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System Proposal Final

  1. 1. Project System Proposal Trans Global Solutions…Driving the Future Brent Kelley 1907 Technology Drive Columbus, OH 43224 June 3, 2008 Ms. Julie Carmichael Branch Manager Capital City Honda 1 Mile Maker Drive Columbus, OH 43224 Dear Ms. Carmichael: As a long-time admirer of the Honda of America and the outstanding business practices that you employ to deliver such a quality vehicle and outstanding customer service, I particularly enjoyed having the opportunity to see how you function from the inside. As you indicated during our meeting, your company has expressed a need to take your Service Department at your local dealership to the next level increasing the overall customer service experience to one that is on par with higher end service centers. This correspondence outlines the complete scope of work you requested, including objectives, procedures, identification of responsibilities, and estimated fees. OBJECTIVE Implement a cutting-edge technology solution that will increase the customer service experience following the trend of Honda Corporation to establish presence and image in the “introductory luxury” market. Install a Microsoft solution of both software and hardware, including implementation and setup, training, conversion assistance, and post-conversion support. Provide professional assistance related to this new system and coordinate the bridge to the new system from your current environment. Everything we do will be built around the idea of bringing it all back to how it relates to customer service. Success of this project is dependent not only on the software/hardware solution that we provide, but also on your personnel's skill, effort, and willingness to work as a team. Implementation of this solution should allow Capital City Honda to: • Compete in a Higher Market Segment • Increase Market Share • Utilize Advertising / Marketing Services • Increase Customer Service, and • Increase Customer Brand Recognition
  2. 2. Ms. Julie Carmichael August 31, 2009 Page 2 CAPITAL CITY HONDA COMPANY HISTORY Capital City Honda was founded in April 2, 1992 in Charleston, West Virginia. The company started with 9 employees from the Solutions Global large independently wealthy Carmichael family resident in Charleston. Capital City Honda opened their doors with an Trans inventory of 25 cars and a service department with only 4 employees and two mechanic’s bays. Over the first three years of business, the company quickly grew and they had to expand their facilities. In 1997, Capital City Honda opened their second location in Columbus, OH with 15 employees (the manager being the only employee from the Carmichael family). This location was very successful and requirements grew to over 25 employees within 2 years and currently employ 50 employees. In the year 2000, Capital City Honda opened its third store in Charlotte, NC. Additionally, the business expanded their market by building a store in Venice, FL in 2005 and their most recent store in Atlanta, GA; which opened January 22, 2007. The entire company is still family owned and operated, Honda Certified, and each store is currently managed by a Carmichael. Capital City Honda believes that they can provide the customer with an experience that is on par with that of luxury vehicle dealerships. MISSION STATEMENT To provide the best Honda Certified vehicle and service at the greatest total value to our customers, and to make every customer feel like a part of our family in order to retain patrons for life. CAPITAL CITY HONDA ORGANIZATION Enterprise Gloria Carmichael CEO Patricia Carmichael Tim Carmichael Ty Carmichael VP, Parts/Service VP, Finance VP, Sales / Marketing Alyssa Carmichael Julie Carmichael Jon Carmichael Jim Carmichael Mary Carmichael Branch Manager - WV Branch Manager - OH Branch Manager - NC Branch Manager - GA Branch Manager - FL
  3. 3. Ms. Julie Carmichael August 31, 2009 Page 3 Columbus Branch Solutions Global Julie Carmichael Trans Branch Manager Jessica Biel Administrative Assistant Jennifer McDougal Charlie Clearwater Kim Stone Sid Johnson Joe Valderama Brandon Skinner Marketing Coordinator Service Manager Parts Manager Sales Manager Finance Coordinator Facility Coordinator 4 Service Advisors 14 Mechanics 2 Parts Sales Associates 14 Client Advisors 2 Cashiers 1 Dispatcher 4 Wash Bay 1 Lot Attendant TRANS GLOBAL SOLUTIONS PROFILE Trans Global Solutions was founded in 1993 in Columbus, OH when it was determined that there was a need in the commercial marketplace for a consulting firm that could understand the customer’s needs and business environment and use that information to design, develop, and implement custom solutions that would take the customer’s business to the next level. In our 15 years of existence, Trans Global Solutions has created solutions for Fortune 500 companies such as Honda of America and Nationwide Insurance as well as for small companies of less than 50 employees and not-for-profit operations. Contact Information: TransGlobal Solutions 1907 Technology Drive Columbus, OH 43224 Project Contact: Brent Kelley Phone: 614.555.8107 Fax: 614.555.8110 E-mail: Project Name: Capital City Honda Service Department Upgrade April 1, 2008 – June 30, 2008
  4. 4. Ms. Julie Carmichael August 31, 2009 Page 4 PROJECT TEAM Your Trans Global Solutions team consists of: Solutions Global Brent Kelley, Project Manager / Marketing Analyst – Trans Brent has an Associates Degree in Information Technology from Columbus State Community college. He has over 5 years of experience in IT. He is currently working on his B.S. in Information Technology. He has a Project Management Level 1 Certificate. He has overseen and assisted with deployments, upgrades, installations, supporting and training in various network environments. Some of the clients sectors include Federal Government, State Government, Financial, Health Care and small businesses. He has a Network Certificate from Columbus State. One of his strengths is to lead and develop projects within time and cost requirements. Dustin Lutz, Web/Systems Engineer – Dustin has an Associates Degree in Network Administration from Columbus State Community College. He has been in the IT Field for over 7 years. He is currently working on his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. He also holds the following Certificates: MCP Microsoft Certified Professional 2.0, MCTS - Vista, MCITP – Enterprise Support Technician Vista, and MCTS – Exchange Server 2007. Clients include Honda, Macy’s, and Whitehall City Schools. Credential Certification Date Achieved Microsoft Certified IT Professional Feb 18, 2008 Enterprise Support Technician Feb 18, 2008 Microsoft