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An in-progress concept to stimulate growth of public services, fueled by new government infrastructure.

Infrastructure yields employment & improved communications.
- In general, emerging technologies & infrastructure (horizontals) spur innovation of new services, fueling growth & employment.
- In Web 2.0 mash-ups, niche services (verticals) use existing infrastructure and experts’ content to create valuable user experiences.

Norway has a unique potential for democratic innovation. The combination of a social democracy and an enterprise search center (FAST) is only found here. Since search is a key enabler for online services, Norway’s government can facilitate a new infrastructure on which innovation of specialized services can take place.

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Public infrastructure powered by search

  1. 1. CO2 conservation If you have to print this presentation: • Most printers support 2 sided printing. (Win: Print  Properties  Finishing) • This presentation has good readability with 2 slides per page. (Win: Print  Print what  Handout). Public innovation through infrastructure powered by search An in-progress concept to stimulate growth of public services, fueled by new government infrastructure Purpose: Framework for strategic business development Intended audience: Team members in ongoing & potential projects Bjørn Tennøe Senior consultant search UX Microsoft Enterprise Search – Global Services
  2. 2. Summary: Unique potential for public innovation in Norway • Together, public agencies and FAST should study the potential of innovation in a national infrastructure powered by search. Theory: Infrastructure yields employment New public New private & improved communications • In general, emerging technologies & infrastructure (horizontals) spur innovation of new services, fuelling growth & employment. • In Web 2.0 mash-ups, niche services (verticals) use existing infrastructure and experts’ content to create valuable user experiences. Public & private Application: New national service infrastructure • Norway has the potential to create a unique infrastructure that generates new public services. • The uniqueness in Norway is due to the fact that this is the only place where we find both: • A well performing social democracy. • A global centre on enterprise search.
  3. 3. Norway’s unique potential: Democracy & Search Speaker’s notes Let’s glance quickly at the potential Web 2.0 and search offers for Norway’s public services.
  4. 4. Speaker’s notes Web 2.0 enabling new public services During the US 2009 presidential election, 26% of all voters were contacted in person The growth of e-democracy by Barack Obama’s campaign team. The distributed effort depended on online collaboration & communication tools. In contrast, only 3% of Swedish voters were contacted by Socialdemokraterna in the 2006 election. Since the party regard themselves as a “people’s movement” they are actively looking into how this situation can be remedied, and are launching multiple online initiatives in 2009. 4
  5. 5. US & EU strategy: New infrastructure creates employment & growth “The state of the economy calls for action, Opportunity: Opportunity: bold and swift, and we will act—not only to Stimulate private Growth & create new jobs but to lay a new sector & improve Business incubation foundation for growth. public communication [We will] invest in transportation, environmental protection, and other infrastructures that will provide long-term Horizontals Verticals economic benefits” – Barack Obama, Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 “Accelerate employment and productivity growth via: The Knowledge Society – Promote information and communication technologies. The Internal Market – Urgent action to create a single market for services. Content Users The Business Climate – Reduce the administrative burden; improve the quality of legislation; facilitate the rapid start-up of new enterprises and create an environment more supportive to businesses. The Labour Market – Develop lifelong learning strategies. Opportunity: Environmental Sustainability – Spread eco-innovations; Employment & pursue policies for long-term and sustained improvements in productivity through eco-efficiency.“ better services – EU’s Lisbon Strategy, February 2005 5
  6. 6. Public content providers must cooperate for financial, technical & editorial resources We don’t have the resources to develop and maintain sophisticated web services. Attendee, Polytechnic Society public services seminar, March 2009 Horizontals Verticals Does everybody have to run a social network? Attendee, DOGA public services seminar, March 2009 Opportunity: Content Users Legally binding documents must be Efficient use formulated in judicial language. We of resources need a UGC alternative for laypeople. Sintef report to FAD, November 2008 6
