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CYNH Holiday Slideshow with music


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If you want to listen to the music that was played during the original slideshow presentation, click the "02 Puttin in work.mp3" text on the first slide. That should open up Windows Media Player (or the equivalent) and start playing the audio. Then you just have to go back to the slideshow and start it. Happy viewing and Holidays! :)

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CYNH Holiday Slideshow with music

  1. 2. FY01 - The Founding Year There is no such thing as a Senior Corps Member at CYNH. All CMs, whether serving their first or second year, are founding corps members. There are teams in service to the New Hampshire Seacoast in Dover (and Somersworth), Portsmouth, and Exeter/Stratham. At cyzygy in Chicago, CYNH takes home numerous awards including the Cup of Idealism.
  2. 3. FY02 - Establishing Credibility The second corps at CYNH is nearly 75% from New Hampshire and, at 24 members, is the smallest site in the network. A traveling team begins expansion to Manchester and Nashua and Somersworth becomes a service site of its own. The first NYSD is held in Nashua with 75 members; this is the last year the site serves in Exeter/Stratham; 19 members graduate. Not Pictured: Kelly Cuomo Wing
  3. 4. FY03 - Growth CYNH opens its third year with two new partnerships: the ALT in Nashua and Seabrook Middle School; another SCM works on founding a team at Hillside Middle School in Manchester for FY04. CYNH becomes a Local Lead Agency for NYSD and the site begins to pilot the Project Leader position. All 26 CMs graduate. Not Pictured: Kelly Cuomo Wing
  4. 5. FY04 - Opportunity or Danger? The fourth year of service for CYNH finds the site struggling to stay open in the face of devastating cuts to the AmeriCorps budget, cuts that came despite a successful third year. CYNH fields its largest group of SCMs and Second Years, with 10 total. A new team in Manchester is launched and Starry Starry Night exceeds expectations and helps CYNH close the funding gap caused by AmeriCorps cuts. All but 2 CMs graduate.
  5. 6. FY05 - A New Chapter With the addition of new staff and a restoration of AmeriCorps funds CYNH is able to build off the momentum of FY04 and grow the corps - for the first time - to 30 members, an appropriate kickoff to the 5th Anniversary Year . Development of a strategic plan is begun: highlights include reintroducing the Young Heroes program to New Hampshire and growing the corps size over the following three years.
  6. 7. FY06 - A Powerhouse The CYNH corps is 40 strong with projected growth in FY07 to 45 and again to 50 in FY08. CYNH launches its Young Heroes pilot in Manchester and exceeds original youth goals of 40 Heroes by more than double. CYNH will also serve in Somersworth Middle School for the last time, after more than 5 years in partnership. At cyzygy in New York CYNH wins the Cup of Idealism (again) and is awarded the honor of hosting the network for cyzygy 07.
  7. 8. FY07 – Making History The CYNH corps is the largest it has ever been at 42 members and has taken on the largest project that is possible at City Year – hosting the international City Year network in New Hampshire for cyzygy07.  The senior corps member team shows incredible leadership as they help to literally keep the site together as the corps and staff stretch to run powerful service programs all year and prepare for the hosting of cyzygy07.  By June 2007, this year’s corps had hosted what is being regarded as the best cyzygy in the history of City Year and the largest service day and youth service conference in the State of New Hampshire.
  8. 9. FY08 - Growing Again... In its eighth year, CYNH continues to grow with 11 staff members and 43 corps members. CYNH re-launches the Young Heroes program in the Seacoast after a four year hiatus and creates a new team: Civic Engagement— to build and expand the outreach efforts of CYNH. Over 1400 people are involved in GYSD projects, nearly 100 YHs participate and graduate from the program, and CYNH surpasses 200 alumni.
  9. 10. <ul><li>FY09 – Maintaining the Momentum </li></ul><ul><li>As City Year Inc. grows, so does CYNH. Now in it’s 9 th year of service to the Granite State CYNH continues with the same seven teams from FY08 (a first in the history of CYNH). </li></ul><ul><li>With an increased corps of 45, CYNH was able to re-introduce the PL position to enhance and support strategic initiatives at the site, while allowing team sizes to remain the same and continue impacting children and the community. </li></ul><ul><li>Second half highlights to look forward to: </li></ul><ul><li>YH Opening Day </li></ul><ul><li>CY for Kids (camp) </li></ul><ul><li>GYSD </li></ul><ul><li>cyzygy in DC </li></ul><ul><li>Graduation! </li></ul>
  10. 11. FY10 – CYNH 10 th Anniversary Corps City Year New Hampshire looks forward to celebrating a decade of service to NH. In September 2009, 50 corps members will pledge to continue serving the children and communities of Hampton, Manchester, Nashua, Portsmouth, and Seabrook while walking in the moccasins of those who served before them – You! another Continue to
  11. 12. Now Remember back… Way back… Back when we were…
  12. 13. At Our First Unity Rally
  13. 15. Doing Powerful PT
  14. 17. Getting Skittish
  15. 19. Couga Houston!!
  16. 20. Having some BTR Fun
  17. 22. And now look at us…
  18. 23. Manchester Hillside
  19. 25. Seabrook
  20. 27. Manchester Young Heroes
  21. 29. Hampton Academy
  22. 31. Civic Engagement
  23. 33. Seacoast Heroes
  24. 35. Nashua
  25. 37. We have all… seen accomplished grown so much already.
  26. 38. Just imagine how much more we can do!