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World War I Virtual Museum

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Travis Meier

  1. 1. Take The Tour Now
  2. 2. To Trench Warfare
  3. 3. •Two Movements: Pan-German and Pan- Slavic • Pan-German Movement- The hope of uniting all German speaking people. •Pan-Slavic Movement- The hope of uniting al Slavic (Russian) speaking people.
  4. 4. • Military was built up for two reasons: • 1. Protect colonies • 2. Peer Pressure • They used a mandatory draft. •Russia had the largest army •Germany had the best trained soldiers • Britain had the largest navy
  5. 5. • Alliances- Partnerships with nations • Central Powers- Germany, Austria, Ottoman Empire • Allies- Britain, France, Russia, U.S.
  6. 6. •Europe nations were competing for land. • They believed that “Bigger was Better” Example: Africa, Bosnia, Alsace, Lorraine
  7. 7. To Why The U.S Entered WWI
  8. 8. •Trenches were made to protect their positions and to cut down on losses • Supplies were brought in at night
  9. 9. • There were many problems in the trenches. Including: mud, rats, smell, body rot, cold, maggots, lice disease, and Trench Foot
  10. 10. • Both sides used barb wire to protect themselves from soldiers trying to take over there trench • Artillery was the only way to clear out barb wire
  11. 11. To The U.S In WWI
  12. 12. • Germany promised not to sink merchant ships without first warming them and rescuing passengers • Using this tactic, the Germans were sinking all sips headed for the Allies
  13. 13. • The Lusitania was a passenger ship that was secretly carrying ammunition to the Allies • A German submarine sank the ship • 1,198 passengers died (128 American) • President Wilson demanded Germany to apologize and pay damages
  14. 14. • Zimmerman was a German official • He sent a letter to Mexico asking them to attack U.S. • In exchange, Mexico would get some land back in the U.S.
  15. 15. • The U.S. attacked the Germans through the Argonne Forest • It took 47 days and 1.2 million solders but the U.S. finally got supply lines cut off
  16. 16. • Led the U.S. troops • He eventually was able to push through Germany and make them surrender
  17. 17. • By July 1918, the U.S. had 1 million troops in the war • In Nov. the Allies captured high ground To The Treaty of Versailles
  18. 18. Back To The Lobby
  19. 19. • The Treaty of Versailles created the League of Nations. • This organization of countries designed to maintain peace and stability.
  20. 20. • The Treaty of Versailles divided up many countries including Russia, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire
  21. 21. • The Treaty of Versailles punished Germany. • The had to take full responsibility for the war and pay 33 billion dollars.