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US JC Program Managers Newsletter June


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US JC Program Managers Newsletter June

  1. 1. Vol. 1, Issue 5 June 19, 2011Who’s Your Next Ambassador?The Ambassador Honor Program was created by the U.S. Jaycees to recognize those members andalumni who have gone above and beyond to enhance and further the Jaycee movement. This is thehighest honor that can be bestowed upon an individual by the U.S. Jaycees and is a great way to honorthose who have continued to give back to our great organization. It’s very easy to recommendsomeone for an Ambassadorship – complete the nomination form and send it to the National ServiceCenter along with a check for $150. So, take a minute and think – who’s your next Ambassador?If you have questions or need additional information on the Ambassador Honor Program, pleasecontact Fay Poissant at or (313) 333-6444.I want to start by saying a big thank you to the Senate for sponsoring the picnic at National convention lastweek in Lisle, IL. It was great food and incredible company. We cannot thank you enough for giving us a veryenjoyable Friday evening and sharing that time with us.Newton also spoke at our National meeting letting you know that the Senate is here for you. They are workinghard to make sure we have information to contact local Senators in our area; Senators who can help us withrecruiting, mentoring and contact the right people to get what we need for our projects. We are workingtogether to get an updated directory with the best information. That will be coming out to you shortly. Pleaseuse this tool to work hand and hand with your Senate.Lastly remember as your August conferences are coming up to look around and honor those people who are orhave worked hard for the organization and deserve a Senatorship. The paperwork with the requirements areonline.Remember, we are two groups working together for one purpose the betterment of our communities. Pleasecontact me if you have questions about the Senate program and how to honor someone or you need info oncontacting your Senate for help. Chrystal Ramsay, Senator #68800, at or (352) 502-0535.
  2. 2. While they were able to reach millions of children, they still ran out of gifts long before they ran out of children in need. There are more than 14 million children living in poverty in this great nation. WithSUPPORT OUR TROOPS the state of the economy sluggish, and with the And Im proud to be an American, Marines so busy, they anticipate needing even where at least I know Im free. greater community support for their 2011 Christmas And I wont forget the men who died, campaign. who gave that right to me. ~Lee Greenwood Now is the time to start planning your projects; youI am challenging every chapter to conduct a Support do not have to wait until this fall to get started.Our Troops or Toys for Tots project by December You can start your own toy collection by distributing31st and turn in a CPG for the chance to win some boxes to local sites or run some fundraisingcash by January 10th, 2012. I will be looking over the projects and make a cash donation. Whatever yourCPG’s for the best CPG’s/Projects. The first place chapter decides remember that their children outwinner will receive $75, 2nd place will receive $50 there still waiting.and 3rd place will receive $25. I am looking for chapters to share their ideas onProject Ideas for the month of June: projects they have done in the past or are thinkingJUNE- Flag Day on June 14th of running. Please share on the Facebook page or e- Father’s Day on June 19th Set up a day to mail me. If you have any questions on anythingcreate Father’s Day cards please let me know. Juanita BeauchampWebsites to check out: USJC 2011 SOT/TOT Program or at russjuanitabeauchamp@yahoo.comCasualties’ website for Operation Enduring 320-968-8956 HomeFreedom: 320-761-1003 CellBlue Star Mothers: www.bluestarmothers.orgOperation MN As I sit here writing this article, I am also preparing to get ready to leave for NationalTOYS FOR TOTS Convention in Chicago, IL. Where I will get theIn 2010 the Marines fulfilled the Christmas holiday opportunity to network with many of you anddreams for 7.2 million of our nation’s neediest hopefully hear some great stories about thechildren. In 2010 they raised nearly three milliondollars through online contributions; more than in Relays that have already taken place across theany previous campaign. Thanks to generous nation. Please do not to forget to share yourindividuals they raised enough money to purchase Relay stories by email and send me somegifts for 300,000 additional children! While pictures as well, as I am preparing a specialoperating in 714 communities nationwide, they presentation of Jaycees across Americacontinued their Native American Program and relaying, so I need lots of pictures and stories.literacy services by providing several million Plus I plan to do a special tribute to some ofchildren’s books as gifts.
