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Smx West 2013 Theater Presentation - How To Build A Balanced SEO Content Strategy


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Ever wonder what other SEO agencies are ordering when it comes to SEO content? Take a look at the types of content that successful agencies are implementing into their campaigns.

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Smx West 2013 Theater Presentation - How To Build A Balanced SEO Content Strategy

  1. 1. Greg Secrist Founder & CEO of Keys to Building aBalanced Content Strategy
  2. 2. (BKA) is a one-stop shop for clients needing SEOarticles, landing pages, premium content, branded blog posts, pressreleases and much more. Dedicated account managers provide customersupport, customized order templates, scalability, and a personal touch.Hand-picked teams of American writers ensure quality and consistencywith every order. All content is SEO optimized, 100%unique, affordable, and is customized to meet the needs of the clientsaudience.
  3. 3. Client SegmentationSEO Agencies Individual SEO’s 90% 10% of clientele of clientele (Approx.) (Approx.)
  4. 4. What makes up a balanced content strategy?
  5. 5. We’ll let you decide...…but here’s some data for you to consider.
  6. 6. Order Trends by Content Type May 2012 - Feb 2013100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% SEO Articles Custom Content
  7. 7. Is article marketing dead? Not even close!
  8. 8. From May 2012 – Feb2013, SEO articles were (on average)of total content ordered!
  9. 9. …but custom content is on the rise.
  10. 10. Custom Content - Trend Line May 2012 - Feb 2013 60% 50%Percentage of volume ordered 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%
  11. 11. What does this trend mean?• There is much more to a content strategy than just “article marketing.”• Most SEO agencies are utilizing a wide variety of content types in their campaigns.• Content is being focused more around the reader instead of just the search engines.
  12. 12. What content types should you be using?
  13. 13.  (answer missing)Hint: Let’s see what the industry is buying…
  14. 14. Content Orders by Content Type 1/10/13 – 2/21/13 Content Type SEO Premium Branded Landing Page PressArticles Articles Blog Pages Rewrites Releases53% 31% 7% 5% 3% 1% % Order Total
  15. 15. Balancing differentcontent types is the key.
  16. 16. So what are the keys to a successful content strategy? • Supplement traditional “article marketing” with a variety of different content types. • Branch out with different types of content within your campaigns. • Find the right content combination that provides the most value.
  17. 17. Thanks for listening! To learn more, visit us online