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Use this with Bentley Boyd's Chester the Crab comix.

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Road to Independence_comix handout

  1. 1. CHESTER WALKS THE ROAD TO INDEPENDENCE REVIEWName ____________________________________ Period ______ Date ______Questions for Understanding DIRECTIONS:BEFORE: SKIM THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS.DURING: READ & RESPOND TO THE CORRESPONDING QUESTIONS.AFTER: CHECK ANSWERS FOR ACCURACY.WHAT WAS THE BOSTON MASSACRE? PG. 81. How many slaves lived in the 13 original colonies in 1770?2. Who was Crispus Attucks?3. Explain what happened at the Boston Massacre?WHO HAD A MONOPOLY ON TEA? PG. 114. What type of protest did the colonials use?5. What was the result for the British East India Company?6. How did British Prime Minister Lord North do to help the British East India Co.?7. How did the colonials react to Lord Norths decision? 1
  2. 2. WHEN WAS THE BOSTON TEA PARTY? PG. 128. When was the Boston Tea Party?9. What was the rally cry used by the Sons of Liberty?10. How did the Sons of Liberty execute (carry out) their plan?11. How did the British soldiers react to the Boston Tea Party?WHY DID BOSTONIANS FIGHT REDCOATS PG. 1512. What group used violence to protest the Stamp Act?13. Why did King George III send more soldiers to Boston?14. What does Paul Revere title his propaganda?15. The British end most of the Townshend Acts except the tax on _______. 2
  3. 3. HOW WELL DID REVERE RIDE? PG. 1616. What were King George IIIs orders after the Boston Tea Party?17. Where did the Continental Congress meet? ________________________________18. Who warned the Patriots to hide guns and gunpowder?WHO SAW TWO LANTERNS IN BOSTONS? PG. 1719. How did the Redcoats arrive?20. How did Paul Revere warn Lexington of the Redcoats arrival?WHO WINS LEXINGTON & CONCORD (1 st Battle of the Revolution) PG. 1821. What 2 men helped Paul Reveres mission to warn the Patriots of the Redcoats arrival?22. What happened to the 3 men?23. What are minutemen?24. What is the 1st Battle of the American Revolution? 3
  4. 4. WHEN DID COLONISTS GET FIRED UP? PG. 2125. Who proclaimed, "Give me liberty or give me death!" ?26. Who was elected Commander-in-chief of American troops by the Second Continental Congress?WERE BLACK COLONISTS AT BREED"S HILL? PG. 2227. Who was nominated to be commander-in-chief of the American army?28. Why did William Prescott gave the orders, "Dont fire till you see the whites of their eyes!" at the Battle of Bunker Hill?29. Who was Jude Hall? 4