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Why Social Media


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An overview of Social Media and how it can impact volunteer organizations.

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Why Social Media

  1. 1. Gettingpractical withsocial mediaagain.
  3. 3. SOCIALMEDIA ISLIKE SAND.Yo u c a n p l ayw i t h i t , h av efun with it, buts o m et i m e s i tg et s i n to yo u ru n d e r we a r a n dbecomes ver ya n n oy i n g .
  4. 4. BUT IN REALIT Y, IT’S NOT In other words, a fancy way to describe the zillions of conversations people are have online 24/7. Some of which are about you.
  5. 5.  Social Networking. Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest I n te r a c t b y a d d i n g f r i e n d s , c o m m e n t in g o n p r o f i l e s , j o i n i n g g r o u p s a n d h av i n g d i s c us s i o n s . Social Bookmarking. WHAT IS, Blinklist, Simpy Interact by tagging websites and searching through websites IT? bookmarked by other people. A h o s t o f s o c i al Social News. media options, each Digg, Propeller, Reddit tailored I n te r a c t b y v o t i n g f o r a r t i c l e s a n d c o m m e n t in g o n t h e m . to wa r d s t h e Social Photo and Video Sharing. c u s to m e r s c o m m uni c a t i o n YouTube, Flickr, Picasa style. I n te r a c t by s h a r i n g p h o to s o r v i d e o s a n d c o m m e n t i n g o n user submissions. Wikis. Wikipedia, Wikia I n te r a c t b y a d d i n g a r t i c l e s a n d e d i t i n g ex i s t i n g a r t i c l e s . Location Games/Deals (4Square Places, SCAVNGR) I n te r a c t io n s t h r o u g h g a m e s , s p e c i a l s a n d d e a l s
  7. 7. WHO IS USING SOCIAL And why should you MEDIA? care?
  8. 8. EVERYONE?Luxury Brands – Burberry
  9. 9. WHO IS USING SOCIAL MEDIA Early Adopter Uses everything Results: 800,000 on Twitter and over 11 .6 million on Facebook, while it’s YouTube channel has received over 12 million views. The company has seen its profits increase by 21% .
  10. 10. MERCEDES Beyond marketing: giving customers added functionality. Alerts drivers of empty parking spaces as you approach them. Social media campaign ran last December, making use of a Twitter feed powered by a fleet of Mercedes cars driving around looking for empty parking spots. When an empty space was found, a tweet would be automatically sent through the Tweet Fleet account.
  11. 11. MERCEDES Does this sell more cars? Does it improve profitability? Does it build thebrand?
  12. 12. BRANDING Toyota--YouTube mini-series featuring the Sienna Family
  13. 13. BRANDING Toyota generated more than 8.3 million impressions. Engaged views attained through social sharing. When people share your commercial with their friends, they’re reinforcing your marketing for you, and it’s the best kind.
  14. 14. BRANDING Old Spice  YouTube campaign -- more than 140 million impressions
  15. 15. BRANDING Helped sales increase 55% in three months, and 107% during one month alone after launch. Campaign Success--set up so it could quickly respond to viewers’ comments about the videos. Engaged the viewers in the videos, Old Spice improved the stickiness of the campaign and, best of all, enhanced the viral nature of it.
  16. 16. E-COMMERCE Drive people to a landing page on your website where they can buy your goods. Do what Dell does. It tweets about special promotions for its followers on Twitter. Right now, the DellOutlet account has 1 .5 million followers. Translates into $25,000 in revenue per day…per tweet.
  17. 17. RESEARCH Starbucks --engages customers in a dialogue.  – visitors asked to provide new ideas to Starbucks on ways to improve the brand. Visitors can share ideas, vote on which ideas they like the best, discuss the ideas that have been submitted, and even see the results of their suggestions in action. The bottom line is there are plenty of ways to keep your finger on the pulse of your community’s needs, using social media tools that are readily available to both you and the Fortune 500.
  18. 18. CUSTOMER RETENTION Comcast and Southwest Airlines -- Communicate via Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms to help solve customer service issues . They communicate via Twitter and other platforms right back to their customers.
  20. 20. ATMIDWEST.COM JUNE 21 , 2012