Global Surgical G6 dental microscope


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Global Surgical G6 dental microscope

  1. 1. GLOBAL Dental MicroscopesDentists’ First Choice
  2. 2. Great prospects and an even better viewThere is something in every GLOBAL dental microscope: Your high standard!That’s why GLOBAL has only one priority: To deliver a sensible work The modular design of GLOBAL dental microscopes allows for easytool of maximum benefit to you and your daily work. upgradeability as your needs grow.The brilliant optical system delivers three-dimensional and precise This all to make sure that you can enjoy your work!images. The slim design makes the microscope fit into every dentalsurgery. 2
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  4. 4. To display size is our strong assetVisionary Advantages!GLOBAL dental microscopes are the key to a more precise and selection of magnification steps. There is the rightrelaxed working day for any dentist. setting for any type of treatment! No more strain n´ pain! GLOBAL dental microscopesThe ability to see and recognize minutest details is an absolute must permit a relaxed and upright working posture.for any substance-preserving and minimal invasive treatment All day long if you want!procedure. GLOBAL dental microscopes guarantee this through anuncompromising, top-quality optical system and a convincing This all to make sure that you are always close enough! 4
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  6. 6. Detailed competence Systematic precision Spring arm system Completely balanced, allows fluid-like movements even with the addition of heavy accessories. The slim design ensures a fit even in the tightest spaces. Light management You can choose between the new LED light source (description on page 13) and the well-proven Novalux light source with light cable. Both solutions provide pure white light and thus allow an authentic display of any object you survey. Support system Whether mobile or fixed: GLOBAL mounts guarantee a solid and secure stand. Models Choose one of three models: G3, G4 or G6. The right chart shows the different magnification levels of the models. For example, model G6 features a magnification of 2.1 with a work area diameter of 95 mm, allowing you to view the entire oral cavity in focus.6
  7. 7. Eye cups Inclinable binocularsThe latex-free eye cups are adjustable so that the binoculars can The 220° inclination range enables an adjustmentbe used by spectacle wearers as well. As an alternative, the diopter of the binoculars to allow you to work in the mostadjustment permits you to set the eyepieces to your unique ergonomical-friendly position.prescription, thus allowing you to work without your glasses. Magnification changer Magnification can be easily changed using the knobs located on both sides of the microscope body.Microscope bodyThe body of the microscopeholds all optical components:Binoculars, lenses, and theintegrated magnification changer. Maneuvering handles The maneuvering handles on both sides are adjustable and allow quick access.Objective with fine focusThe ideal working distance to the patient is a focal length of 250 mm, giving yourhands sufficient room to perform the treatment. The fine focus range of 20 mm alwaysguarantees an easy focus adjustment especially at high magnification levels. 1x 5x 10x 15x 20x G 3 3.2 6.4 12.8 G 4 3.2 5.1 8.0 12.8 G 6 2.1 3.2 5.1 8.0 12.8 19.2 7
  8. 8. Beyond any compromise – now more than ever!Solid diagnostics and improved communicationIn many dental surgeries treatment documentation is already part as a patient education device is also an excellent marketing tool forof the daily routine. your practice.The recorded images and video sequences allow not only an This all to make sure you can reach all your goals!optimized process control of the treatment but are also suitable forcase communication with colleagues. Using the documentation 8
