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  1. 1. Love Your Liver & Live Longer Webinar by Dr Sandra Cabot
  2. 2. Your liver is • The major fat burning organ in your body • The largest & hardest-working internal organ in your body • The furnace & energy factory of your body • The mechanical filter & cleanser of your blood stream • The organ of longevity – take the letter “r” off the end of the word liver & live!
  3. 3. The liver filter magnified billions of times - is designed to remove unhealthy cells – dead cells, cancer cells & microorganisms, chemicals & drugs from the blood stream
  4. 4. Kupffer cells help to keep the liver filter clean. If the filter becomes damage or clogged, serious health problems can eventuate
  5. 5. Liver Detoxification • The liver converts fat-soluble chemicals & toxins into water-soluble substances; only then can they be excreted from the body via watery fluids such as bile, urine, sweat & saliva • Many of these fat soluble chemicals (eg. pesticides, insecticides, dyes, plastics, solvents etc) are carcinogenic • A healthy liver helps to reduce your risk of cancer
  6. 6. The Liver Checkup; do you have? • Roll of fat around the upper abdomen (the liver roll) • Abdominal bloating & congestion (pot belly) • Discomfort or pain over the liver (right upper abdomen) • Indigestion & intolerance of fatty foods • Fatty yellowish lumps in the skin (xanthelasma) • Fatigue • Reflux and/or heartburn • Hemorrhoids • Overheating of the body • Excessive sweating • Premature or rapid ageing of your skin
  7. 7. The Liver Checkup; do you have? • Multiple chemical sensitivities or food intolerances • Skin problems – itchy, hives, rashes, brown liver spots • Headaches, especially associated with nausea • Gall stones and/or gall bladder attacks • High levels of blood fats - cholesterol and/or triglycerides • Moodiness including depression & foggy brain • Red and/or itchy eyes or dark circles under eyes • Body odor or bad breath • Unexplained weight gain • Inability to lose weight • Allergies Or do you simply enjoy the good life too much?
  8. 8. Liver dysfunction often causes over load of the immune system Symptoms of immune system overload: • Allergies & chemical sensitivities • Increased inflammation • Swollen glands • Recurrent infections • Chronic fatigue syndrome • Fibromyalgia or polymyalgia • Autoimmune diseases • Skin diseases • Increased risk of many types of cancer
  9. 9. Liver function tests are even more important if: You have used recreational drugs/ shared needles You take long term medications, especially several drugs at one time, or a lot of pain killers You have a family history of liver disease You drink more than 2 alcoholic drinks everyday You have high levels of iron in your blood You have had tattoos or body piercing You have had a blood transfusion before 1987 You are diabetic You are very overweight You work with chemicals
  10. 10. Are you overloaded with toxins? In the 21st century environmental toxins have increased dramatically – these include: • Multiple drug therapy & antibiotics • Hormonal contraceptives, synthetic HRT & hormones in foods • Fast food & processed food • Over population of the planet leading to increased pollution • Micro-waved & irradiated foods • Plastics & dyes • Heavy metals in our food & water • Increased stress levels • Increased alcohol consumption • Smoking A healthy liver is your greatest protection against these things
  11. 11. Body Toxicity & Weight Toxins are stored in the fatty parts of the body such as the adipose tissue, cellulite, endocrine glands & liver Toxins overwork the liver & slow down the metabolism, which often leads to unwanted weight gain
  12. 12. What is a fatty liver? A fatty liver contains an excessive amount of fat Normal healthy liver tissue becomes replaced with unhealthy fats, so that less healthy liver tissue remains. • The fatty liver is often enlarged & swollen with fat, which gives it a yellow greasy appearance. • Fatty liver is a very serious epidemic - it can lead to obesity, diabetes, cirrhosis & liver failure. • Fatty liver produces symptoms which greatly reduce quality of life. • Fatty liver is the most common liver disease & the greatest cause of liver transplant. If detected in the early to medium stages, the condition of fatty liver responds very well to correct treatment & is reversible.
