Manifest of BJP for 2014 General Elections


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Manifest of BJP for 2014 General Elections

  1. 1. Manifesto 2014 - Highlights NNNDDDOOOCCC
  2. 2. OUR PLEDGE - Ek Bharat - Shrestha Bharat - - Vibrant and Participatory Democracy - - Empowered and Inspired People - - Inclusive and Sustainable Development - - Quality life in Villages and Cities - - Basic Amenities to All - - Flourishing Agriculture - - Productive Youth - - Involved Women - - Robust physical and social Infrastructure - - Innovative and Technologically driven Society - - Globally competitive Economy - - Brand India built on Quality - - Strong, Effective and Futuristic Institutions - - Open, Transparent and Systems-based Government - - Pro-active, Pro-people Good Governance - The Best Foundation Our own Culture The Best Tool Our own hands The Best Material Our own aspirations To build a Modern India NNNDDDOOOCCC
  3. 3. ATTEND THE IMMINENT Price Rise  Break vicious cycle of high inflation and high interest rates  Special Courts to stop hoarding  Price Stabilisation Fund  Un-bundle FCI operations into procurement, storage and distribution  Real time data, to farmers  Single ‘National Agriculture Market’  Area specific crops and vegetables linked to food habits of people Employment and Entrepreneurship  Develop Labour-intensive manufacturing and Tourism  Strengthen agriculture and allied industries, and retail  Upgradation of infrastructure and housing, for its job generating potential  Multi-skilling programme  Entrepreneurship in both rural and urban areas  Employment Exchanges into Career Centres Decision and Policy Paralysis  The engine of Government will be ignited again  Will power and commitment to public interest  Encourage the bureaucracy to take right decisions Poor Delivery  Remove bottlenecks and missing links  Proper planning and execution for right outcomes  Scale and speed with futuristic vision  Build institutions for today and tomorrow Credibility Crisis Congress party lowered dignity of Government, & the dignity of India. This is driving recent adversities like the falling rupee and countries riding roughshod over us.  Restore the trust and credibility of the Union Government  Ensure chain of responsibility and accountability is built in the system Corruption  Technology enabled e- Governance  System-based, policy- driven governance  Rationalization and simplification of tax regime  Task force to recommend amendments to existing laws or enact new laws NNNDDDOOOCCC
  4. 4. STRENGTHEN THE FRAMEWORK - l  Team India shall not be limited to the PM but will also include CMs as equal partners  Fiscal autonomy of States while urging financial discipline  ‘Regional Councils of States’  State–specific developmental priorities of hill and desert states  Focus on economy of UTs. Promote tourism; develop infrastructure of coastal areas  Integrated development of island territories  Involve state Governments in the promotion of foreign trade and commerce  People’s Engagement: through Pro-active, Pro-people Good Governance,  People - Public - Private - Partnership (PPPP) model.  Empower Panchayati Raj Institutions 3 F’s - Team India Centre - State relations Decentralization and People’s Participation From Representative to Participatory democracy Functions Functionaries Funds NNNDDDOOOCCC
  5. 5. STRENGTHEN THE FRAMEWORK - ll Eastern India  Bring eastern parts of the country on par with the western parts  Harness richness in natural and human resources of Eastern India North - East  Empower the Ministry of North-Eastern Region with a larger charter and non-lapsable funds  Massive infrastructure development, especially along the LOC in Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim  Address the issue of Flood control in Assam  Nurture more job generating opportunities like tourism and IT industry  Address issue of infiltration in the North-East  Measures for the safety of North-Eastern students studying across the country Jammu and Kashmir:  Equal and rapid development in all three regions of the state - Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.  Return of Kashmiri Pandits with full dignity  Demand of refugees from (POK) will be addressed  Discuss Article 370 with all stakeholders; committed to its abrogation  Good governance, better infrastructure, educational opportunities, healthcare more job opportunities, better quality of life in the valley Seemandhra and Telangana:  Full justice to Seemandhra  Development and governance of Seemandhra and Telangana. Integrating the Nation – Its vastness and voices All voices must be encouraged and heard within the spirit of ‘India First’ NNNDDDOOOCCC