Certified Professional Jan 25, 2008 Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Jan 25, 2008 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007: Configuration Apr 15, 2008 Microsoft Windows Vista: Configuration Marc Laracuente, Business Systems Analyst / Database Engineer – Marc holds an Associate’s Degree of Applied Science in Computer Information Technology from Columbus State Community College. He has had 5 years of experience with Systems Administration, Design, and Implementation. Marc also has 10 years of experience in manufacturing and distribution environments utilizing Enterprise Resource Planning, Warehouse Management, Production Scheduling, Procurement, HR, and RF technologies. Marc is a Microsoft Certified Professional and is currently working on a Bachelor’s Degree from Franklin University as well as a MCSA Certificate. SCOPE OF SERVICES FOR THIS PROJECT 1. Research / Planning a. Define business goals and objectives. b. Assess current environment through site survey / company interview. c. Produce preliminary investigation report / fact finding information. d. Identify tools and resources available. e. Identify specifications for hardware/software, database design, Intranet/Internet design, financial system, and marketing/advertising materials.
  5. 5. Ms. Julie Carmichael August 31, 2009 Page 5 f. Recommend steps required to successfully install the new system and assist in assembling setup information and data used in the implementation process. Solutions 2. Development Global a. Build systems as per design previously approved. Trans b. Design Security and Disaster Recovery plans. c. Design data dictionary, hardware diagram, network diagram, context diagram, and business flow diagrams as needed. 3. Implementation a. Oversee the physical installation of hardware and networks. b. Upload Internet/intranet sites, as well as database to servers. c. Install / build Active Directory for authentication. d. Work with you and your staff during installation and implementation to help you gain a general understanding of the system. 4. Training and Testing a. Train in the areas of transaction entry, query, and reporting, as well as periodic back-up procedures. b. Upon completion, perform a full system test to assure that it is functioning as intended and producing accurate output. c. Successfully complete disaster recovery testing. 5. Conversion and Post-Conversion Support a. Assist in planning and assembling data for the conversion, as required. (Note: Data entry assistance is $30 per hour. This cost is not included in our estimate.) b. Provide free telephone support during and for 45 days after conversion. Subsequent charges for support calls are billed in 10-minute units at $12.50 per unit. Note: Support calls are invoiced weekly. Fees are subject to change annually, effective January 1 of each year, based upon 30-day notice c. Provide all project documentation in Information System Binder and Project CD-ROM. SOFTWARE/HARDWARE COSTS AND PROFESSIONAL FEES Software costs and fee estimates are summarized on the attached schedule. These fees are effective provided (a) any required data for relevant systems is in good order, and (b) service staff members can devote full time to the implementation process as needed. Fees will be adjusted to actual accordingly. We will not incur additional hours without written prior approval. Our fee does not include modifications to the software, hardware, database, web-sites, etc after the design has been approved. Our terms are 30% deposit on project approval and before we begin, 50% upon project completion, and the balance due net 30 after completion.
  6. 6. Ms. Julie Carmichael August 31, 2009 Page 6 WORK PLAN Solutions Global Trans  6/2/08 Project Kick Off  6/2/08 – 6/16/08 Design / Planning Phase  6/16/08 – 7/15/08 Implementation Phase  7/15/08 – 8/31/08 Testing and Training Phase  8/29/08 Project Wrap Up  8/29/08 – 10/14/08 Support Phase CURRENT SYSTEMS ASSESSMENT DOCUMENT This company is an established automobile dealership. The organization has 5 dealerships in different states. It has a stable customer base with good sales volumes. The company as a whole has a very limited use of technology throughout all locations. As such the ability to measure, track and coordinate information and services that exist within the company is very limited. All business units functions mostly as an independent units. The goal of the business is to compete in a higher luxury market segment. Honda has now developed products that can compete with higher end pricier models but the business is not structured to meet this typical customers needs. Three critical areas the business needs to address are: marketing, value added focus, and technology. The company has a very basic marketing strategy. The only advertising in place that exists is in the Telephone book. The customer database is not leveraged to develop or create additional sales opportunities. The company does direct mail coupons through a mailing service. This attempt has no target strategy or customer focus with which to build sales on. They lack the strategy or plan to increase or enhance sales for existing or new customers. There is no Web or internet accessibility for customers to schedule and enquire about services & products. The focus of creating customer service by adding value is non existent in this organization. The company does not value service as much as sale in its business strategy. This is critical in order for this dealership to compete against competitors who understand that service experience and performance strongly affects the customer’s perception of your business. This will directly affect the company’s ability to compete successfully and generate long term revenue. The current service model design and work flow need to be reviewed and developed in a different plan that maximizes the resources and potential benefits to its customers. The capability to have services organized and performed efficiently goes along way to create customer satisfaction. It is important to provide opportunities and gauge the customer experience to make sure that any problems or challenges are quickly resolved. The technology that exists within the company is not adequate to meet its current or projected needs. This will require the addition of new hardware, software, and applications to enable successful competition within higher luxurious market segment. This capability will give the organization capability to find value in the data that exists within the company to create new sales opportunities and revenue. It will also provide a platform to broadcast & communicate the information, materials, and production that takes place on day to day operations.