  3. 3. those who made a significant IMPACT in their nation have raised $103,000 and has hadlocal Relays in the next national magazine. Email over 800 participants within a 147 registeredstories and pictures to teams. THAT IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC NEWS! And I am really excited to see whatAlso as I sit here, I think of how much Mother happens in the next 2-3 months (the heat ofNature has been wreaking havoc on some of our relay season). If we can do that in just over 2states. Devastation has hit several southern months, can you imagine what we can do in thestates with tornados and then in the upper next couple of months? Will your chapter be inMidwest they are being inundated with flooding the top 10 for fundraising in 2011? So pleaseand it just makes my heart ache. But during pat yourselves on the back for a job well donethese difficult times we need to remember all so far and keep up the great work. As always ifthose who fight this devastating disease called I can be of any assistance to your chapter orCANCER. Everywhere we look, there is someone states in regards to American Cancer Society,we know who is either currently fighting for please feel free to contact me. Talk to youtheir life, or someone we may know that has more soon.lost their battle. So even if you alreadyparticipated in this year’s Relay in your localcommunity, our assistance is still needed. Weneed to make sure we are spreading awarenessfor early detection. There is always the optionto keep running fundraisers throughout theyear, or sit on a local ACS planning board eitherfor Relay or for one of the organizations othergreat projects they do throughout the year.We can still continue to make an impact evenafter your Relay is over.In closing, I wanted to give you an update ofinformation. As of today, Jaycees across theHello All!Chicago is just next week! How exciting! I can’t wait to share the first half of the year awards with you! Oh andwait until you see the new 10th degree pins! They are awesome! We will be giving away Passport to Leadershipawards after the keynote on Saturday. Also just a reminder that all Passport to Leadership items are due onthe 5th of the month for the previous month. This will help us to get the database updated each month and getyou out your certificates.If you have any questions please let me know! I can’t wait to see you all!Yours in Jaycees,Abby Hanson2011 P2L Program ManagerUS Jaycees
  4. 4. New Orleans, LAThank you to all that submitted your 1st quarter Quarterback/Captain, New Orleans Saintsevaluation. The mid-year evaluations are due July 31.Please email me your evaluations thus far. Also any Lucas Daniel Boyce, 32programs, CPGS or newsletters you may have for Orlando, FLthe required items on Blue Chip. Community Relations, Government Affairs, Orlando MagicPlease include your chapter name and state in thefile name. This is the best way I can match up your Gene A. Jacobus, 33Blue Chip process. If you have any questions please Mount Holly, NJemail I will be sending Major, United States Air Forceout the state lists to your state presidents so theycan verify all I have received. Lisa Miller, 37 Kalamazoo, MISome questions I had at convention in Chicago were Assistant Professor of Surgery, MSU/KCMShow to submit. Attach your files to an email andsend to my email address. The best format to send Luke Ravenstahl, 31is PDF as it is universal, but I can view most Pittsburgh, PAformats. I will let you know if there is a problem. Mayor, City of PittsburghThank you for working toward Blue Chip. Have a Amy C. Richison, 39great summer! Huntington, IN Chief Prosecuting Attorney, Huntington CountChamene Plum Prosecutor’s OfficeUSJC Blue Chip PM406-262-4099 Roxana Saberi, Fargo, ND Author, Inspirational Speaker, Human Rights Advocate Major Giuseppe Stavale, 40 JapanTOYA is just around the corner! It’s hard to Major/Provost Marshal, United States Marine Corpsbelieve it’s just over a month away. The honoreeshave been chosen and are so excited to be honored. Shane Victorino, 30I’m excited to announce the United States Jaycees Las Vegas, NVTen Outstanding Young Americans Class of 2011 Centerfielder, Philadelphia Phillies President/Founder, Shane Victorino FoundationJessica Bachus, 34Denver, CO Want to be close to the action? Want some of theFounder & President, Dolls for Daughters & Kenzi’s best seats in the house for the TOYA program?Kidz Reserved, premium seating is available for Saturday night’s TOYA banquet. Tables accommodate 10Drew Brees, 32 people and can be reserved for $200. If you are interested or have questions, please contact me.
