiannanaoihqniagamdnnnsini snr3i13?3I1?rl‘s'. r=I»—c-II“= I!1T? =I»°r1snr anfirfiamafiannihnamnaltamihfinniénénmsfiaaanawrfi. .. eremnwavee arrtaear My India Addiction Free India Projectar €roT€t—n%a»"niarn aIq? r—arq9r13aIt24I= IinU>;1srfiar€I%E%Is1ta1i 311=l’s‘fi'9a'? rIa17=§fifi&Tfi7=I¥f WTafi%"HWT%a? IfiWHHW? §E,1%lEfimfii%i%Tfi? ?fi€f1€'$HiW3W? §E= lfiH? ¥Efi fir? -I1I13‘n3‘ nnTfin= Ieicr,13,gTvr-anon, H'5i$flFiT, fiF@‘U€fi8TWl7$1%"1fiFqT9Ti3N? fl'l%lfiR?3'Ffi, fiifiRWQ5iEl'§ mfiWawofi2I—oi2itRIfiimdU6annIfisfimci3WannannfirI%EgamI%qnnIe"dmn% ? I'T{‘| '-i Health Check-up Camps ‘1i°i? rl1iTfi11EI arIsr1%rsT= rfinn'@r arraarvemnnfianncirésaaai silnfixrltraitwfinio aieainnnigéraritn sinmniaimfiaifinfitsisnti minfiagnnitainenfisnincngihn 1iiTi'l'| 'FlT= lo'{‘rfi%|13|'{%"| '{'9i ‘1i°i7l'$'| T§T= Ri mfimfioiecnfiowmfinafinimifgfslnnmdfiafirncnniwmnmann n°r= I"eITgl”T= Ia€iT= ITsfi€I»‘1%I1t arqniarnfiifn rirrimrfrnwgqti d1I—d"érnnIsrn, a'-IIa*, %nr, angst, ncrns‘, ainIfraine? finroi€'é1t—é1tcfiTfimars'tr1eIscI1tanufiadaarnaa4aa€inr sI9I? =IT6a14=rfinTqrg? m"r= raenTsIT1‘a4T%, dl‘? =I»= r1”? -Inst sitcoms’-ra*raa= Iw<%rnT1%%sIinifi'qT%fi annisiaiannraaerfimisiti mn: €'@TnnT%W6qnniaI%a»*cnaIaaoit: .'é? r%3fiTgn:1ianm? rn1I? r%’, ‘R? jsIa's‘-mnsinitir niandefimrnfinnwrmmmtnnasfiwmicicaanoiséntiwanégfiflrnnfinsnndw tunnirficfianriaiarrarmainlsoafinodnwnnfifinsinumnnrtmnnnitfisfianriai orrsrviinartnaiass.29%Efi1T1141cro3iETs°r1Igfi? I1Ts'1t= snIiW%6n14=I‘i13i§T= Icr§t % Is"-rchtii Itnstitcrnaurrfirni rfinnntfinnniarronnnsiiiiaifiiinit I 3T‘3i°lE'F| '<’3i%, BEE9fil: HFfW9fl1fiW5qHTfl3Rifi?1'5ifiTW"EE1U‘mfiQ3FE'lR'iqtmfi%FlTQ I FTI sflécsaaofiiaafiaruaéelattmaofiftgnfifiannféomfdaran My lndiaAddiction Free India Projectnnsrcimafi I téafitranrfi, at a= I1'ra"r God is engaged in putting an end to unrighteousness so that truth can be re-established.9
  3. 3. |V| edica| Wing News etter SILVER JUBILEE SPECIAL Dr. Banarsilal Sah briefing My India, Addiction Free India Campaign details to Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan. 1 A .1 1 _ Dr. Banarsilal Sah briefing My India, Addiction Free India Campaign details to Cabinet Health Minister Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi ll ‘ - - - . .I— " - . Launching of My India, A Ic Ion Free India Campaign from Guwahati, Assam by Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri Tarun Gogol 'I‘*<-o . .- . ‘: ‘i. ii- I' P-s" A . ‘ z. I " Launching of My India, Addiction Free India Campaign from Thiruvananthapuram by Maharaja of Travancore Shri Utradam Thirunal. from Dehradun by Speaker of Legislative Assembly Shri Harbans Kapoor. Cleanliness, honesty and simplicity are what we need in life for God to work on us. 9
  4. 4. Medical Wing News Letter SILVER JUBILEE SPECIAL 7/t’77¢2-30232 7%5D‘7é'77¢5 607’Z‘7S2E7¢€SS & 257252475 During the past 25 years, there has been a birth of a new science — the science of mind—body and holistic medicine, which reminds us of the ancient principles upon which good health and medicine care have been based. As expensive technological medicine continues to grow and stretch the budgets of the modern society, this , _ new area is providing an important ' counter balance and reminder ofthe value ofa caring therapeutic relationship and simple life style and support measures. To develop this approach in health care, conferences were organized, aimed at consultants in different specialities. These conferences provide an excellent opportunity to reflect, explore, discuss and come to a consensus for leaders in the profession on how to introduce new dimensions of healthcare in their institutions or chosen field of speciality or