  7. 7. Ms. Julie Carmichael August 31, 2009 Page 7 Type Qty Book Value Total BV Dell Optiplex GX270 Tower 5 $ 250.00 $ 1,250.00 Dell OptiPlex GX270 Desktop Solutions 12 215.00 2,580.00 Global Dell 19” CRT Monitor 18 75.00 1,350.00 RCA 21” mounted TV 1 150.00 150.00 Trans Dell Laser 1110 (B/W) 4 100.00 400.00 Dell MFP Laser Printer 1815dn 1 500.00 500.00 $ 6,230.00 Below are the results from our investigations into your current hardware quantities and estimated book value. These items will be re-deployed in effort to save money. YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES This project demands significant involvement by your service personnel. Ultimate success is highly dependent on their effort. To help achieve a smooth and successful implementation, it will be your responsibility to perform the following: • Provide documentation and data as required regarding current business practices • Provide access to the Capital City Honda facility during normal business hours • Communicate updates and training to any applicable employees beyond the initial training scope • Review any appropriate safety guidelines with our staff prior to coming on-site at your facility BENEFITS When the project is complete, your Columbus Branch will have integrated cutting-edge technology in place in your service department. Benefits will include: • Increased overall customer service • Use of customer information for marketing • Decreased customer receiving time • A modular plan that can easily be rolled out to other Capital City Honda locations • Continuous improvement tools such as surveys and reporting • Visibility in high end service market
  8. 8. Ms. Julie Carmichael August 31, 2009 Page 8 CLOSING Solutions Global Trans We appreciate the opportunity to service your computer information technology needs. To accept this proposal, please sign one copy and return it with a 30% deposit. Sincerely, Brent Kelley Project Manager / Marketing Analyst Enclosure RESPONSE This letter correctly sets forth the understanding between Capital City Honda and Trans Global Solutions. Accepted by Title Date
  9. 9. Ms. Julie Carmichael August 31, 2009 Page 9 CAPITAL CITY HONDA 1200 WEST HIGHLAND STREET Solutions COLUMBUS, OH 43201 Global INVESTMENT SCHEDULE Trans DATE: 8/31/2009 TO: Ms. Julie Carmichael SOFTWARE COST: Microsoft Windows Vista Business $495 Microsoft Windows Server 2003 799 Microsoft Windows Server 2008 7,398 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 1,859 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 699 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Standard CAL 5,025 Microsoft Office Suite 2007 2,511 Symantec Endpointe Protection 11.0 2,981 Symantec Backup Exec 12 for Windows Servers 1,163 TOTAL SOFTWARE $22,930 HARDWARE COST: Servers $18,066 Desktops 6,130 Laptops 5,876 47” LCD Monitor 1,448 Switches 4,450 Firewall/Filter/Routers 5,800 Offsite Data Storage 13,626 Wireless Access Points 100 Cabling 15,064 ISP 4,788 Wireless Barcode Scanners 2,316 Xbox 360 / Games 800 26” LCD Monitors 1,120 UPS / Miscellaneous 4,234 TOTAL HARDWARE $83,917
  10. 10. Ms. Julie Carmichael August 31, 2009 Page 10 PROFESSIONAL FEE ESTIMATE: HOURS Installation Planning 180 Solutions Global Trans Identify Responsibilities Establish Schedule Develop Diagrams (Hardware, Network, Work Flow) Select Conversion Date/Method Installation of Hardware 60 Coordinate Physical implementation of Hardware Installation of Software 240 Install Client Operating Systems Build Servers Build Active Directory Load Database / Website / Financial System Set Printers and Defaults Establish Security Testing 180 Test All Switchboards, Forms Queries for Operability Test Security Test Disaster Recovery Training: All Modules and Backup 120 Document Procedures Demonstrate Hands-On Supoort incl Provide Onsite / Phone Support TOTAL HOURS 780 TOTAL PROFESSIONAL FEES $52,260 TOTAL FEES $159,107