  9. 9. Fine focusThe convenient design ensures that you canmove the lever with the back of your hand tothe left or right for easy fine focus adjustmentwithout having to put down the instruments.Inclinable binocularsAdjust the microscope to your ideal, relaxedseating position. Here the continuouslyinclinable binoculars play an important role.With a quick, single-handed movement, thebinoculars are adjusted to your correct eyelevel allowing for a comfortable, tension-freeneck, back and shoulders.Magnification changer andmaneuvering handlesAllowing easy movement of the microscopehead and adjustment of the magnificationlevel just as easily.Seating postureWorking with the dental microscope allowsan ergonomically ideal seating position whichis further enhanced by the special GLOBALMicroSurgeon’s Chair (see page 13). 9
  10. 10. A picture is worth a thousand words! The modular design allows individual upgrades of your GLOBAL dental microscope at any time. Whether you wish to add the latest SLR camera or the family-owned camcorder, our flexible documentation solutions keep your GLOBAL dental microscope up-to-date at all times. All of the systems shown right can be attached to the microscope with little effort. The external adaptation of the components always leaves sufficient space for your camera. So relax and look forward to the latest developments in the area of photo and video equipment.© Dr. J. Benz, Bielefeld/Germany Monitor mount Patient education or monitoring by your assistant is made possible by a special swivel arm for flat screen monitors. The arm is attached to the center column of the floor stand and can be pivoted vertically and horizontally.10
  11. 11. C-mount adapter forblock video camerasThe 1-chip camera delivers excellent pictures toyour monitor. The video signal can be fed into yourcomputer system. The amount of light necessaryfor the camera is less than 5 %, leaving 95 % ofthe light for the user.X-mount adapterfor camcorders ordigital camerasThis uniquely designed adapter canaccomodate many common camcordersand digital cameras, allowing you toadapt your personal camera equipmentto the microscope.SLR X-mount adapter forSLR camerasThe adaption of an SLR camera to the microscopesystem allows professional documentation of yourwork in high-resolution images.The image depth can be enhanced by the incorporation of the dual iris diaphragm with the SLR X-mount and the X-mount. Combination options A beam splitter with dual ports permits a combination of the above options. Would you like to take high resolution photos and simultaneously send a video signal for monitoring and documentation on your computer? The SLR camera and block video camera can both be attached to the microscope using a dual port beam splitter. 11
  12. 12. Convenient extras reasonable accessories Carr Binocular Carr Binocular Extender Extender (Angled optics for inclinable binoculars) Binocular • Provides additional comfort while working with the microscope Rotation Ring • Supports a more upright posture • Reduces shoulder, neck and back strain Binocular Rotation Ring The binocular rotation ring combined with the carr binocular extender permits a more upright seating posture during a lateral position of the microscope head. Compact Balancing System (Counterbalance coupler arm) • Recommended when attaching additional camera systems • Provides perfect balance of the system • Simple readjustment balances any changes to the documentation systems Dental Filter The insertion of a dental filter illuminates your work area in a yellowish light. This prevents the premature curing of the composite materials.12
  13. 13. Illumination optionsLED• Light intensity of 57,000 Lux • 50,000 hours running time• Bright, white daylight color at 6,600 K• Light intensity control• No fan – no noise• Remains cool• RetrofitableXenon X3 / Xenon X4 (no figure)• Intensive light for challenging treatments (daylight quality 5,600 K) at 100 watts / 180 wattsMicroSurgeon’s ChairThe ergonomic benefits of the microscope have been confirmedrepeatedly. Complete your microscope system with the matchingMicroSurgeon’s Chair.• Adjustable armrests allow a steady hand and perfect ergonomic posture• The adjustable backrest follows your movements as needed • The inclination of your seat follows your desired seating position Foot Ring optional• Backrest and seat are continuously adjustable availableUpholstery ColorsCLARET GUNMETAL OCEAN GREY SLATE BLUE GROTTO FOREST GRAPHITE DOVE BLUE MISTTAUPE TUSCANY TILE IMPERIAL BLUE TEA ROSE WEDGEWOOD BURGUNDY PURPLE GREY SAND BLACK Interesting application videos in the section “Optics” where 13 the microscope models are shown.
