Demonstrative adjectives


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Demonstrative adjectives

  1. 1. Demonstrative AdjectivesWhat are "Demonstrative Adjectives"? Words used to point out a noun.Demonstrative adjectives are those adjectives whosefunction is to point at something. In English, the singulardemonstrative adjectives are "this" and "that," whilethe plural ones are "these" and "those." (Somegrammarians refer to them as demonstrativedeterminers.)
  2. 2. In English, there are 4 demonstrative adjectives. This/That + Singular Noun In These/Those + Plural Noun
  3. 3. Unlike English, Spanish has three sets of demonstrative adjectives,which vary by number and gender, so there are 12 in all, as shown inthe list below. Translations are included in parentheses Singular masculine Plural masculine· este (this) · estos (these)· ·· ese (that) · esos (those)· ·· aquel (that - over there) · aquellos (those - over there) Singular feminine Plural feminine· esta (this) · estas (these)· ·· esa (that) · esas (those)· ·· aquella (that - over there) · aquellas (those - over there)
  4. 4. In Spanish, all demonstrative adjectives are placed before the noun. Like all other adjectives in Spanish theymust agree in gender and number with the nouns they modify.
  5. 5. This Este Masculine Singular
  6. 6. These Estos Masculine Plural
  7. 7. This Esta Feminine Singular
  8. 8. These Estas Feminine Plural
  9. 9. Remember this rule: This and These both have "T"s but that and those dont
  10. 10. That Ese Masculine Singular
  11. 11. Those Esos Masculine Plural
  12. 12. That Esa Feminine Singular
  13. 13. Those Esas Feminine Plural
  14. 14. That (Over there) Aquel Masculine Singular
  15. 15. Those (Over there) Aquellos Masculine Plural
  16. 16. That (Over there) Aquella Feminine Singular
  17. 17. Those (Over there) Aquellas Feminine Plural
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  20. 20. · Although both ese and aquel and theirrelated forms can be translated as"that" or "those," there are somedistinctions in meaning.· Ese and its related forms are morecommon, and youre generally safe touse them when in English youd use"that" or "those."· However, aquel and its related formsrefer to something thats farther awayin terms of distance or time. Althoughese and its forms can be used for anobject near the speaker or listener,aquel cannot.