practice. These conferences focus on interactions between mind and body and the powerful effects of emotional, mental and spiritual factors on physical health. The conferences covered a wide range of subjects from empowering mind to personal and professional transformation. Participants learnt to harness their potential resource of the intuitive, creative, artistic and poetic attributes of the right brain while living a busy professional left cerebral life. Delegates also get an opportunity to learn and practice Rajyoga, a time tested meditation technique, taught I _ I g , and practiced by Brahma Kumaris. The technique is based on t ntific knowledge of the Self and the Supreme. Rajayoga encourages the mind to generate positive, powerful, creative thoughts that will increase one ‘s self esteem, self respect and selfconfidence. The phenomenal rise in stress—related diseases such as Hypertension, CoronaryArtery Disease (CAD), Diabetes Mellitus, Cancer, AIDS and Psychological Disorders such as anxiety and depression need to be controlled by modification of lifestyle such as diet, exercise and Rajayoga meditation to quiet the mind and create positive thoughts. Experts shared their clinical experiences in prevention and regression of these stress—related diseases. Use your thoughts and time in a worthwhile way. 9
  5. 5. Medical Wing News Letter SILVER JUBILEE SPECIAL Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, ex-President of India, inaugurating “Together We Can Relax, Recreate & Rejuvenate”, a two day retreat organized by Delhi Chapter of Medical Wing in Om Shanti Retreat centre of Brahma Kumaris near Delhi Scene from Holistic Healthcare session as part of National Conference on Call of Time towards Environmental Excellence organized by Medical Wing at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi ,2 . ‘ 2'. ‘. M C. 1.. .‘. ''h. -: on ; .~. Q5.a. ~.r 1“ Mind—Body Medicine Conference on the theme “Heal the Mind—Body Medicine Conference held at Healers" held at Regional Institute of Medical Science, lmphal. NSCB Medical College, Jabalpur. Sit with God and give vibrations of peace to the World. 6
  6. 6. Medical Wing News Letter SILVER JUEILEE SPECIAL EFFECT OF RAJAYOGI LIFESTYLE IN DE-ADDICTION IN INDIA MEDICAL WING RESEARCH FINDINGS In a nation with a big population of over 1 .2 billion individuals and may be possibly about 10% are substance abusers / addicts. More importantly the addictions are spreading to semi-urban / rural areas and to marginalize the sections. A number of interventions are used for de-addiction across the world. In almost all the methods, withdrawal symptoms and relapses were found to be a major block in people becoming and staying de-addicted. A preliminary survey (Annexure 1) on 3000 men and women above the age group of 18 years across the country was carried out, who were addicted to one or more addictions before following Rajayoga Lifestyle as taught by Brahma Kumaris. ltwas found that these people got de-addicted within a short span oftime after following Rajayoga Lifestyle as taught by Brahma Kumaris and could carry on like that without relapses even aftera number ofyears. Rajayoga Lifestyle as taught by Brahma Kumaris includes daily Rajayoga Meditation practices, Positive Thinking Classes, Satwik Food (food that is prepared in Godly remembrance and offered to God before taking) and Practice ofSou| Consciousness. A randomized survey was planned to get more detailed scientific data to assess various factors to be studied like common addictions, duration, frequency of use, reason for starting and continuing addiction, harmful effects, relapses, withdrawal symptoms, de-addiction