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Basic design


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Basic yearbook design is all based on the basic column design. Learn the fundamentals of dominance, consistency and contrast. Then modernize designs from there.

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Basic design

  1. 1. BASIC DESIGN Organizing elements to facilitate learning By Bradley Wilson, PhD ©2018 ARMS LOCKED together, Erin Bohné (10), Victoria Araj (12), and Lauren LeBeau (12), smile near the end of their dance. They practiced the routine for ten weeks before the pep rally. "We felt really accomplished because we're new and improved,” Bohné said. photo by Taylor Mullen cheerNEWFOUND THE CHEER TEAM LEARNS NEW STUNTS, DANCES, AND CHEERS FOR THE FOOTBALL SEASON AND HOMECOMING PEP RALLY. The varsity cheer team welcomed Gina Gabriel, Extreme Cheer and Dance instructor, as their new coach, and her younger sisters, Tara and Ashley, as assistant coaches. "She's taught us to be more disciplined and to know what we're doing at all times. We are very confident in her as our coach," Heather Motro (10) said. After months of training, starting in July at the National Cheer Association Camp, the team mastered the new stunts and dances Gabriel choreographed for them. "I think we shocked a lot of people and created a new definition of the cheer team," Victoria Araj (12) said. Throughout the season, Gabriel tracked the team's progress by recording practices. "We were excited to show the school that we're new and improved," Erin Bohné (10) said. 1. AT THE street party, Heather M as she dances to Starving, by H cheerleaders, the band, and fo the sixtieth year. "I gave up tr just had a good time,” Motro 2. ARMS LOCKED Out, Ana at the homecoming pep ra special uniforms for the d routines, "Our homecom probably the best we've photo by Keeleigh Jenkins 3. ARMS RAISED high Taylor Ward (8) cheer divided into houses i see the school have the house system,” 4. IN FINAL huddl homecoming pep team a pep talk. were so ready to had to show,” V photo by Keeleigh J high SPIRITS Seventh and eighth grade girls cheered on the boys and girls basketball teams during the winter season. Some nights lasted three-four hour through double headers. Under the guidance of junio high cheer coach Susan Welch, the girls performed from the sidelines and perfected basketball che 1. 2. 3. 4. "The library, Cause its quiet in there, and you can do whatever." "At break with my friends. It's just a great time to do some work and hang out with my friends. "The library because it's quiet and calm." "At lunch, because you just get to be with all of your friends and you're not stressed out in class." amelia ANELLO (10) erin BOHNÉ (10) joey ELMAGHRABY (9) quan caroline KELLY (10) max. STRESS AUG.5 Philadelphia based show, Bandstand became American Bandstand with it's first nationally aired show on ABC. WHERE DO YOU RELAX AT SCHOOL? p photo by Keeleigh Jenkins JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS WORK TOGETHER TO PERFECT THEIR SIDELINE CHEERS AT BOTH GIRLS AND BOYS BASKETBALL GAMES
  2. 2. 20 By Bradley Wilson, PhD • @bradleywilson09 ©2018