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Codesters word wall


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Python Word Wall

Published in: Education
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Codesters word wall

  1. 1. Python Word Wall
  2. 2. PART 1
  3. 3. Program A set of commands that run in order from top to bottom.
  4. 4. Debugging Finding and fixing the error or bug in a program.
  5. 5. Editor The area where all commands are typed.
  6. 6. Stage The area where the visual output of a program is displayed. The Codesters stage is an x, y coordinate plane.
  7. 7. Sprite An object on the stage, like a character or shape, that can be given commands.
  8. 8. Pixel The unit of measurement on the stage.
  9. 9. Comment A line in code that is used to provide information about the code. It is ignored by the program and does not run.
  10. 10. Parameter Data that controls how a command runs
  11. 11. Dot Notation Using a sprite’s name in order to give it a command.
  12. 12. Syntax The rules that define the ways a program must be written.
  13. 13. Casting Changing the data type of a variable.
  14. 14. String A letter, word, or sentence. Strings appear green on the stage.
  15. 15. Integer Any number that is not a decimal or fraction. Integers appear blue on the stage.
  16. 16. Variable A name that stores a value.
  17. 17. List A name that stores a group of values.
  18. 18. Data Type A name that defines the kind of information a variable holds.
  19. 19. Nesting Indentation that controls what commands belong to what blocks of code.
  20. 20. Loop A block of code containing commands that will be run more than once.
  21. 21. If Statement A block of code containing commands that will only be run if a certain condition is met.
  22. 22. PART 2
  23. 23. Index The number that refers to a single item’s place inside a list.
  24. 24. Function A named block of code containing commands that will run when the function is called.
  25. 25. Parameter A value passed into a function or command that controls how that function or command is run.
  26. 26. Float Any number that is a decimal or fraction. Floats appear blue in the editor.
  27. 27. Event A named block of code containing commands that will run when a certain action happens on the stage.
  28. 28. Refactoring The process of taking a program or piece of code and editing it to improve its structure.