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Scayl quick windows tutorial 9 03 2013


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Published in: Technology
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Scayl quick windows tutorial 9 03 2013

  1. 1. Quick Tutorial: Scayl Beta for Windows August 2013
  2. 2. Send a message. Click on ‘New Message’ button to compose an email to any users ( or otherwise) with or without an attachment of any limit.
  3. 3. You can attach up to 20 files per message.
  4. 4. For a group of pictures or documents, you can easily attach a folder.
  5. 5. Invite others to get Scayl Send an invite with attachment(s) of any size, to people (e.g. not yet in Scayl.
  6. 6. Recipients receive instructions to install Scayl and download your file(s).
  7. 7. Steps to download your attachment(s) after installing Scayl. Click here to download file(s) from your Scayl contact.
  8. 8. Check for status of incoming and outgoing files at one convenient location, in the „Attachments’ folder. Options to save, send or delete attachments in one easy location and can be viewed in details, content or tiles display.
  9. 9. Add Sender to your Contacts list. Conveniently save your contact via a dropdown menu (from selected message, right mouse click to “add sender to contact”).
  10. 10. Another option to add a new contact Click on „@ New Contact‟ button to enter a name and, email addresses and other contact info in the template provided.
  11. 11. Presence Indication  Presence indicator reflects online/offline status.  Sender and recipient(s) must stay “online” for optimal file transmission.  Green bar indicates online.  Yellow bar indicates offline, Gray indicates non-Scayl user. V