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Epi Phys Kk 15 Oct 2009


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presentation to Irish EpiPhys Annual Meeting October 2009, Kilkenny

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Epi Phys Kk 15 Oct 2009

  1. 1. Hormonal Regulation of Epithelial Ion Transport and Proliferation Brian Harvey Department of Molecular Medicine Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Irish EpiPhys Meeting Kilkenny 2009
  2. 2. Projects Estrogen - regulation of epithelial ion transport Estrogen - COX & PLA2 signaling in breast cancer Estrogen - anti-proliferative protection in malignant mesothelioma Estrogen - KCNQ1 and Wnt signaling in colorectal cancer Estrogen – lung immune and ASL responses in Cystic Fibrosis ‘gender gap’ Aldosterone – renal ENaC sub-cellular trafficking Aldosterone – renal Cell Proliferation (polycystic kidney disease) Lipoxin A4 – lung Airway Surface Liquid, Ciliary Beat in CF & Asthma
  3. 3. Estrogen regulation of the KCNQ1 channel O’Mahony et al. Mol Endo 2009
  4. 4. Estrogen and Fluid Retention O’Mahony & Harvey J Physiol 2009
  5. 5. Aldosterone and the Epithelial Sodium Channel Kidney collecting duct Blood Ultra-filtrate Salt conservation H2O Hypertension ENaC U Na+ MR Aldosterone P SGK Nedd4,2
  6. 6. Activation of PKD by Aldosterone: A new paradigm of ENaC regulation Aldo P Aldo HSP84 Src MR HSP84 Aldo PKC PKC MR PKD Expression Trafficking ENaC Aldo MR SRE Stability SGK