  6. 6. Open Government and accountable Administration  Administrative reforms under an appropriate body under PMO  Set up effective Lokpal institution  Eliminate obsolete laws, regulations and administrative structures E-Governance: Easy, Efficient and Effective  Deployment of broadband in every village  e-Governance and engage through social media for participative governance  IT based jobs in rural and semi-urban areas  ‘National Rural Internet and Technology Mission’, for use of telemedicine and mobile healthcare for rural healthcare delivery  ‘E Gram, Vishwa Gram’ scheme in Gujarat to be implemented nationwide  Promote eBhasha - National Mission for the promotion of IT in Indian Languages  High-speed digital highways to unite the nation REFORM THE SYSTEM - l Hallmarks of our Governance model Policy driven Minimum Government, Maximum Governance People – centric Time bound delivery NNNDDDOOOCCC
  7. 7. REFORM THE SYSTEM - ll Institutional reform Administrative:  Rationalization and convergence among the Ministries  Open up government to draw expertise from the industry, academia and society  Fellowship and Internship for youth for contribution in governance Judicial:  Double number of courts and judges in the sub-ordinate judiciary  National Judicial Commission for the appointment of judges  Separate fast track class of courts for specified commercial laws  Extend fast track courts to all layers of the judiciary  Reduce number of cases in which the Government is a litigant  National e-Library, empowering Lawyers  Enhance number of women in the Bar as well as Bench  Specialized universities having expertise in Forensics, Arbitration, IPR, International Law, etc. Police:  Networking of police stations  Strengthen Investigations, making them Swift, Transparent, Fair, Clear and Decisive  Overhaul intelligence set up  Modernize Prison system  Improve working conditions and welfare of police personnel Electoral:  Evolve a method of holding Assembly and Lok Sabha elections simultaneously  Look at revising expenditure limits realistically NNNDDDOOOCCC
  8. 8. WIDEN THE PLATFORM - l Poor are Left behind – Bridge the gap  100 most backward districts of the country to be brought at par with other districts  Gainfully employ rural poor in agriculture and allied activities  Develop skills of urban so that they take advantage of the emerging opportunities Food Security:  Incorporate best practices of successful PDS models and revise the existing PDS  Address the issue of under-nutrition and malnutrition  Radically transform the Food Corporation of India (FCI) Scs, STs, OBCs and Other weaker sections Social Justice and Empowerment  An ecosystem for education and entrepreneurship for SC, ST, OBCs and other weaker sections  Eradication of untouchability at all levels  Eliminate manual scavenging Tribal development  ‘Van Bandhu Kalyan Yojna’  Electrification of tribal hamlets and provision of all – weather roads  Network of rural Haats (markets)  National Centre for Tribal Research and Culture Empower each and every Indian through health and education. Basic level of Infrastructure to all - Home, Electricity, Water, Sanitation Job creation central to our economic model. NNNDDDOOOCCC
  9. 9. WIDEN THE PLATFORM - ll Minorities – Equal opportunity Unfortunate that a large section of the minority, and especially Muslim community, continues to be stymied in poverty.  Ensure that the young and the girl child in particular get education and jobs without discrimination  National Madrasa modernization programme  Branding, market linkages, access to credit to traditional artisans in cottage and small-scale industry  Curate rich heritage and culture; digitization of archives; preservation and promotion of Urdu Neo-Middle class – Meet their aspirations  Educational scholarships and educational facilities  Medical insurance and quality healthcare services  Middle-income housing  Efficient public transport systems Rural areas – High priority  Idea of Rurban - urban amenities to rural areas while retaining the soul of the village  Improve village level infrastructure in terms of roads, potable water, education, health, supply chain, electricity, broadband Urban areas–High growth centres  100 new cities  Twin cities and Satellite towns  Wi-Fi facilities in all public places and commercial centers NNNDDDOOOCCC
  10. 10. LEAP FORWARD - l NNNDDDOOOCCC Give the taste of a developed country to this very generation Social Security A caring Government; Passionate society  Effective implementation of Right to Education, Right to Food Security Act  Strengthen the Child and Adolescent Labour Act, 2012 ICPS  Focused efforts to address issue of anaemia  Reduce the burden of books on children Senior citizens  Financial support, exploring ideas like additional tax benefits  Engage the senior citizens as volunteers Specially abled  Enact the ‘Rights of the Persons with Disabilities bill’ (RPWD)  Web based disability registration  Higher tax relief for the family member taking care of the disabled. Youth – Making India Unstoppable  Young Leaders programme  National Youth Advisory Council  Nation-wide ‘district level incubation and accelerator programme’  Neighborhood Children’s/ Youth Parliament across India Promotion of Sports  ‘National Sports Talent Search System’  Mandate all new housing colonies to include sports facilities