  14. 14. Slim designfor any operatoryThe spring arm system features an entirely maintenance-free andspace-saving design. The microscope folds up neatly and can bestored discreetly in the background.High-performance support systems permit fluid-likemovements of the microscope. Even additional, fairly heavySLR camera systems can be moved by fingertip control.Ceiling mount• Ideal positioning for quick access• Mount for ceiling heights from 244 cm and upWall mount• High wall mount (above 220 cm) or low wall mount (below 130 cm)• Extended reach (approx. 160 cm)• Space-saving, even when not in useMobile floor stand• Flexible for use in multiple treatment rooms• Large wheels for easy movement between operatoriesThe microscope can also be attachedto the floor with a mounting plate.14
  15. 15. All at a glance!Model versions:G3 3-step magnification changer G4 4-step magnification changer Magnification step 0.5 1 2 Magnification step 0.5 0.8 1.25 2 Total Magnification (x) 3.2 6.4 12.8 Total Magnification (x) 3.2 5.1 8.0 12.8 Field of view (ø in mm) 62 32 16 Field of view (ø in mm) 62 39 25 16G6 6-step magnification changer Magnification step 0.33 0.5 0.8 1.25 2 3 Total Magnification (x) 2.1 3.2 5.1 8.0 12.8 19.2 Field of view (ø in mm) 95 62 39 25 16 10These figures are based on the standard equipment. Modifications may result from the exchange of individual optical components. Binoculars: 220° inclinable, 10 x wide angle, F = 160 mm, incl. diopter adjustment Lens: 250 mm working distance, 20 mm fine focus range (different working distances upon request) incl. lens cover Lighting system: Coaxial light system (Novalux and Xenon with fibre optic cable), dental filter (optional for G3 and G4), extra for Novalux only: Liquid light cable (40 % more light) Light sources: Selectively LED light source (see page 13) or Novalux metal-halide light source Optional special equipment: Xenon 5,600 K, 100 Watts or 180 Watts with aperture remote control Stand/mount systems: Mobile on wheels, or fixed wall, ceiling or floor mount, incl. dust cover User operation: Manual Documentation units: Adaptors for c-mount cameras, SLR cameras, camcorders, still cameras Beam splitters: 95/5 and 50/50 available, single and dual ports Additional modular accessories: Carr binocular adapter, binocular rotation ring, extension mount 20 cm or 38 cm, MicroSurgeon’s Chair, monitor mount, dual iris diaphragmWe would be happy to discuss with you personally the manypossibilities and options which GLOBAL microscopes have to offer.We will gladly assist you in choosing the right microscope for yourindividual needs! = included in standard equipment 15
  16. 16. Surgery TrainingAn initial training is a necessary requirement to learn how touse the dental microscope. The buying of a GLOBAL dentalmicroscope should always be accompanied by an introductioncourse at one of our reference surgeries. Here you’ll getuser-to-user instruction in basic knowledge and skills. Ofcourse you may also book such a training session for a feewhen you are already a practiced microscope user.Please check our current session schedule at www.sigmadental.deThe CIDE in The Hague offers further training in dentistry based onthe latest scientific findings and associated new treatment methods.The courses feature cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology andmaterials. In good company!Every single participant works at his/her own fully equipped workunit. Sigma and GLOBAL support the CIDE and have naturally The European Society of Microscope Dentistry (ESMD) is dedicatedsupplied all work units with a GLOBAL microscope, not to mention to dental microscopy in all of its varieties and options. Even duringa master microscope for use by the lecturers. the founding convention in 2008, internationally well reputed experts conducted famous presentations and practical demons-A video link makes it possible to broadcast treatments live from the trations, inspiring dentists from around the world. This conventiontreatment rooms below, for direct viewing in the seminar room. will be held every two years at different venues. We will gladly answer any questions you might have on membership, fees andFor further information see convention schedules.GLOBAL continuing educationThese days many continuing education classes are equipped with Presented bydental microscopes. And almost all endodontic curricula use version 03/2011microscopes as a standard. We are fully aware of this developmentand regularly support continuing education classes and conventionsthroughout Europe with our GLOBAL dental table top microscopes.You just might be sitting in front of a GLOBAL dental microscopeduring your next course – take a look!We would like to thank the dental surgery of Dr. Steinebrunner andDr. Bohlsen for their kind cooperation.Sigma Dental Systems-Emasdi GmbHHeideland 22 / 24976 Handewitt / Germany☎ +49 (0) 461-95788-0 /