  7. 7. Innovation theory New technology drives innovation of new services  Horizontal: Speaker’s notes infrastructure New infrastructure, including hardware and software providers innovations, augments existing infrastructure. New opportunities emerge for specialized services. With Web 2.0, infrastructure and specialized providers benefit from each other as they build on each other’s strengths.  New  Vertical:  Existing Specialised service providers 7
  8. 8. Virtuous circle for mashups powered by search Example scenario: Oakland Crimespotting Microsoft Horizontal’s benefit: Vertical’s benefit: Virtual Earth Ad revenue & other Contributing monetization strategies Citizenship Speaker’s notes 1. When online maps were introduced, they represented a new infrastructure/ horizontal. Speaker’s notes Horizontals Verticals 2. This enabled third parties, So called eGovGeeks create services including NGOs, to become service not to make money, but to be providers or verticals. In this responsible citizens. An example is example, the vertical does not Oakland Crimespotting, that exposes produce neither content nor statistics from local law enforcement infrastructure, but merely offers a through the MS Virtual Earth new user experience. This is infrastructure. common for Web 2.0 mash-ups. 3. Users are able to access content in new ways. 4. Content owners can be passive Content Users benefactors, and often see traffic is driven back to them. Content provider’s User’s benefit: benefit: Access, Publication, understanding & feedback contribution
  9. 9. Youngstorget: Where democracy meets search You! Norway’s unique potential Well functioning social democracy + Global centre on enterprise search = New portal for access to public information New, independently created Speaker’s notes user experiences thriving on new infrastructure Norway has a unique potential for democratic innovation. The combination of a social democracy and an enterprise search center (FAST) is only found here. Since search is a key enabler for online services, Norway’s government can facilitate a new infrastructure on which innovation of specialized services can take place. 9
  10. 10. Example: Public transportation – before & after search federation Open APIs Horizontals Verticals Horizontals Verticals Before After Content Users Content Users ”We don’t support Google Transit because it’s proprietary”
  11. 11. Web 2.0, public services & search Virtuous circle for government mashups Horizontal’s benefit: Vertical’s benefit: Private & public Meet government Monetization, mandate participation Horizontals Verticals Speaker’s notes As a conceptual exercise, consider how public services can make their data accessible online. E.g. for the county of Oslo, endless opportunities exist for data to be refined, for instance by NRK beta. Such efforts can be enabled by new government Content Users infrastructure, including search. Public, Content provider’s User’s benefit: private benefit: Access, & UGC Publication, understanding & feedback contribution
  12. 12. Search services & user interfaces 12
  13. 13. Goal: Easy Speaker’s notes Modern services powered by & actionable search can be very different from Google. The user Query suggestion experience can be tailored to Help the user specific needs. express her need User context Enable personalized 19:00 experiences Actionable results (first show) – Intentify quickly – Act easily Free Any $$$ Familiar Any Surprise Drill down 21:00 Las Vegas Restaurants Based on user’s Category Tips preferences Navigation presented as results 13
  14. 14. Legacy search performance Example: Web site of Norwegian public agency Statnett (2009) Various usability issues: For many public agencies, E.g. query removed from the current search Missing expansions: input field Spelling correction & performance is lacking geographical expansion when compared to enterprise-level search False positive: No occurence of search standards. term Unactionable result: Hard to deduce relevancy of result Missing content: Missing content E.g. no PDFs in recall False drilldown: Yields 0 results 14
  15. 15. Erroneous hit from False positive: public search portal Menu items erro- neously interpreted as document content Due to the way public by external search search engines look for information, the quality they deliver is not optimal. 15
