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Just Right Govt-Notetaker

  1. 1. WANTED——A ““JUST RIGHT”” GOVERNMENT Name: __________________________When the colonists declared independence from Britain, WANTE D——Athey had a pretty good idea of what they wanted in a new govern · has ment tgovernment. In fact, they said it loud and clear right in enough hat: ______their Declaration of Independence: · does _____ n’’t give to do it anyone s job · cons too ___ ““We hold these ___________ to be self-evident, iders th _____ e need power · lets s of all that all men are created ___________, that they people ______ have a ______ · prot ______ are endowed by their Creator with certain ects ind ____ ividual ______ unalienable ___________, that among these are ______ __ ____________, _____________, and the pursuit Sounds great! of ___________________.”” Where do I sign up?The Declaration goes on to say that: The purpose of government is to ““______________ these ____________”” Government gets its ____________ from the ““_______________ of the ___________________”” People have a right to create a _______ government if the old one isn’’t meeting these goals.All right, then! We’’re ready to create a new government! But wait——maybe it’’s not so easy. The First Attempt: These Articles Ain’’t Workin’’! sa ion i s The Americans wrote their first plan for ____________ in a document der a t idual Ac onfe of indiv a called the _____________ of Confederation. The year was ________. ____ r for ____ ethe ____ _ __ t og Each state was ______________ and had its own ______________ _ ____ ____ ___. _ Each state sent __________________ to the ““Congress of the __ ____ ____ Confederation”” The Congress was the only ____________ government. There was no _________________. In Congress, each state got ________ vote Hey, This is Great! But Wait…… States get to keep their ____________ and Congress has no way to _____________ its ___________________ ______ No _________________ telling the states what That meant states could ______________ laws to _______ Congress did not have the power to collect Congress had the power to create a ____________ to pay for the military ________________ to protect all the The Articles could only be _______________ if _______________ ________ states agreed
  2. 2. …… Trouble in Paradise he dt an ir ks the loc nd like Without a strong central government, there were ldi a ans ittle s’’ Go eric re a l bear ________________ between the ______________ that Am we ree ut new tions he th try o und e tu the powerless Congress could not ______________. For Th sti t to y fo s in ad e con dilock hey h ntil th ht!”” example, states made their citizens pay __________ on l g Go se: T nts u ust ri goods that came from other ____________. u e s ““j ho ernm wa gov that It was hard for new Americans to agree on what kind one of government they needed. Here’’s why: States had different _____________. For example, some states depended on ________________, while others mostly grew ______________. States had different ______________. Some states had ____________ people and some states had __________. People had different _________________. Some people _____________ a central government while others thought a central government was __________________.Something needed to change! Even so, people were _____________ of a _____________ government thatmight have too much _________________ over the states. Good luck with that... Despite these differences, leaders from the different states got together to fix the problems with the Articles of Confederation. Instead, they came out with a whole new idea. Here’’s how it compares: Articles of Confederation New Idea Government has _________ branch: Government has _____________ branches: ___________________——makes __________ ___________________——makes ____________ ___________________——carries out ___________ a ch hould e y votes s re? ___________________——interprets ___________ w man legislatu But ho the et in state g The N Legisla ew Jer ia Plan rs”” tive bra sey Pl The Virgin _ ““chambe nch ha an ___ Each st s ____ hh as ___ n ds o n ate get ___ ““ch e branc s depe ______ s ____ ______ ambers L egislativ s a st ate get ______ ______ vote ”” te __ ___ sta Numbe r of vo ’’s ___ ______ ore power t es w o uld hav e state have m e more e siz e of th t es would th __ _ sta ______ ______ People were afraid some states would have power more than their fair share of _____________!
  3. 3. Ta-Da! Presenting . . . The Constitution! Preamble Explains the ____________ why the Constitution is being written: Create a better _________ of __________ than what they had under the Articles of Confederation ________________ the country Where did these Make sure the states have a _______________ relationship ideas come from? Secure _____________ for future generations Article I Creates a _______________ branch that ____________ laws. Gives law-making power to a ______________ that has ____ chambers:Remember House of Representatives——the more ___________ a state has, the moreVirginia andNew Jersey? __________________ it gets Senate——each state gets ____ representatives (that means two _______) Gives Congress a list of specific _____________. Any powers not listed, _____________ get to keep. Article II Creates an _______________ branch to _________________ the laws. A _________________ will be the _________ of the executive branch. Two more branches Article III to balance Creates a ______________ branch to ______________ the laws. government! A ___________________ will be the ___________ court in the country. Article IV Requires each state to treat _____________ of other states the _______ as it treats its own citizens. Article V What Lets the Constitution be ________________ if two-thirds of the members of problems get solved _________________ and three-fourths of _____________ agree. here? Article VI All right! Says that the ________________ and the laws passed by Congress are ________________ to laws passed by _________________. Article VII Allows the Constitution to take effect after ______ out of _______ states ______________ to accept it. Amendments The Constitution did not say anything about peoples’’ individual __________, so they added the ________________________ and other changes later.
  4. 4. WANTED——A ““JUST RIGHT”” GOVERNMENT Name: __________________________ 1 2 34 5 6 7 89 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 24 25 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24Across Down1. The Declaration of Independence said all ““men”” 1. Under the Articles of Confederation, Congress could (people) were created this way. not do this to its laws, so states could just ignore laws8. Fraction of Congress required to change the Constitution 2. One of the ““unalienable”” rights9. One of two things people were afraid states might lose 3. The Articles of Confederation created a government11. The chamber of Congress where each state gets two that only had one of these votes 4. Under the Articles of Confederation, America did not12. Under the Virginia Plan, these states would have more have one of these power 5. These were the ““individuals”” in the ““confederation””16. The highest court in the country created by the Articles17. A group of individuals united together for a purpose 6. In the House of Representatives, the number of votes18. One of two things people were afraid states might lose a state gets depends on this19. One of the ““unalienable”” rights 7. Under the New Jersey plan, these states would have20. One of the ““unalienable”” rights is to pursue this more power22. The Articles of Confederation was America’’s first plan 10. The branch that carries out laws. for ___ 13. The branch that makes laws.23. One problem was that states charged these on goods 14. The branch that interprets laws. from other states 15. Fraction of states needed to change the Constitution.24. Early Americans had something in common with this 21. One of the Constitution’’s goals was for states to have fictional character! this kind of relationship 25. The Constitution is divided into sections called ____ 26. Changes added to the Constitution later, giving people rights.