Manifest Destiny


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Westward Expansion

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  • Write notes, fill in key terms, people, places, etc. In the margins and highlight important information
  • Make a list of reasons for or against westward expansion From which view point are your opinions?
  • Draw a symbol here that represents Manifest Destiny
  • Make a connection between the references to Lexington and Yorktown
  • How did Manifest destiny win in this instance? Does it matter to the US that Texas is a slave states? Why or Why not?
  • Why did Lincoln Challenge Polk’s statement
  • What group of people will truly be negatively impacted by this treaty?
  • Manifest Destiny

    1. 1. Manifest Destiny
    2. 2. List the reasons FOR & AGAINST Westward Expansion “It is America’s right to stretch from sea to Manifest Destiny shining sea. Not only do More blood on the hands of Christ They call themselves Christians we have a responsibility And gave themselves the rights to our citizens to gain Disguised as missionaries valuable natural They were really after gold resources we also have a Many Indians died for that responsibility to civilize How many never told – DRI lyrics this beautiful land.”
    3. 3. Definition •  idea known as "Manifest Destiny" swept America during the 19th century •  promoted the belief that the US had a divine mission (God given destiny) to spread from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast, opening the continent to American Settlement
    4. 4. Background •  Mexico owned Texas •  Location: SW from Louisiana to the Rio Grande & W to the foothills of the Rocky Mts. •  When Mexico broke from Spain 1821 – sought migrants to develop Texas provided they become Catholic & follow Mexican law –  Result: failed to become Catholic and American settlers outnumbered Mexicans 10:1
    5. 5. Lone Star Republic Timeline • 1835 – Gonzales = the “Lexington of Texas” • 1836 – Battle of the Alamo (Spanish missionary to convert “Indians”): 3000 Mexicans kill 200 Texans; 13 day siege – San Jacinto = “the Yorktown of Texas”
    6. 6. 1836: Texas Independence
    7. 7. d at f irst… Stat ehoo Denied Northern opposition to adding more slave territory Feared admission of Texas as state would lead to WAR with Mexico But…principle of Manifest Destiny won out… Texas becomes a state in 1845 & … MEXICO THREATENS WAR!
    8. 8. Mexican/US Dispute •  Southern boundary: Mexico claimed it was the Nueces River; US claimed it was the Rio Grande •  1846: –  Mexican soldiers crossed the Rio Grande & attacked a small US cavalry –  Congress declares WAR –  Lincoln challenged President Polk’s statement that American blood had been spilled on American soil – Lincoln invited him to point out the spot!
    9. 9. Nueces River
    10. 10. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo •  Terms –  US gains full right to Texas with Rio Grande boundary line –  Gained CA (US paid $5 million) & NM territory (present day AZ, UT, NV, CO) –  Gadsden Purchase (1853) US acquired southern portion of NM for $10 – completed US expansion across the continent
    11. 11. 1846: “54,40 or fight” = willing to fight Britain for Oregon; we compromised (49 degrees latitude)
    12. 12. Show They Might Be Giants Video