services rendered to others, physical, social, economical and relationship changes etc. after getting de-addicted through this method. The data was collected through a questionnaire on one to one interview basis directly by the investigators or trained volunteers either on the subject's visit to Brahma Kumaris Headquarters complex at Shantivan, Abu Road, Rajasthan for annual retreats or through the local Brahma Kumaris centres spread across the country. Information were collected from 1040 individuals ranging from 19-83 years with average age being 51.20 years where 94.33% cases were male and 89.62% cases were married. The analysis shows 68.27% cases were addicted to Alcohol followed by 65% cases were addicted to Cigarette/ Bidi, 55.19 % cases that were addicted to Tobacco Paste. 46.35% and 12.88% cases were addicted to Gutkha/ Pan Masala and Charas/ Ganja/ Marijuana respectively whereas 2.79% cases were addicted to Heroin/ Opium. There were 2.79% cases addicted to pain killers and 1.83% was addicted to tranquilizers. 30.87% cases were addicted for more than 20 years followed by 19.71% cases that were addicted for 6-10 years and 18.46% cases that were addicted for 11-15 years. 18.27% cases were addicted for 16-20 years and 12.69% cases were addicted for < 5 years. 100% cases were got de-addicted through Rajayogi Lifestyle. Time taken for de-addiction was < 1 year among 85.29% cases followed by 6.35% cases took 1-2 year time for de-addiction and 5.48% cases duration ofde-addiction was 2-5 years. 2.88% cases required morethan 5 years forde-addiction. ggA5oN5 pop ApD| c11Q~5 Time Taken for De-Addiction tn vtln ““ uni y R. an 0 2'75 I M - : xI, I;ic1Irs L i I 615:“ V. ’ 5 MIN I 8;. ” lilwlrumlle-ul u _1 I I'M siolouml ' I 1-) I Psydmlofiiuil ' I 5 I 5 I Smlal and fullnml Remain silent and get lost in His love and give good vibrations to the world. @
  7. 7. my mom ,4DD‘7€7707¢ 77255 mm-4 P20flE67 Objective The objective of My India, Addiction Free India campaign is to create awareness for total health and to eradicate all negative habits that are creating diseases in the society and to educate people about ill effects of alcoholism and substance abuse on the individual, the family, the workplace and society at large. Through the campaign, we also take care forWhole Person Recovery (WPR) of addicts by creating awareness about Healthy-Lifestyle through Rajayogi Lifestyle, Drug awareness and de-addiction programmes etc. Key Issues o Social & Ethical Issues a Conflicting Values o Youth and Drugs o Health Impact ofSubstanceAbuse o Increase of Crime Expected Impact o Reduction in intake ofalcohol, tobacco and drugs o More awareness among younger generation on ill effects of substance abuse o imparting Values and Ethics in Society o More Contented and Peaceful Society o More and more people adopting a healthy, wealthy and prosperous lifestyle Methodology The My India, Addiction Free India campaign is based on an experiential methodology taught by Brahma Kumaris for more than 7 decades and followed by millions all over the world that enables us to build a healthy, wealthy and prosperous society. This methodology allows the opportunity to the general public to learn and develop a better lifestyle through experience and active participation. The methodology is characterized by the fojjowing ejements: National launching of My India, Addiction Free India by ex-President Smt. _ _ _ Pratibha Patil atAmaravati, Maharashtra. _ > Learning and developing — The service performed helps to acquire values, skills, and/ or knowledge to practice a better lifestyle. > Civic Responsibility —The service helps individual to meet a need in the community, as defined by the community. It helps individuals see a place forthemselves in community and society. > Collaboration — We will work with government and non-governmental organizations for planning, implementation and evaluation ofthe project. We just need to be available and ready with ‘Yes’ on our lips. 0
