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  1. 1. UDHRDecember 10, 1948
  2. 2.  Record responses using the App of your choice. Honor CODE
  3. 3. This world organization was created after WWII in 1945 & replaced the League of Nations (founded after WWI). Wobbelin work camp in Germany where prisoners were neglected and starved.
  4. 4. NY Headquarters
  5. 5. • protect human rights• encourage peace and security• engage in humanitarian affairs (i.e., protection for displaced people)• develop self-sufficient communities (i.e., farming)• collaborate on international laws (i.e., oceans)
  6. 6.  Former First Lady  Uncle was youngest president  Well known, wealthy family Rene Cassin of France (far right) and ? during interview
  7. 7. After the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) discriminated against Marian Anderson, a black singer, and refused to allow her to perform at Constitution Hall, this person immediately resigned her membership to the DAR. ? With Marian Anderson
  8. 8.  She wrote the UDHR which was ratified by the UN. This is the first time human rights were universally protected. The UDHR has a Preamble & 30 articles (rights) Chairman ? holding the UDHR.
  9. 9. This person wascriticized anddiscriminatedagainst because ofher gender andresolve to overcomeInjustice. She alsosacrificed time withfamily.
  10. 10. Read UDHR The & highlight the key RIGHTS & FREEDOMS.
  11. 11. Which Right Is Right?
  12. 12.  Live the Legacy Let’s here from you… • MLK, Jr • Eleanor Roosevelt
  13. 13. The Protestor So, what does We…the…people this have to do with the UDHR? Libya Egypt Occupy wall street Greece Bahrain Tunisia Yemen Moscow
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  15. 15. a
  16. 16. Pictures provided by Amnesty International Maps- Creative Commons Lic. Video provided by AI France Video provided by amnestyinternationalusa.orgHope provided by YOU