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The following is a targeted RFP response to However, can be used as a template, too.

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  1. 1. IE MDMK09 Borislav Kiprin - DigiOptimus SEO RFP Response Search Engine Optimization Course Leader: Rodrigo Miranda Beltran DigiOptimus Plovdiv, Bulgaria Phone: +359 879997300 E-Mail: Web:
  2. 2. 2 SEO RFP Response Optimization Targeting The website of is to be search engine optimized for the purpose of entering the Bulgarian market for e- commerce of perfumes, mobile phone sets and electronics. This task will involve all copyright content, keyword tagging, HTML titles and other website structure elements to be translated into Bulgarian. There will be 3 aspects of work – on portal, off portal and maintenance/amelioration. All work is to be done in-house with the team structure described in page 2. About DigiOptimus DigiOptimus is a fully integrated digital marketing agency serving solutions for clients in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Social Networks Marketing. We are a young team of digital marketing specialists focusing on providing valuable service and ROI for global customers focusing mainly on the Eastern European & Chinese Markets. Our services cover 7 languages – Bulgarian, English, Mandarin, French, Russian, Spanish and Serbo-Croatian. And in terms of search engine optimization we work for achieving results with the three major ones – Google, Yahoo and Bing following their best practice policies. With the span on two continents (Asia & Europe), we offer a caring digital strategy aiming for satisfying results and customer satisfaction. Timeframe JUL 20 - AUG 5 - AUG AUG 8 - AUG AUG 15 - AUG 18 - AUG 28 - SEP 1 - SEP SEP 15 - SEP AUG 5 8 15 AUG 18 AUG 28 SEP 1 15 18 • Site Analysis • Report • Baseline • Report • Site • Report • Content • Report & • Keywords optimization Building Benchmark • HTML Titles • Landing • Backlinking • Goals • Tagging pages Clarification • Competition • Link Building • Strategy Analysis • Social Building • Translation Search All described date above are to be consulted and agreed upon with the Hurbania Team. Constant interaction and ideas confirmation is a must. In case of changes in the plans, priorities, goals and general strategy, changes shall also be discussed and agreed upon. Beside the timeline offer above, we also offer a 6 months maintenance/amelioration period. Since SEO is not a one time act, but rather a continuous effort of making the website more visible for SE bots with the idea of getting a higher SERP, we offer 2.5 hours per week after SEP 18, 2008 for this continuous work as well for further link building in topical websites, blogs, directories etc. Reports DigiOptimus takes pride in its CRM. We offer a complete breakdown of actions taken and implementation process. We also point issues that might make the SEO and SEM campaigns afterwards work smoother. Every step is to be considered with a report provided and confirmed on by the customer. We do realize that what makes us different in this abundance of SEO consultants, agencies and freelancers is keeping the customer up to date and involving him in the process of restructuring, optimizing and getting actual results. All this is done through already set document templates that make it easy for the decision makers to understand and take and educated decision that would be acted upon. A part for reporting we will provide a certain level of transfer of knowledge, so the management stuff at Hurbania can have a good understanding of the whole strategy and the actions taken and to be taken. For that reason we are aiming at 3 days for reporting, discussions and changes (if found needed). Budget All rates are based on the standard fee of EUR 35 per man-hour. Except the translation of the website, which is a flat rate fee of EUR 1,050.00. Please find the suggested budget below! Borislav Kiprin – IE MDMK09 The information contained in this document does not represent a binding contract. It is strictly to show the services and action plan DigiOptimus is offering. DigiOptimus endeavors to ensure that the data and information in this document is correct and fairly stated.