  8. 8. Medjcaj Wing News Letter SILVER JUBILEE SPECIAL > People Voice — People's representatives are given ample opportunities to express their thoughts, make choices, and play an active role in the project planning, implementation and furtheranalysis. > Reflection — Thoughtful reflection is incorporated into activities before (to prepare), during (to troubleshoot), and after (to process and extend learning from) the project. > Evaluation — Information is collected and analyzed on the effectiveness ofthe project. The campaign process contains planning, implementing and analyzing. We got a 3 tier planning and coordination committee to monitorthe campaign at the central, state and district levels. The key ofthe campaign is our motivated, dedicated and trained long term volunteers. We also got our branches in every tehsil in India with dedicated volunteers through which we can caterto a wide range of society and carry on follow-up activities with ease. Campaign Flow The projectwill be undertaken in multiple phases. Phase 1- Awareness Building and Preventive Education - General Public There still remains a considerable degree of ignorance among the public about the i| |—effects ofdrug abuse on the individual, the family and the community. Voluntary organizations are being financially assisted by the Government to undertake educative work in various communities and target groups. We at Brahma Kumaris have got our branches all over the country and are capable of conducting outreach programmes of awareness and give assistance and counseling as per the purpose, objective and approach givenin governmentguidelines. The project flow is given below: Phase II -Awareness Building and Preventive Education - Schools 3-4 teachers from interested schools will be trained as faculties to execute this phase. BK brothers/ sisterswillalsoassistthemtoconductsessionswhereverneeded. The school syllabus includes Life Management Skills, Living Life Healthy, Value Based Life, Empoweringwith Spiritual Powers Phase III - Awareness Building and Preventive Education - Colleges Phase IV-Awareness Building and Preventive Education - Factories/ Institutions Phase V-Addiction Free SchoolslCollegeslHospitalslFactoriesloffices Brahma Kumaris being honoiired by Govt. of A Street Play being enacted in front of Maharashtra for their de-addiction services. St. George Hospital, Mumbai God is the one who inspires and we have to do His tasks without excuse. @
  9. 9. 700243 W0 703/4660 9/4? S’52W’765$ - 2073 World No Tobacco Day 2013 was celebrated by Medical Wing Chapters of Brahma Kumaris lshwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya across the country. Exhibitions, Awareness Processions, Public Functions were carried out in Railway Stations, Bus Stands, Jails, Hospitals and other public places to spread awareness among the local public on ill effects of tobacco. Awareness Rallies and processions were also organized in all district/ taluk headquarters across the country in association with schools, like minded NGOs, Clubs and Associations on 31 May, 2013 evening. Thousands of people participated in these processions and took a no tobacco pledge in a publicfunction held there after. A-"*~‘fI“ ' I l . .b , __ W . ._ L. wouinuoiowicco DAY 0 ‘>4’ ‘ I 1”’ _’ , ,.i, uy, 2013 _A I"_ ‘X .21 ’I‘fT; _fi~*: - . -L 9 I7. . .