  5. 5. Swimming requires knowing and being comfortableRemember, TOYA is a formal event. Tuxes for men at dealing with the tides, waves, temperatures, andare highly recommended. In order to make it more all aspects of the ocean. If your organization is notconvenient to rent a tux, we will be working with on the social web yet - it is not too late to DIVE inMens Wearhouse in the Lisle area. They have so and start SWIMMING!graciously offered to bring the tuxes to the hotelfor those who have rented one, and then will pick Please join our US Jaycee Fan Page on FaceBook at:them up Sunday! And they are offering a $40 on all rented tuxes! What a deal!! We are hamber and be sure to share with all of yourcurrently working out the final details of how you Friends. This page is here to share Jayceeshould go about ordering them through your local information and educate or members and potentialMens Wearhouse to have them delivered. All the members about our great organization!details should be coming to you very soon.As always, if you have any questions, please don’t Becky J. Williamshesitate to ask. 2011 US Jaycees Social Media Program Manager nvpbecky@yahoo.comThanks! 803-917-0633Laura E. Chesney-Gadd2011 TOYA Program National Training Director UpdateIn just a couple of years the Social Media world has Exciting news on the training front! The JCIgone from a swimming pool to an ocean. Are you and Courses being held prior to national convention inyour organization swimming, sinking, or just treading Chicago and during convention are now open forwater?? registration! You can register for JCI Presenter, Trainer, Designer, Networking or CSR on the JCIBecause there are so many opportunities to web site at Don’t wait until the lastcommunicate, market, and grow a business or minute, these courses all have a maximums fororganization on the social web, it is easy to feel attendees, so register early to reserve your spot!overwhelmed by the vastness of the social ocean. We also have some other great trainings at national convention! Some are professional development andJust showing up on a social network site does not others are Jaycee specific. There is something forlead to social networking success. Success comes everyone! Check out the 2011 Convention Brochurefrom a commitment to delivering outstanding on the US Jaycees web site by clicking here!service, communicating, implementing smartmarketing initiatives, and being transparent and We’ll continue this month with highlighting anotherauthentic. JCI course to increase awareness of the training available to your local, regional and stateThe tools of social media are NOT the message. organization. Please dont hesitate to contact me ifThey are the medium in which we can create a you are interested in bringing any of these trainingslistening platform, engage potential members, into your state. Most courses have a 6 persondeliver messages, and participate. minimum, so it is a good idea to gauge interest before setting up a course. This month we’re highlighting JCI Networking. It’s very timely since
  6. 6. this course will be offered in Chicago during JCI Trainer - Prior to National Conventionconvention and there is no additional cost to attend! June 7-8, 2011 8:00 a.m.Even more exciting is that our own Patrick Knight, Lisle, IllinoisJCI Training Director and International Training Certified JCI Head Trainer: Brian Kavanaugh, CNTFellow will be leading this interactive course! This is Assistant Trainer(s): TBDone course you don’t want to miss! Here is theofficial course description from JCIs web site: JCI Presenter - Prior to National Convention June 8, 2011 8:00 a.m.JCI Networking Lisle, IllinoisJCI Networking is the JCI course on turning your Certified JCI Head Trainer: Debbie Holbrook, CNTpersonal contacts into lasting, trusted and Assistant Trainer(s): TBDproductive connections and relationships. Thecourse covers the principles and dynamics of JCI Networking - During National Conventionnetworking, how to identify and use the June 10, 2011 1:30 p.m.opportunities when contacting people, what to do Lisle, Illinoisand say during any encounter with a potential Certified JCI Head Trainer: Patrick Knight, ITF 102connection, the follow up actions needed after Assistant Trainer(s): TBDmeeting the person to keep adding value to theconnection and how to use the participation in JCI JCI CSR - During National Conventionactivities to build a network of connections for the June 11, 2011 1:30 p.m.future. Lisle, Illinois Certified JCI Head Trainer: Brian Kavanaugh, CNTUpcoming JCI Training Events Assistant Trainer(s): TBDJCI PresenterMay 15, 2011 9:00 a.m. Register Online for coursesAshland, Nebraska If you are interested in taking any of these courses,Certified JCI Head Trainer: Brian Kavanaugh, CNT you must register online