  3. 3. 3 SEO RFP Response Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 (JUL 20 - AUG 5) (AUG 8 - AUG 15) (AUG 18 - AUG 28) (SEP 1 – SEP 15) (SEP 19 – APR 19, 10) SEO 1300.00 € 500.00 € 900.00 € 1100.00 € 0.00 € (4 hrs /day x 25 EUR/hr) Translation 0.00 € 1,050.00 € 0.00 € 0.00 € 0.00 € Link Listing 0.00 € 0.00 € 675.00 € 1155.00 € 0.00 € (3 hrs /day x 25 EUR/hr) Maintenance 0.00 € 0.00 € 0.00 € 0.00 € 1650.00 € (0.5 hr/day x 25 EUR/hr) SUBTOTAL 1,300.00 € 1,550.00 € 1,575.00 € 2,255.00 € 1,650.00 € TOTAL 8,330.00 € Please note that paid listings are not included in the budget. They shall be reviewed and decided upon on “as is” basis and the sot should be born by the customer. Please note that the above figures are payable only after receiving the Stage Report and agreeing on the results achieved! For further clarifications, we will supply a General Terms & Conditions paper to be signed along with the proposed Service Contract! Team Structure Project Manager We offer a single point of contact - the Project Manager. For the purposes of smooth, rapid and aligned action we regard this as the best approach. Social Project Manager Borislav Kiprin Copyright SEO Specialists Networks Social Networks Specialist Maria Bojanova Specialist Copyright Specialist Ana Maria Gomez Specialist On Portal SEO Specialist Ivan Draganov Off Portal SEO Specialist Bogdan Merachev On Portal SEO Off Portal SEO Specialist Specialist Everyone on the team has hands on experience on SEO ranging from 3 to 5 years. Action Plan for On Portal and Off Portal SEO On Portal SEO HTML Meta Picture Picture Hyper- Landing Keywords Copyright URL Sitemap Titles Names Tagging Naming linkage page On Portal Analysis & Actions  Benchmarking the current situational analysis – This will  Picture SEO – involving proper picture naming and help both of the customer and DigiOptimus to tagging. benchmark the performance of the service to the initial situational analysis.  Top pages analysis – Benchmarking the current best performing pages on the website.  Strategy building & Recommendations – this will include approach to SEO, website structure, keyword base,  Sitemap – ensuring that the sitemap is well build and copyright etc. bot readable.  Landing page optimization - optimization for the Top 5  URL & HTML Titles – Optimization for relevance and eye identified keywords. catch. Usually, in organic search people’s look browses for the first 3 words and if they do not see what they are looking for, they shift their attention further. The information contained in this document does not represent a binding contract. It is strictly to show the services and Borislav Kiprin – IE MDMK09 action plan DigiOptimus is offering. DigiOptimus endeavors to ensure that the data and information in this document is correct and fairly stated.
  4. 4. 4 SEO RFP Response Off Portal SEO Social Netwroks Article & Forums Directory Listing Blog backlinking Paid Links Competition Anlysis Linkage submissions Off Portal Analysis & Actions  Competition Analysis – benchmarking with direct  Paid Link Listings - building a database of submitted & competitors’ practice & strategy. published links on third party websites, forums, blogs, groups and directories.  Current Backlinks Report – current backlinks listing of website referring to  Social Networks Linkage – This Is a growing new channel that needs to be addressed and participated in.  Blog Backlinking – identification of industry related blogs We offer this type of listings. Social Networks raise and key figures and requests for listings. relevance in SE organic results.  Link Listing – building a database of submitted &  Articles & forums submissions – The Bulgarian online published links on third party websites, forums, blogs, user is heavily researching before buying anything online. groups and directories. Mentioning the name and the product with a favorable review in a forum or article will increase the CR. On Portal and Off Portal SEO shall be conducted through a overlapping stage periods that are already described in the Timeline frame. Project Clarification Please find below the answers to the questions as asked in the RFP!  Evidences of Investment in SEO – DigiOptimus has a strong record of SEO. Every member in our team has between 3 and 5 years of experience in this field. We are investing in our team by sending staff for further education and specialization in digital marketing. For example one of our staff members is currently pursuing a Masters in Digital Marketing at the renowned Spanish university Instituto de Empresa.  Keyword Analysis is based on the careful analysis of the Bulgarian Search Engine Market segmentation and specifics. All words in use a re carefully evaluated, chosen and benchmarked against competition, relevance and ROI. We use Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery, NicheBot and Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Then we benchmark them to number of usage, popularity etc.  Performance measurement - is based on usage of Google Analytics & Google Insight for Search. We will be providing in our reports the advancement in SERP benchmarked against the initial analysis we made on before starting the project. Also we will offer benchmarking against the Top 5 Ranked Competitors.  PPC & SEO – DigiOptimus s also offering a SEM campaign service. However, if the plan does not include such at the current moment or it is already awarded to another agency or freelancer, we offer full integration and collaboration with the SEM campaign. We also offer a second opinion free of charge, if any interest shown by Hurbania.  Approach aspects - we work in full conformity with Google, Yahoo and Bing best practice guidelines. In that sense no black hat techniques are employed to achieve fast results. We do take our client’s business seriously and aim for long-term relationship that the usage of a black hat technique will certainly harm if used. Please note that shall we be asked to employ tactics that not in conformity with the best practice models of the search engines, we find ourselves in position to reconsider our further participation on the project. The information contained in this document does not represent a binding contract. It is strictly to show the services and Borislav Kiprin – IE MDMK09 action plan DigiOptimus is offering. DigiOptimus endeavors to ensure that the data and information in this document is correct and fairly stated.
