Danielson completion


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Danielson completion

  1. 1. Danielson Completion EDSS 620 Summer 2013
  2. 2. Framework Focus Domain 1 Planningand Preparation Whatateacher knowsanddoes in preparation for engaging students in learning. Domain 2 The Classroom Environment Whatateacher doestoestablishand maintainaculture forlearning that supportscognitive engagement. Domain 4 ProfessionalResponsibilities Professional responsibilities andbehavior in andoutoftheclassroom. Domain 3 Instruction Whatateacher doestocognitively engage studentsinthecontent. • The Framework for Teaching Charlotte Danielson
  3. 3. Task • Using as many “Post-it” notes as you like, write down some of the qualities of a “highly effective” teacher. 1 quality per “post-it”. • Move into the same group you worked with before we began exploring Danielson’s Rubrics, and add your “post-it” notes to their correct domain. • Finally, compare and contrast what you thought a great teacher was about before we began, and what your thoughts are now. Are they the same? Any different?