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A Trip to the White House


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This is a virtual field trip to The White House that I created for students using Powerpoint.

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A Trip to the White House

  2. 2. TODAY. . .Today, we will all be taking a (virtual) trip to theWhite House! We will continue to learn more aboutthe White House and our country’s presidents.Please be sure to read and follow all of thesedirections, you wouldn’t want to miss anything!(You will be quizzed on some of the information inyour tour scavenger hunt!)Links to any websites and assignments will belocated within this presentation. Links will usuallybe italicized and underlined.Any assignments will be listed as bold and green.
  3. 3. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN . . . Where the White House is located. The purpose and history of many rooms inside the White House. Interesting facts about the Presidents (and families) who have lived inside the White House.
  4. 4. BEFORE YOU GO. . . Do you know where the White House is? Go ahead and look up it’s location on Google Maps or Google Earth before you take off!  Think about a president and room in the White House you would like to use as a topic for a project. You will be making a president poster and white house room brochure. You may find some great information to use during your tour! Take a look at your field trip scavenger hunt (located in this presentation) so that you knowwhat to look for on your tour of the White House before you go! Be sure to have a blank piece of paper and pen to write down scavenger hunt answers and a computer with internet access
  5. 5. ITENIRARY AND ASSIGNMENTS . . . Tour the White House  Be sure to read all of the information required in the White House Tour Scavenger Hunt. Write down your answers, and turn this in before the end of class.  Choose a room in the White House that you would like to create a room brochure about. Let me know which room you would like to research before we leave today. This will be due one week from today Visit the Presidents section of the White House website   Choose a president that you would like to learn more about. You must let me know which president you choose before you leave today; only one person will be allowed per president.  You will be creating a President Poster which will be due one week from today.
  6. 6. SCAVENGER HUNTThe Library The Diplomatic Reception Room1. What was the library mainly used for? 1. What is this room used for?2. Whose picture hangs over the fireplace? 2. Name one other use of this room.The Vermeil Room The Map Room1. What is another name for the Vermeil Room? 1. Do you see any maps in the picture of the Map2. How many pictures of the First Ladies hang in the Vermeil Room?Room? 2. What is the Map Room used for today?The East Room The Red Room1. What is the main piece of furniture in the East Room? 1. The Red Room is a state reception room. How2. How many chairs did President Monroe purchase for the East many state receptions are there in the WhiteRoom? House? 2. What is the Red Room used for today?The Green Room1. What was the Green Room originally called in 1800? The State Dining Room2. What did the Monroes call the Green Room? 1. How many guests can be seated in the State Dining Room?The Blue Room 2. Who changed the name of the room to the State1. In which year were the furnishings of the Blue Room destroyed Dining Room?by fire?2. In which year did the Blue Room become the "Blue Room"? The Center and Cross Halls 1. What was removed in 1902 to make the State DiningThe China Room Room larger?1. In which year did the China Room originate? 2. Name one Presidential portrait that hangs in the Hall.2. Who posed for the portrait in the China Room? Please write down your answers on a separate sheet of paper and turn in once you finish your White House tour.
  7. 7. ROOM BROCHURE You will be creating a brochure about the room that you decided to research. Pretend you are creating this forsomeone who has never visited the White House and would like to know more about it. Find interesting facts and pictures that you can include in your brochure. Your brochure must include: A Bold and Clear title of the room on the cover of the brochure and a photo of the room. Information on where the room is located in the white house and what it is used for. At least 3 interesting facts or stories about the room At least one other photo aside from the one on the cover page. We will be making these brochures on the computer. I will be helping out more in class, but you can learn how to make a brochure HERE.
  8. 8. PRESIDENT POSTER Choose a president that you would like to learn more about. You must let me know which president you choose before you leave today; only one person will be allowed per president. Your Poster Must Include:President’s NameBirthdayDates he was PresidentAt least one photo/drawing of the presidentAt least 3 interesting facts you learned
  9. 9. HERE’S A LITTLE HELPThese web pages may help you out with your scavenger hunt and research projects. White House History White House Rooms Presidents of the United States
  10. 10. Click the White House to begin your tour!