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Don't drink the_water_trail_of_tears_student_handouts


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Don't drink the_water_trail_of_tears_student_handouts

  1. 1. Student handout Name ____________________________________ Period ______ Date ______ Don’t Drink the Water Dave Matthews BandWhat are the themes? What do these lyrics Come out come out No use in hiding mean? Come now come now Can you not see? Theres no place here What were you expecting Not room for both Just room for me So you will lay your arms down Yes I will call this home Away away You have been banished Your land is goneReflect on how you feel And given me How are the Nativeswhile watching the And here I will spread my wings depicted?video. List 1-2 Yes I will call this home Whats this you sayemotions. You feel a right to remain Then stay and I will bury you Whats that you say Your fathers spirit still lives in this place I will silence you Heres the hitch Your horse is leaving Dont miss your boat Its leaving now And as you go I will spread my wingsWhat is Dave feeling? Yes I will call this home Whose perspective is I have no time to justify to you Fool youre blind, move aside for me Dave portraying? All I can say to you my new neighbor Is you must move on or I will bury you Now as I rest my feet by this fire Those hands once warmed here I have retired them I can breathe my own air I can sleep more soundly Upon these poor souls Ill build heaven and call it home Cause youre all dead now I live with my justice I live with my greedy need HIGHLIGHT I live with no mercy THE LINE YOU I live with my frenzied feeding What does he mean? THINK IS MOST I live with my hatred I live with my jealousy POWERFUL!!! I live with the notion That I dont need anyone but me Dont drink the water Dont drink the water Theres blood in the water Dont drink the water Source:
  2. 2. USE AS AN EXTENTIONACTIVITY. Havestudents draw a Venn I’m An Indian TooDiagram and Irving Berlincompare/contrast the 2songs. [1st refrain:] Like the Seminole, Navajo, Kickapoo Like those Indians Im an Indian too A Sioux ooh ooh! A Sioux ooh ooh! Just like Battle Axe, Hatchet Face, Eagle Nose Like those Indians Im an Indian too A Sioux ooh ooh! A Sioux ooh ooh! Some Indian summers day Without a sound I may hide away With Big Chief Hole-in-the-Ground And Ill have totem poles, tomahawks, small papoose Which will go to prove Im an Indian too A Sioux ooh ooh! A Sioux [Patter:] With my chief in his teepee Well raise an Indian family And Ill be busy night and day Looking like a flour sack With two papooses on my back And three papooses on the way [2nd refrain:] Like the Chippewa, Iroquois, Omaha Like those Indians Im an Indian too A Sioux ooh ooh! A Sioux ooh ooh! Just like Rising Moon, Falling Pants, Running Nose Like those Indians Im an Indian too A Sioux ooh ooh! A Sioux ooh ooh! Some Indian summers day Without a care I may run away With Big Chief Son-of-a-Bear
  3. 3. And Ill wear moccasins, wampum beads, feather hats Which will go to prove Im an Indian too A Sioux ooh ooh! A Sioux [Alternate line:] And Ill have totem poles, tomahawks, pipes of peacesource:
  4. 4. This Land Is Your LandWoodie GuthrieThis land is your land This land is my landFrom California to the New York island;From the red wood forest to the Gulf Stream watersThis land was made for you and Me.As I was walking that ribbon of highway,I saw above me that endless skyway:I saw below me that golden valley:This land was made for you and me.Ive roamed and rambled and I followed my footstepsTo the sparkling sands of her diamond deserts;And all around me a voice was sounding:This land was made for you and me.When the sun came shining, and I was strolling,And the wheat fields waving and the dust clouds rolling,As the fog was lifting a voice was chanting:This land was made for you and me.As I went walking I saw a sign thereAnd on the sign it said "No Trespassing."But on the other side it didnt say nothing,That side was made for you and me.In the shadow of the steeple I saw my people,By the relief office I seen my people;As they stood there hungry, I stood there askingIs this land made for you and me?Nobody living can ever stop me,As I go walking that freedom highway;Nobody living can ever make me turn backThis land was made for you and me.
  5. 5. Student handoutName:______________________________________Period:_______Date:_____DIRECTIONS: Look at the painting and respond to the following questions.1. How does the artist show the Cherokee’s sadness?2. What information does the painting provide about the weather?3. The Cherokee had to make quick decisions about what to carry with them. What doyou think they took?4. What would you take if you had to suddenly leave your home forever?5. What sounds would you hear if this was a difficult march?6. Who in the painting carried weapons?
  6. 6. Student HandoutPREREADING: Preview the questions prior to readingDURING READING: Read the information on pgs 62-63 and to the questionsAFTER READING: Review responses for accuracy1. Why did the Cherokees go to court in the 1830s?3. What was the Indian Removal Act?4. Who was John Marshall?5. Who was Andrew Jackson?6. Why did the Jackson & Marshall clash?7. Why is the route the Cherokees took called the Trail of Tears?
  7. 7. Name:________________________________________Pd:_____Date: WESTWARD EXPANSION The Trail of Tears & The Massacre at Washita RiverDirections: • Determine how the 2 EVENTS are the SAME & how they are DIFFERENT by: o STEP 1: Read Chester the Crab’s “How Did Settlers Cross the Plains?” o STEP 2: Refer back to your notes and knowledge about the Trail of Tears. o STEP 3: Fill in the Venn Diagram below.  minimum of 2 bullets in each section TRAIL OF TEARS MASSACRE AT WASHITA RIVER