at If you do notAssistant Trainer(s): Jennifer Gracey, CNT have an account, you can register as a new user. AtCost: $25 this time we are working with the state presidents to get all local and state organizations loaded intoJCI Presenter the JCI database. Please contact me if you do notMay 21, 2011 9:00 a.m. see your local organization listed and you needCedar Rapids, Iowa assistance registering for a course.Certified JCI Head Trainer: TBDAssistant Trainer(s): Jennifer Gracey, CNT Interested in hosting a JCI training? If you are interested in hosting JCI training at yourJCI Presenter local, regional or state level, please contact me andMay 21, 2011 9:00 a.m. I can help with coordination and also answer anyInverness, Illinois questions you may have about the courses or how toCertified JCI Head Trainer: Anthony Colletti, CNT budget for training. Most courses are one day andAssistant Trainer(s): TBD range from 4-8 hours each. We have a number of Certified Local Trainers (CLT) and CertifiedJCI Designer - Prior to National Convention National Trainers (CNT) that can train theseJune 6-8, 2011 9:00 a.m. courses. It is appreciated if you can requestLisle, Illinois trainers at least 60 days in advance for travelCertified JCI Head Trainer: Suzette Plaisted, ITF planning purposes. A list of trainers and their085 courses is available at You can also makeAssistant Trainer(s): Hernando Gomez, IG requests for trainers or information through me at
  7. 7. IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR TRAINERS In Jaycee Spirit,AND LOCAL PRESIDENTS Jennifer Gracey, CNTJCI has made some changes to their system which National Training Directorhas resulted in some changes you may notice whenyou log into the web site. Members with JCIaccounts are now listed as active or inactive. JCI isnow requiring birth dates in order to be listed as an timers in the house????active member and also to register for courses or Yeah for First Timers!enter training hours. The local president for each Chicago is already next week, which means thatchapter needs to have an account in order to there will be great trainings, parties, celebrations,confirm officers, trainers and members for their and tons of fun! I am so excited I can barely containchapter in the JCI system. Unconfirmed trainers, myself! As a first timer you are going to have themembers and officers may not be able to enter opportunity to network with tons of people and meettraining hours, register for courses or perform other Jaycees that have never been to a convention.other actions on the site until their local chapter This is where I come in. J Our first timerspresident logs in to confirm their status. It is very program will start on Wednesday at 5pm in theimportant that all local chapter presidents create lobby of the hotel and run until 6pm. We will thenan account (if they do not currently have one) and get on the bus together to go to the welcome party.notify JCI that they are the local president. This If you are unable to make it at that time, pleasenotification should go to and they make sure to find me and I can get you the itemswill compare against the lists provided by the state you will need! Get ready to experience the best timepresidents. If you are registering for a new account of your Jaycee Career!and your local chapter is not listed, please contact I look forward to meeting you all!me at See you soon!By June 1, all trainers who are not listed as active Abby Hansonby their Local Presidents will be considered inactive 2011 First Timers PMin the JCI database and can no longer conduct JCI US JayceesOfficial Courses or apply for certification. If thetrainer has no date of birth or Local Organizationlisted in the database, he or she cannot beactivated by the Local President. Therefore it isimperative that all JCI Trainers update theirinformation (birth date) so Local Presidents can list Hello US Jaycees!them as active.You can check if your Local President is listed by At this time of the year the same thing alwaysaccessing and then go to MY JCI, underMY ORGANIZATION. On the left menu click on happens, we tend to stray from our goals we setLOCAL ORGANIZATIONS and then you can see if on January 1st. Obstacles tend to get in ouryour Local President is listed. If not, ensure he or path and control our minds. I hope these nextshe has their date of birth in the file and then few words will help you get back on your pathrequest your JCI National Organization add the and focus on your goals!Local President. After the Local President is added,he or she will have access to add the local JCI “A man, as a general rule, owes very little toBoard Members and trainers. what he is born with – a man is what he makesPlease do not hesitate to contact me if you need of himself.” Alexander Graham Bellassistance.