  11. 11. LEAP FORWARD - ll NNNDDDOOOCCC Women – The Nation builders  33 % reservation in parliamentary and state assemblies  National campaign of Beti Bachao – Beti Padhao  Comprehensive scheme, incorporating best practices of Balika Samruddhi, Ladli Laxmi and Chiranjeevi Yojana  Dedicated Women ITIs  All Women Mobile Bank  Dedicated W-SME cluster in every district Education - Enroll and Excel  Public spending on education would be raised to 6% of the GDP School education  ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’: Remove illiteracy  Universalization of secondary school education  National E–Library Higher and Professional education  UGC will be restructured into a Higher Education Commission  Facilitate youth to Earn while they Learn Vocational training  Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)  Courses for self -employment, family run businesses, entrepreneurship etc. Free to women Skills – focusing on Productivity and Employability  Skill Mapping - scientifically plan national human resource  Launch a “National Multi-skill Mission”  Give vocational qualifications of Academic Equivalence
  12. 12. LEAP FORWARD - lll NNNDDDOOOCCC Health Services “Swachh Bharat” by Gandhi ji’s 150th birth anniversary in 2019  ‘National Health Assurance Mission’  AIIMS like institute in every state  Public investment to promote Yoga and AYUSH  “National eHealth Authority”  Universalization of emergency medical services-108  Sanitation Ratings of cities and towns; rewarding the best performers Economic Revival  Fiscal discipline, without compromising on funds availability for development work  Link programmes like MGNREGA to asset creation NPAs  Necessary steps to reduce NPAs in Banking sector  Regulatory framework for the non-banking financial companies Taxation  Trusting, non adversarial and conducive tax environment  Rationalize and simplify the tax regime  Bring on board all State governments in adopting GST Foreign Direct Investment  Barring the multi-brand retail sector, FDI will be allowed in sectors wherever needed for job and asset creation  FIPBs functioning made more efficient and investor-friendly
  13. 13. LEAP FORWARD - IV NNNDDDOOOCCC Agriculture - Productive, Scientific and Rewarding  Ensure minimum 50% profits over the cost of production,.  Mobile soil testing labs  ‘Agro food processing clusters’  ‘Organic Farming and Fertilizer Corporation of India’  Farm insurance scheme  Cluster based storage systems (e.g. Rice cluster)  Reform the APMC act  Seed culture labs in each district  Regional Kisan TV channels  Genetically Modified (GM) foods will not be allowed without full scientific evaluation ‘National Land Use Policy’, - scientific acquisition of non-cultivable land; implementation would be monitored by the National Land Use Authority Industry - Modern, Competitive and Caring  Conducive, enabling environment is created making ‘doing business’ in India easy  Ensure logistics infrastructure, including stable power  Single-window system of clearances both at the centre and also at the State level  World class Investment and Industrial regions as Global Hubs of Manufacturing  Task force to review and revive MSME sector; better access to formal credit and technology for modernization
  14. 14. LEAP FORWARD - V NNNDDDOOOCCC Manufacturing  Interest rate rationalization  Ensure power supply and undertake labour reforms  Trade facilitation to ensure easier customs clearances and visas for business travel Handicrafts  Market linkages - both national and international  Access to credit and information and skills upgradation  Value addition – branding, packaging and technology Services - driven by Quality and Efficiency  Build world class Ports  Export Promotion Mission  CAD will be brought down  Embark on path of IPRs and Patents  Review obsolete and multiple laws to reduce and simplify them Tourism – untapped potential  50 tourist circuits around themes: Archaeological and Heritage, Cultural and Spiritual, Himalayan, Desert, Coastal, Medical Physical Infrastructure - Better than the best  Freight Corridors and attendant Industrial Corridors expedited  N-E and J&K connected through world class highways and rail  Every village connected through all-weather roads  Economic model of Port-led development  Sagar Mala project
