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Andrew Baur2

  1. 2. Cause of WW1 Back to lobby
  2. 3. This way to the U.S. section
  3. 6. The year is 1914 and the heir to the Austrian throne decided to take a trip through Sarajevo. Unknown to the archduke, a plot to assassinate him developed by a group of young terrorist. All they wanted only independence from Austria and rejoin they’re native county Serbia. The plan was to kill him while he was driving down the street in an open-topped car, seven assassins were placed strategically, so that if one missed or failed to acted they would have another chance at the attempted. But when the time came to act the first two assassins failed to act and missed there chance. For the third would be assassin when the time came he took his chance, he threw a bomb at the car ,but missed and hit the car behind the duke, after he had thrown the bomb he took a cyanide pill and jumped into a river. But his suicide attempt failed, the cyanide only induced vomiting and the river was only 4in deep. The other 4 assassins only looked on as the car speed away. After the reception at the town hall the duke decided to visit the injured officers. But when one of the assassins went into town to get a sandwich, he saw the archdukes car take a wrong turn and begin to head towards him. So he took his chance and fired two shots, one hitting the duke and the other his wife, thus igniting a chain of events that lead to ww1 Back
  4. 7. Alliances Germany, Austria-hungry, ottoman empire (Turkey) Central Powers Allied Nations United Kingdom, France, the Russian Empire, New Zealand, Belgium, Serbia, Canada, Australia, Italy, Romania and the United States Back
  5. 8. Diseases in the trenches Trench foot is caused when the foot becomes wet and cold for a long period of time. At first the foot becomes numb and red, then begins to swell. Then it will start to blister and have open sores and will become infected. If left untreated you will have to get it amputated Another diseases that cause trouble in the trenches was trench fever, symptoms of this disease usually included a sudden high fever, severe headache, pain on moving the eyeballs, soreness of the muscles of the legs and back. Though its rarely lethal it was very common and cause lots of problems Back
  6. 9. The trenches were set up so that you can keep the enemy at bay and still have room for other activities, the trenches were made up into three rows, The frontline, The support trench and the dug out sections that were used for from sleeping corridors to kitchen. Back
  7. 10. Imperialism Militarism Alliance Nationalism A country moving in and taking over a smaller country. Were a country focuses on just the military and builds it up and try's to intimidate other countries. Taking pride in ones country, thinking no matter what your country is right. Back
  8. 11. Why The U.S. entered the war The Lusitania 1 2 3 Zimmerman note Unrestricted Submarine Warfare Back
  9. 12. Lusitania The lusitania was a passenger ship that was sunk on its way to Britain. It was a German U-Boat that Shot a torpedo at the ship. Reason why was because they sinking any ships that they thought were giving ammunition or helping the enemy. Back
  10. 13. Zimmerman note The Zimmerman note was a encrypted telegram from German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmerman to Mexico offering a chance to join the war but for the central powers. What the note stated was that if Mexico joined Germany they could attack the U.S. and regain some past Mexican territories. Even though the Mexican government never accepted the offer this set off the States and had the us enter the war. Back
  11. 14. Unrestricted Submarine Warfare The Germans want a quick victory in the western front, so they set up kind of something like a blockade, they would cut off all the supplies heading towards the allies, by sinking all the ships that passed with U-Boats Back
  12. 15. The Draft When the US finally entered the war, we were prepared but we did not have enough soldiers for war. So Congress Started up the draft, the draft is were you are required to serve in the armed services. Because of the more Pro-war feelings the draft was generally accepted. Back
  13. 16. Treaty of Versailles The treaty was signed 28 th of June in 1919 in Versailles France. Part of the treaty stated that Germany had to take full responsibility for the war and pay for all the damages, 5 Billion dollars. They also had restrictions on there military and lost a lot of land. Out of the divided land came new countries, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Lithuania and more. The other countries regained or gained land, France received the Alsace-Lorraine territory. Belgium received Eupen and Malmedy, Denmark received the Northern Schleswig. Also Russia got the land it gave Germany in its peace treaty back. Back
  14. 17. Countries after WW1 Back