  5. 5. 5 SEO RFP Response  Customer Testimonials please visit our clients at,, for further information. Also, you can find below the following testimonials: “ …I have recommended DigiOptimus to many friends in need of the same services and benefits, we at Saneco Corporation Ltd. have never seen such a positive return on our advertising dollars and look forward to a long & profitable association with DigiOptimus in the Future.” – Borislav Kiprin, Freelance Photographer, “Almost immediately following the SEO services of DigiOptimus, our rankings began to rise, and in a matter of weeks we were already dominating the top positions for all our target phrases. It has been nearly a year since the initial optimization efforts and our placements continue to retain top rankings. The team at DigiOptimus have been a pleasure to work with and their high level of professionalism and expertise have provided results above and beyond our initial expectations.” - Todor Saslekov, CEO, Saneco Corporation Ltd.,  Work Load Approach – is divided by the members of the team. Work on the project shall be done as specified in the budget proposal (on daily basis and allocation to the relevant team member). DigiOptimus does not make a difference between customers. Every project is handled to the fullest and the utmost devotion and professionalism. In that sense, we are available for clarifications, discussions and questions at all time during the course of strategy implementation as well as after project completion. Deliverables The following documents shall be delivered to Hurbania within the timeline frame showed above:  SEO Strategy – a full set of documents including the strategy action plan, reporting and actions timeline, as well as suggested website, directory, blogs, forums and social networks listings for the purpose of link building.  Project pre-launch website analysis – benchmarking picture of the pre-SEO website (including keywords, HTML titles & tags, meta names, copyright, URL, picture tagging & naming, inbound & outbound links, social networks linkage etc.)  Technical Site Review – full spectrum of coding, infrastructure and SWOT analysis on  Keyword Analysis & Research – will be provided in a set of MS Excel Workbook. The document will include a list of 10-20 keywords per category (perfume, watches, cell phones, digital cameras & sunglasses) and Top 5 ones in a separate table that the team of DigiOptimus thinks that will do the best job to optimize the landing pages for.  Competitors’ Benchmarking – identifying the top 5 Hurbania competitors in Bulgaria and presenting the analysis of their SEO strategy, SERP in Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Results Tracking – Google Analytics, Google Insight, Wordtracker, Foxy SEO Tool. The process and performance of the website are tracked on daily basis and findings are applied into the general strategy. Modification is based only on agreement by both Hurbania and DigiOptimus having in mind that SEO is teamwork.  Underperformance identification – daily monitoring of the actions and the performance of the website by the Project manager will ensure that if stumbled upon underperforming aspects of the strategy plan will be acted upon right away and problem solved. Miscellaneous Should you need any clarifications on issues, terms and questions, please feel free to contact us! We are looking forward to build a fruitful business relationship that both of the companies will gain from. The above stated information is concerning only SEO. Should Hurbania require PPC and Social Networks set up and campaign management, these matter shall be discuss separately. The information contained in this document does not represent a binding contract. It is strictly to show the services and Borislav Kiprin – IE MDMK09 action plan DigiOptimus is offering. DigiOptimus endeavors to ensure that the data and information in this document is correct and fairly stated.