  15. 15. LEAP FORWARD - Vl NNNDDDOOOCCC Next Generation Infrastructure  Gas Grids to make gas available to households and industry  National Optical-Fibre Network  Wi-Fi zones in public areas Transport  Integrated Public transport project  Waterways for passenger and cargo transport  National logistics network for faster movement of goods Railway  Strategic new Rail networks to connect Hinterland to ports  Agri Rail network  Tourist Rail including Pilgrimage Rail  Diamond Quadrilateral project – Bullet train network Labour force - the pillar of our growth  Introduce concept of ‘Industry Family’  Identity cards to the unorganized sector labourers  Option of setting up a dedicated Workers Bank  Review Labour laws which are outdated & complicated  Pension and Health Insurance safety nets Housing - no longer a Mirage  75th year of Independence - Pacca house to every family  Low cost Housing programme
  16. 16. LEAP FORWARD - Vll NNNDDDOOOCCC Water - Reach to all homes, farms and factories  ‘Pradhan Mantri Gram Sinchayee Yojana’ with a motto of ‘har khet ko paani  Inter-linking of rivers based on feasibility  Facilitate piped water to all households Energy - Generate more, Use rationally, Waste less  Comprehensive ‘National Energy Policy’  Harness oil, gas, hydel, ocean, wind, coal and nuclear  Small-hydro power generation projects  Expand and strengthen the national solar mission Science and technology – India innovates and India leads  Establish an Intellectual Property Rights Regime  Autonomous technology transfer organizations  Institute of Big data and Analytics  Institutes of Technology for Rural Development Flora, Fauna and Environment – safeguarding our Tomorrow  Concept of Pro-active ‘Carbon Credit’  Guidelines for Green buildings will be brought out The Himalayas  ‘National Mission on Himalayas’  Create a ‘Himalayan Sustainability Fund’  Central University dedicated to the Himalayan Technology LEAP FORWARD - Vll NNNDDDOOOCCC
  17. 17. LEAP FORWARD - Vlll NNNDDDOOOCCC Natural & National Resources  National policies on critical natural resources  Auction of precious resources including e-auction Secure Indians Zero tolerance on terrorism, extremism and crime Military security; economic security; cyber security; energy, food, water & health security; social cohesion and harmony. Internal security  Revive the anti-terror mechanism, strengthen NIA  Swift and fair trial of terror related cases  National plan to address Maoists insurgency External Security- its boundary, beauty and bounty  Implement one rank, one pension  Build a War Memorial  Set up the National Maritime Authority  Deal with cross border terrorism with a firm hand  Four dedicated defence universities Defence Production  Strengthen the DRDO  Private sector participation; FDI in selected defence industries Independent Strategic Nuclear Programme  Revise and update India’s nuclear doctrine  Maintain a credible minimum deterrent
  18. 18. LEAP FORWARD - lX NNNDDDOOOCCC Foreign Relations Nation First, Universal Brotherhood  Strengthen Regional forums like SAARC and ASEAN  Continue to engage with BRICS, G20. IBSA, SEO and ASEM  States will be encouraged to play a greater role in diplomacy  Expand and empower pool of diplomats  Indian professionals is working in key positions across the world will be harnessed for strengthening Brand India Cultural heritage Ram Mandir: Explore all possibilities within the framework of the constitution to facilitate the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Ganga  Pure waters of Ganga essential for the spiritual as well as physical well being of India  Ensure cleanliness, purity and uninterrupted flow of Ganga Cow and its Progeny  Necessary legal framework to protect cow and its progeny.  National Cattle Development board Heritage Sites  Digitization of archives Languages  Promote Indian languages for creating a knowledge society Uniform Civil Code  Draft a Uniform Civil Code to ensure gender equality
  19. 19. The only philosophy & religion of a Government should be INDIA FIRST The of a Government should beonly epic INDIA’S CONSTITUTION The of a Government should beonly power THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE The of a Government should beonly prayer THE WELFARE OF ITS PEOPLE The of a Government should beonly way ‘SABKA SAATH, SABKA VIKAS’ NNNDDDOOOCCC Talent TraditionTourism TechnologyTrade B r a n d 55 India First simply means nurturing and protecting all the elements, which India is made of. It does not exclude anyone or anything – it only includes everything and everyone, which India is made of. It is complete India; without exclusion, without exception“ “
  20. 20. Time to make a difference. Printedby:BJPCentralOffice,11-AshokaRoad,NewDelhi110001 www.bjp.orgBJP4India @BJP4India NNNDDDOOOCCC