~»I. :'J '9 ‘I ‘I A ' I ’ I K’ , _' I } 0| , _. I . , J l (g‘ .1 K’ ‘~ : >.I7 sf P-; . ‘ ‘ ‘WK . -“ — V an ‘'4 ‘ ‘I t, -i I - -A i_ / x:» , . <. _~. ~ "w . . -I ' - _ f , .~" . - r _ ,1 A, __ ! .' ‘ I‘: _ V pl, I . WIS. P C ~v-an I w ; I I . = I »«: .:‘ j‘-, _‘. §} ”' -J ‘ . , : ’.. =_: ' ‘,3 _‘ / L . - - ' ‘V ‘M , _T . I i 31‘ IL . .~»_-cg-I Drug Awareness Processions & Meetings held at various places on World No Tobacco Day 2013 Z -fi‘t: _II' lai lllllfvlf eiclliiiiroika , =.IIloil _I, l9I lllkoi ‘Til? otter, -iiii n'I' Gui; email 1:. ‘tin: dent: on‘ Iniiromensateint 9 I J I . _
  10. 10. Medical Wing News Letter SILVERJIIEILEE SPECIAL fill! “ ‘ ‘ I . Illa . ,‘- -. I . ; , Ii II at: .II’ario’us j;5IiaT(‘. :E'§ Iron. . . . . . ‘rldiilo. . bacotifiay Always remain alert and belong to the army of those who have faith. @
  11. 11. Manama 702%-122.. . My India, Addiction Free India -Working towards an Addiction Free Society Medical Wing Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation is looking forward to make an addiction free society. Efforts under My India, Addiction Free India project has been initiated in a number of states. We are working hand in hand with many state Governments, like minded NGOs, Clubs and Associations to fulfill this dream. Special training programmes for our dedicated volunteers are being conducted at different parts of the country. We are also imparting training to other NGOs/ Associations on their request. Tobacco Free initiative will be taken to schools, colleges, hospitals and other institutions in the next phase. Teachers will be trained to make theirschool addiction free. Mind-Body Medicine Conferences and Retreats - Efforts to blend Spirituality and Medicine This year we are organizing 2 national conferences for doctors, 1 national conference for nursing professionals, 1 national dialogue for nursing leaders and 1 international retreat-cum-dialogue for healthcare professionals. We expect around 3000 doctors to participate in our conferences for doctors, 500 nursing professional and nursing leaders for our nursing events and around 50 foreign delegates for our international event. We are also interested in conducting Mind-Body Medicine Conferences in different parts of the country in association with medical associations and local governments. I I I I , , ~j. I_I, '.-: *.I. _'Ij~. I »-I‘ ». I;. ,,}! ’ LE9Z1:0IlI)d1ILg[: III= I lIrI{=1§l§V'-. "'IS)ll I)‘It~f1,OnVIl_l"_[’-_lIiA§', A—‘L‘I| irimfllironira mi 1m-—iiIii>: ll1-ni»= il irqen-itainmzll _I)‘t: .lto1giI. i-— it : (-—m-—nll mi ii= i>: .Illii~I>= .iII= ,-Imt= i-. ~i-= floni>: It-: - 1." f_, 'pjf'"4 . Wily"-121‘ ,4 :7! LL . -r -. /E I 3% . : - ~. .-' ~ "If: "ff ‘v‘. V" fvil #5 . I ~; r-. .3 - ma: I; -r. ’ » '- '. , «t. ,./ «>3 ‘ '; —'3.- . x,. _ y ‘. I ~71I. inII-Itr. .w ‘I-‘I ~‘, ‘I=1,-It-—inI_‘-x= :r . ~ : IliIt-il-. v/ til ~71-LI, -i‘(= IniIf-Icu. :1!! !“ : _oim‘. .t-. )_i; Iy/ fIu_‘r -. _I i_: te. iii-. i_'r IIIIu_iI_h. l,i, Mm. I_i1i : ‘ui. I 0(O)= I:I! §Ir'1C]LVI! l_lkV[Ol§ DI. ?‘€. lii= .|, OI IVAIloiI'II= .t, Illlslviiuf JSLIAVI e]lo1fo1=. iIEloiagflalk-2.. Etaieranmliv-Orsniirai, IVI 1:1?-in = ('-jII'-. !tIfIH. IIICII'/ atoll iVIlIli-)1t= ) llmllzallitcl/ ‘W ‘lilnnjlb =1,o)'II1IE_iIIo, II-H. iiiu It-iIl= _l@LgIniE_l1koroInI Qt,
  12. 12. .‘i: IiIIIii: i Hi| ||| !H| U|| ‘V 1" 'VI’. A‘' n_ W“. : I‘ ". g:. | IT"| i lift? TH” TO WORK TOGETHER SCHOOL COLLEGE HOSPITAL FACTORY OFFICE (Lame let usjain hands. .. Medical Wing (Rajayoga Education & Research Foundation) ‘. ; ~_ , _ Brahma Kumaris Shantivan. Abu Road, Rajasthan. India Phone: 9414032218, email: projects. bkmedicaiwing@gmai| .com wvvw. projects. bkmedica| wing. org