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Digital Metrix 360 (2012)Ksa

  1. 1. Why Metrix-360?• We are a highly experienced team in the digital field.• Ideas driven, consumer focused with digital at the core, the team has a wide experience in the online advertising, ePR, and online advertising research
  2. 2. Our approach• Engagements are like new relationships, you need to meet first, learn about each other, plan our activities, then evaluate our steps and the relationship before deciding the future.
  3. 3. Why Online?• The web is the most measurable medium around.• That promise is only valid if you have the right metrics that tell you exactly what you need to know• Who to target and how often
  4. 4. Quick Facts• 13,000,000 Internet Users in KSA as of Q3-2012, 46% of total population (Source CITC)
  5. 5. Quick Facts• Fixed Broadband penetration is 43% (Q3-2012)
  6. 6. Quick Facts• Mobile Broadband penetration is 45% (Q3-2012)
  7. 7. Planning methdologyTHE WAY WE WORK
  8. 8. Digital Planning PlanningLearning Customer Executing Insight Monitoring
  9. 9. SOSTACSituation analysis, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Actions and Control Situation Analysis Control Objectives Actions Strategy Tactics
  10. 10. “SOSTAC” Situation analysis, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Actions and Control• Situation analysis: “Where are we now?”• Objectives: “Where are we going, or where do we want to be?”• Strategy: “How do we get there?”• Tactics: “ How exactly do we get there?”• Actions: “What is our plan?”• Control: “Are we on the right path?”
  11. 11. Situation Analysis• KPIs • Customers• SWOT • Competitors• PEST • Distributors
  12. 12. Objectives• 5Ss: – Sell: customer acquisition and retention targets – Serve: customer satisfaction targets – Speak: get closer to customers by creating a dialogue and monitoring social media – Save: quantified efficiency gains – Sizzle: extend the brand online, site stickiness , visit duration
  13. 13. Strategy• Segmentation, targeting, andpositioning• OVP (Online value proposition)• Brand Strategy• Content and engagementstrategy• Acquisition communicationsstrategy• Sequence (credibility beforevisibility)• Integration (consistent OVP)and database• Tools (web functionality, e-mail, IPTV, etc.)
  14. 14. Tactics• E-marketing mix, including:communication mix, socialmedia, what happens when• Details of contact strategy• Schedule
  15. 15. Actions• Responsibilities andstructures (Who does whatand when)• Risk management• Internal resources and skills• Outsourcing
  16. 16. Control• 5Ss + web analytics – KPIs• Usability testing / mysteryshopper• Customer satisfactionsurveys• Site visitor profiling• Frequency of reporting• Process of reporting andactions
  17. 17. Control Measurements Goal settingWhat do we want to achieve? WHO sets SMART objectives? Performance measurement What is happening? Who measures: What? When? How? Performance diagnosis Why is it happening? WHO reviews? Corrective actionWhat should we do about it? WHO acts and checks?
  18. 18. SERVICES
  19. 19. Our Services• Strategic Digital Communication• Online Advertising• Social Media Marketing (Digital PR) and Online reputation Management• Mobile application development (Ipad, Iphone, Blackberry)• Online Research and Surveys• Post campaign evaluation• Online competitive monitoring• Website Development and Maintenance
  20. 20. Strategic DigitalCommunication• Digital Marketing Strategy• Online Media Planning &Buying• Usability• Competitor benchmarking
  21. 21. Online Advertising• Banner Ad Placement• Special Executions• Sponsorships• Search Engine Marketing
  22. 22. Social Media Marketing& Digital PR• Online PR •Writing in forums/blogs •Commenting on News Sites and Bloggers• Social Media• Brand Advocate• Crisis PR• Corporate SocialResponsibility (CSR)
  23. 23. Search Marketing Brand engagementActivities (SEO) activities• Inbound link building • Surveys and polls• Content creation • Audience research• Blogs • Social media including• Feeds (RSS) 1. Attracting UGC 2. Engagement• Press releases visitors • Own blogs and and Dialogue• Influencing media through search communitiesowners • influencing media owners blogger relations OnlineBuzz building activities PR Brand protection• Propagating campaign activities“Big Idea” • Social media• Web editorial contacts 3. Building 4. Defensive/ monitoring and• Viral marketing Campaign Buzz Crisis response• Press and social media • Influencing mediareleases owners and blogger• Influencing media relationsowners and blogger • Negative SEOrelations • PPC protection
  24. 24. Post-CampaignEvaluation•Campaign Performance BenchMarks•eROI Analysis
  25. 25. CompetitiveOnline Monitoring• CompetitiveMonitoring• Alerts • New Ad Alerts • Error Alerts • Banner location and size • Banner Message • Competition on same page • URL
  26. 26. SOCIAL MEDIA
  27. 27. Social Media Marketing• History• What is Social Media? – Social media is media designed to be disseminated thorough social interaction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques.
  28. 28. Social Feedback Cycle Marketer-Generated User-GeneratedAwareness Consideration Purchase Use Form Opinion Talk
  29. 29. Social Media Monitoring The Social Phone is ringing!!• Online reputation• Why to listen? • The Compliment • The Influencer • The Complaint • The ROI • The Expressed Need • The Crisis • The Competitor • The Audit • The Crowd • The Thread
  30. 30. Social Media Monitoring The Social Phone is ringing!!• What to listen for? – Compliments – Complains – Ideas – Feedback
  31. 31. Clients
  32. 32. Thank You!!Contact us: