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Heroes in the Hallway 2011


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Part 2 of Culminating Project: Students will complete using the corkulous app on the iPad.

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Heroes in the Hallway 2011

  1. 1. Name:_____________________________________ Pd:_____ Date:________________Heroes in the HallwayHeroes act as authority figures protecting peoples natural rights, mentors that provide sound advice, advocates thatdefend against injustice, and caregivers that provide a safe environment to learn lifes lessons. Heroes thinkinterdependently and are models of civic virtue. Historical or present day heroes truly inspire us to persist whendealing with obstacles, apply past knowledge to new situations, and motivate us to be unselfish in our words anddeeds and work for the common good/welfare. : Research your hero and use the following CHECKLIST to create your "Hero."¨ RESEARCH: Complete Research and respond to Guiding Questions FIRST.¨ IMAGES: USE THE BLOG’s RESEARCH LINKS tab to find images of your hero and their cause. o Save images to Picture Folder on iPAD. o Add a “Sources” Label to the corkboard. Copy and paste each image url on the corkboard under SOURCES.¨ Go to the Corkboard App on the iPAD and click on the “file cabinet.” Touch and drag to position photos, stickies, and labels neatly.¨ q IMAGE: Include an image of your hero o TEXT: Attach a stickie next to the mouth with a quote said by or about your hero that clearly represents him/her as a model of civic virtue. q IMAGE: Attach of photo of YOURSELF in the same pose as your hero. Take a picture using the iPAD. Be serious. Include a stickie(s) explaining: o TEXT: How does this hero inspire you? q IMAGE: Attach 1 relevant IMAGE that clearly represents 1 of their causes (i.e, abolish slavery) YOUR hero championed. o TEXT: Summarize the cause and the steps your hero took on behalf of their cause. q IMAGE: Attach pictures/photos that represent 1 obstacle/risk/sacrifice your hero endured for the common good. o TEXT: Explain the obstacle your hero endured for the common good. q IMAGE: Attach 1 picture that symbolizes 1 major character trait/HOM of your hero. Use the following IMAGES to SYMBOLIZE a character trait/HOM: § : wisdom, civic virtue, Questioning, Thinking Interdependently, Applying Past Knowledge § : courage, civic virtue, persistence, Thinking Interdependently § : leadership, persistence § : courage, civic virtue § : wisdom § : civic virtue, Thinking Interdependently o the Character Trait & write 1 summary statement providing evidence. ¨ Check for accuracy and determine if the organization is visually appealing & organized.
  2. 2. Directions: Research the answers to the following questions and/or prompts.1. Who is your hero? Why is this person your hero? What was their cause (i.e., global warming)?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________SOURCE:___________________________________2. Your Hero’s quote or quote said about him/her that demonstrates their civic virtue____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________SOURCE:___________________________________2. List and explain 1 character trait/HOM that your hero possessed and that you possess or work to possess. Use the following to SYMBOLIZE the trait/HOM on the project: a. : wisdom, civic virtue, Questioning, Thinking Interdependently, Applying Past Knowledge b. : courage, civic virtue, persistence, Thinking Interdependently c. : leadership, persistence d. : courage, civic virtue e. : wisdom f. : civic virtue, Thinking Interdependently_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________SOURCE:_____________________________________3. How did your hero work for their cause? Give 2 examples. (i.e.: Martin Luther King: Montgomery Bus Boycotts, Abe Lincoln: Emancipation Proclamation)__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________SOURCE:_____________________________________4. What obstacles did your hero overcome? (i.e.: Abe Lincoln: personal loss of son; MLK: imprisonment; Eleanor Roosevelt: discrimination)__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________SOURCE:_____________________________________
  3. 3. Name: ________________________________ Pd: ____ Date: ____________ Heroes in the Hallway Reflection Rubric CRITERIA (in order to earn full points): Images must be relevant & accurate. Explanations must be specific (based on research) with supporting details (2-3 sentences). YES (4 points) NOT QUITE (1 points) SOMEWHAT (2-3 points) o Did I attach & label an accurate IMAGE of my hero with their name and their cause? o Did I attach a photo of myself in the same pose as my hero with my name & explain how my hero inspires me? o Did I attach 1 IMAGE and explain 1 way your hero TOOK ACTION for their cause? o Did I attach 1 IMAGE that represents the obstacles/sacrifice my hero endured for the common good? Did I attach an explanation of my heroes obstacles/sacrifice? o Did I attach and label 1 IMAGE that symbolically represents 1 character trait of my hero and explain? o Did I attach a quote said by or about my hero that clearly demonstrated that he/she was a model of civic virtue. o Did I record the sources for ALL of the information and pictures? o ORGANIZATION: Is my hero visually appealing & organized? TOTAL POINTS EARNED ______/32 =______% +____extra credit=____% What did you do well? What will you work to improve?32=100  31  =  97  30  =  94  29  =  91  28  =  88  27  =  85  26  =  82  25  =  79