  8. 8. Who is your worst enemy? NEGATIVE everything that happens to you, you can turnEMOTIONS! They hold you down, tire you out confidently toward your goals and the affairsand take away all your joy in life. Negative of your life.emotions of all kinds have done more harm toindividuals and societies than all the plagues of Take control of your life! Refuse to whine andhistory. If you want to be truly happy and complain about events of the past. Instead ofsuccessful you must free yourself from laying blame to a situation be the person tonegative emotions. It is possible but you must offer a solution. Focus on the future of whatwant it and learn how! you want and where you are going. Above all, think about your goals. This alone will make youWhen you stop your negative emotions, positive positive and purposeful again!emotions of love, peace, joy and enthusiasm willcome into your life and change it for the better Yours in Jaycees!sometimes in a matter of minutes or evenseconds. Candace Hollis 2011 USJC Parade Program ManagerFirst, you must stop justifying negative 979-575-5218 Cellemotions. As long as you justify these emotions 979-822-7899 workthey will remain a part of your life and continue usjcparade@gmail.comto weigh you down. Take control of yournegative feelings and you will free your mindand you will become calm, clear and focused onyour goals. I wanted to share a note from President Noel regarding disaster relief efforts:You must rise above the opinions of others! I also wanted to take this opportunity to share aWhatever you have been elected or have chosen note with you; a note about something very beautifulto do this year you did it because you believed that I witnessed in Chicago last yourself. Don’t ever let what other peoplesay to you, how they talk to you or about you We had a knock-down-drag-out-barn-burner of adetermine who you are. Be confident in your Board of Directors meeting. Big topics were beingabilities and stay strong. discussed, like moving our National Service Center from Tulsa to St. Louis, considering charters from chapters with fewer than 20 members as provisionalControl your emotions. In order to keep your chapters, etc.mind positive, refuse to criticize, complainabout, or condemn other people for anything. It was heated. It went HOURS longer than theEvery time you criticize others you trigger meeting was supposed to. It carried over to thefeelings of negativity and anger within yourself next day and impacted that days schedule by hours.and you are the one who suffers. Being angry People were passionate!with someone allows his or her to control youremotions. Remember, when emotions take over, Everyone not on the Board (80% in attendance) wasthe brain gets left behind! left waiting for our "Annual Business Meeting" to begin. FOR roughly 2 hours.Once you decide to accept complete Important business or not-- the attendees wereresponsibility for yourself, your situation, and understandably upset for having to wait.