  13. 13. Fatty Liver can be reversed Fatty liver affects 1 in 4 Americans Fatty liver is most commonly caused by Syndrome X Healthy Liver Fatty Liver
  14. 14. Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Liver Cysts
  15. 15. End stage fatty liver disease • Mental confusion • Hemorrhaging • Tremor • Bruising • Muscle wasting • Jaundice – yellow discoloration Ascites – fluid in abdomen
  16. 16. Benefits of improving your liver function • Better fat metabolism – easier weight control • Reduction in blood fats (cholesterol & triglycerides) • Reduction in blood pressure • Reduction in headaches including migraines • Increased energy levels • Clearer skin with less brown liver spots & rashes • Clearer & less puffy eyes • Reduction in blood sugar levels • Better immune function • Reduction in allergies & chemical sensitivities • Less moodiness & a clearer mind • Improved digestion
  17. 17. Benefits of improving Liver Function in Men • Facilitates weight control • Can increase testosterone levels • Improved sexual performance • Improved sleeping patterns • Reduction in fatigue • Reduction in anger & irritability • Reduction in depression • Improved blood pressure control
  18. 18. Principles of a liver detox • Take a good liver tonic such as the Livatone range, to improve the liver’s ability to breakdown toxins • Increase intake of raw fruits & vegetables • Increase intake of water & raw vegetable juices • Eat foods high in the mineral sulphur, such as eggs, onion family, cruciferous vegetables
  19. 19. Detox Superfoods Include at least 6 of these foods per day: • Onions, garlic, leeks, shallots, spring onions, turmeric, ginger, chilli, capsicum, globe artichokes • Broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage, watercress, kale • Mustard greens, bok choy, & other Asian greens • Carrot, beetroot, celery, asparagus, all radishes • Bitter greens – chicory, endive, rocket, radicchio, dandelion • Seaweeds – nori, kombu, wakame, arame, dulse, kelp • Fruits especially rhubarb, citrus, blueberries, strawberries, apples • Super herbs – basil, coriander, parsley, mint, chives
  20. 20. Liver healthy beverages to drink! • Water • Dandelion coffee & tea • Black, White & Green tea • Other herbal teas such as nettle, fennel, burdock, rosehip or calendula tea • Raw vegetable juices • Homemade lemonade - use freshly squeezed lemons, limes, mineral water & stevia to taste.
  21. 21. Protein is good for the Liver Eggs – boiled, poached, omelette or scrambled Poultry – Organic is best Lean fresh meats – avoid delicatessen meats Seafood – fresh or canned, all kinds (avoid imported or smoked) Dairy products – fresh full-fat plain yogurt & cheeses which are unprocessed. Nuts, seeds & legumes – combined in one meal Whey protein powder - not sweetened with sugar such as Syndrome X Slimming Protein Powder
  22. 22. Good choices of healthy fats • Eggs • Oils such as cold pressed olive, coconut or seed oils • Nut & seed oils • Dairy –cheeses & plain yoghurt • Cold water fish such as salmon, tuna & sardines • Avocado • Fish oil supplements • Flaxseed supplements
  23. 23. Livatone Classic The Original Liver Tonic Active ingredients per Vegetarian Capsule Milk Thistle Extract 700mg Taurine 200mg Psyllium Husk Powder 100mg Dandelion root extract 86mg Globe artichoke powder 25mg Slippery Elm Bark Powder 12.5mg Nutritional herbal base 166mg (containing Lecithin 80mg, Barley leaf powder 39mg, Beetroot powder 15mg, Carrot powder 15mg, Peppermint leaf 2mg) 2 - 4 Capsules daily or 1- 2 teaspoons daily
  24. 24. Livatone Plus High potency herbal & nutritional formula, for liver detoxification & repair Active ingredients per 2 Vegetarian Capsule: Milk Thistle (Silybum Marianum)(seed)Silymarin 210mg 262.5mg Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 105mg Vitamin E 200iu Thiamine (B1) 11mg Riboflavin (B2) 11mg Nicotinamide (B3) 11mg Pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6) 11mg Folic Acid 240mcg Cyanocobalamin (B12) 60mcg Biotin 60mcg Calcium pantothenate (B5) 27.5mg Zinc 7mg Selenium 50mcg Livatone Plus Nutritive base 379mg Taurine, phosphatidyl choline from soya lecithin, broccoli powder, L - Cysteine, HCI, L-Glutamine , Glycine, Inositol, natural caretenoids, (Camelia sinensis (green tea) extract, L - glutathione) 2 - 4 Capsules daily or 1- 2 teaspoons daily
  25. 25. Healthy bowels Fibertone “The Gluten-free Superfood for Healthy Bowels” The natural fiber food that sweeps your colon clean. Fibertone contains: Ginger Powder, Slippery Elm Bark, Soy fiber, Flaxseed oil, Rice bran, Peppermint powder, Beetroot powder, Broccoli powder, Carob powder, Spinach powder, Tomato powder & Stevia
  26. 26. MSM Plus Vitamin C Powder “Organic sulphur & Vitamin C” Each 1 metric teaspoon (5g) contains: Vitamin C 500mg MSM 2000mg Natural Lemon Flavor Stevia extract Indications: • Organic sulphur is vital for efficient liver function • Promotes liver detoxification • Traditionally known as a cleanser of the blood & skin • Natural antibiotic properties • Promotes healthy skin & hair Dose: Take 1 tsp daily in water or juice (if sensitive start with 1/8 of a tsp)
  27. 27. The Liver Cleansing Diet book The Healthy Liver & Bowel book The Ultimate Detox book
  28. 28. Dr Thomas Eanelli M.D.