  9. 9. that was 2 hours behind (at least) another 75The mood in the room was pretty tense when the minutes, so the HUNDREDS of people in attendancemeeting kicked off. Things went fairly standard, but would all have a chance to go to the microphone andwith a gruff /unfriendly feeling hovering about. tell of their donation they were making that day.Then President Stephen from Missouri stood and In 75 minutes, that room of previously ticked-offtold us about what he had witnessed in the Jaycees raised, from their own pockets and theiraftermath of the Joplin tornadoes. It was own chapters, roughly $23,000 for the people ofunfiltered, open, and effective and devastating. Joplin! Not to mention a couple semi trucks of supplies were pledged and hours of manpower.He talked about 2 floors of a hospital (the newbornnursery) being totally removed and destroyed.He It was a BEAUTIFUL thing!talked about a great many horrors of humanity thatseemed hard to understand as a person of faith. It reminded me what we as leaders of chapters can do for people that needs help.And it reminded me ofPeople in the crowd started passing around a few another lesson that helps me deal with "hard tobaskets for donations. Someone at the microphone understand" situations/tragedies.said- I see the baskets being passed for Joplin.Thank you for doing that! As an NVP last year, in Connecticut, I was taken to the Mother Teresa museum (part of the Knights ofA couple people said "The Seattle Jaycees want to Columbus Museum) in Hartford. Mother Teresa useddonate $X dollars, or the "So and So Jaycees want to go to the crippled and suffering people ofto donate $Y dollars."And more and more people Calcutta (and the world) and tell them "I will givestood and donated... you all the love I can give. I will teach you about my God and I will comfort you all your days... but I askNVP Elect Laura Chesney Gadd stood at the mic and of you: will you willingly pledge your suffering tosaid "I was the 83rd (example number) President help people to move closer to the Lord?"from Minnesota, so I am going to donate $83 toJoplin and I challenge the other Presidents in the It is such a horror what happened in Missouri, butroom to donate their Presidents number to the that tragedy is opening up millions of people tocause." appreciate the gift of life... and helping them to tap into their own humanity and compassion for others.So people kept coming to the microphone and saying AND BECAUSE we are JAYCEES, we are in a"Im President 55." Or "Im not a President, but Id GREAT place to RAPIDLY make a difference tolike to give..." Charleston President Tiffany told me- people in need."Charleston wants to donate some money", and sheheaded to the microphone. And under that painful/costly prism, the tragedy serves a purpose of restoring some order to theI knew an estimate of what our attendees had survivors (and many other peoples) lives.already put in the basket being passed, so I thoughtI would mention that we support for the cause, too. Your chapter may sometimes feel like 6 or 7 people,Then reps from CWC and Newberry (HAB) and and another 10 or 12 names on a page-but it is anColumbia (Brett) started talking about the money OUTPOST for good that is cut into your town like athey had already put in, or were going to put in, and stronghold.before you knew it, we had contributed about $400from our South Carolina delegation. As a leader, you are charged with making the most of that outpost, while you can.Accept thatWell, before it was over, we had paused our meeting opportunity as the gift it is. Be courageous with the
  10. 10. way you show your true character and with the Becky Williams – Social Media –projects you use to bring your chapter to life. nvpbecky@yahoo.comYou are SPECIAL PEOPLE, and you have the tools todo very special things.And as the quote goes- "Be bold and great forceswill come to your aid".Be courageous and you will be amazed at thespectacularly gifted people that show up on yourdoor, begging to be Jaycees.There is a whole world/your town out there thatneeds you. It needs Jaycees!Lets Do This!All current Program Managers listed below:Abby Hanson – Passport toLeadership/Degrees/First Timers –USJCP2L@yahoo.comAmy Roeder – International Relations/UN/Nothingbut Nets – amy.roeder@cox.netAngela Collins – Relay for Life –jayceeang@hotmail.comCandace Hollis – Parade –USJayceeParade@gmail.comChamene Plum – Blue Chip –USJCBluechip2011@yahoo.comChris Hardee – Governmental Affairs –chris@ncjaycees.orgChrystal Ramsay – Foundation/Senate Liaison –jcidavp@yahoo.comFay Poissant – Ambassador/Alumni Relations –Fay_Poissant@hotmail.comJennifer Gracey – Training –usjayceetraining@gmail.comJuanita Beauchamp – Support Our Troops/ToysFor Tots – russjuanitabeauchamp@yahoo.comLaura Chesney Gadd – TOYA –Lauracu93@att.netRichard Lewis – Webmaster –webmaster@usjaycees.orgAdam Bonarek – NAC Chairman