  16. 16. Enterprise performance 1/2 powerline balsfjord Search • Enterprise search engines | Other public agencies | The Web enable numerous opportunities for easy and Results 1 - 10 of 16 from for balsfjord Query enrichment: Add actionable access to critical Including Mestervik (place) in search for Balsfjord (county) – don’t include synonyms, stems, Balsfjord in Troms + Enlarge information. spelling suggestions etc. Interim Report 04/2008 • … a new 420 kV power line between Balsfjord and Hammerfest in Northern Norway. Scope search: Promote • … a new 420 kV power line between Ofoten and Balsfjord. results where terms • The announced 420 kV power line between Ofoten and have close proximity. Balsfjord will also enable regional lines to be dismantled.…Kvartalsrapporter 2008/Statnett_Q4_2008_English.pdf Duplicate removal: Show 6 similar results, including: Group similar • Interim Report 03/2008 Filter the results documents • Interim Report 02/2008 • Interim Report 01/2008 Theme Environment – 5 New demand for grid Development – 4 Cable – 4 • When considering the quality of local environment Deep navigators: Show and landscape, new power lines should be avoided. Geography • …it is a question of supplying the petroleum sector relevancy of filters Troms – 7 with renewable power in the years to come (link to Target group Balsfjord-Hammerfest)… Everyone – 5 Politician – 4 Landowner – 1 Annual Report 2007 • …a new 420 kV power line between Balsfjord in the county of Troms and Hammerfest in the county of Finnmark. Related topics • A new power line between Balsfjord and Hammerfest, if Reindeer husbandry Related searches built, will provide greater capacity in the power grid and a Wind power Troms more reliable electricity supply.. document set in Snøhvit Phase 2…Statnett/Finans/Årsrapporter/Statnett_2007_engelsk.pdf 16 4. Quarterly Accounts 2007
  17. 17. Enterprise performance 2/2 powerline balsfjord Search • Search can be extensively | Other public agencies | The Web tailored to suit user and business needs. Results 1 - 10 of 16 from for balsfjord Balsfjord in Troms + Enlarge Ofoten – Balsfjord power line: Community meetings C Place Day Time Featured content: Rådhuset, Narvik torsdag 5. mars 1900 Editorial control for Fjellkysten hotell, Lavangen mandag 9. mars 1900 key topics Kommunehuset, Bardu tirsdag 10. mars 1900 Kommunehuset, Målselv onsdag 11. mars 1900 B Rådhuset, Balsfjord torsdag 12. mars 1900 Actionable results: Rich map view A Power lines in Balsfjord – see all 16 including: • Balsfjord – Hammerfest B - C 420 kV 360 km Planned (2016) Actionable results: • Ofoten – Balsfjord A - B 420 kV 150 km Planned (2014) Specialthe results Filter results for • Tverråsen – Mestervik - B 132 kV N/A Planned (date N/A) key entities Document types Power lines – 16 Maps – 54 Maps for balsfjord powerline – see all 54 including: License applications – 16 Impact studies – 14 Briefs – 13 Theme Richer navigators: Environment – 5 Include own Development – 4 business concepts Cable – 4 Geography Ofoten – Balsfjord balsfjord-kraftlinjekart Balsfjord – Hammerfest User rating: Troms – 7 User rating:  User rating:  User rating:  Community enriched Target group relevancy – 5 Everyone Politician – 4 17 Interim Report 04/2008
  18. 18. Intranet searches Welcome Tricia!  | Site actions  | Help All People Content Search vacation calendar Search People Results for vacation calendar – Showing first 6 of 470 Chris ’Capo’ Capossela Dina Dublon Maria Martinez  NIBR office Manager  Pharma Corp. Finance  NIBR office Manager  +1-555-34556  +41 564 73897  +1-555-34556  pmuller  petram  pmuller Charles Noski Gurdeep Pall Add a person  Pharma Sales Exec  Pharma Sales Exec to these results  +44 555 67686  +44 555 67686  Add Add myself  petem  petem Learn more Content Results for vacation calendar – Showing 1-10 of 1,500 Actions & insights Vacation Calendar – Global Services Oslo Collaborative result By  Nina Trettenes, modified 2 weeks ago  (42) Days left: Bjørn O: 13, Bjørn T: 6, Fredrik: 10, Harald: 5, Oscar: 2, Prasanna: 12, Bookmarked 25 times Nina: 5, Stein: 5, Vendela: 6 Edit this result Add resource – See 8 hidden links – Edit this result Top users: Charles Noski, Maria Martinez 18
  19. 19. Extranet/ ecosystem search powerline balsfjord Search • Extranets powered by Open – Contribute key enterprise search offers | Other public agencies | The Web | Extranet data to trusted partners four distinct advantages: with search APIs Ofoten – Balsfjord power line: Contact persons 1. Open: Allow trusted partners to intergrate your search, giving access to deep, structured data, in external applications. Inform – Allow extra insight to trusted 2. Inform: Availability of key partners internal data to trusted, Public affairs Project owner System architect external stakeholders. Grethe Høiland Kirsten Faugstad Bjørn Solberg + 47 480 11 295 3. Collect: Availability of external data on own powerline balsfjord search portal. From the Norwegian Parliament – see all 18 documents including: Collect – Provide 4. Collaborate: Allow Skriftlig spørsmål fra Øyvind Korsberg (FrP) external content by 23.06.08, besvart 03.07.08 av Terje Riis-Johansen employees & partners to using search federation • Dette arbeidet er blant annet bakgrunn for contribute to the search planleggingen av nye 420 kV kraftledninger fra result, wiki style. Why? Ofoten til Balsfjord og videre til Hammerfest. • 80% of organizational User rating:  data is undocumented. • 30% of information Power lines & ecology Collaborate – Allow searched for is Community result by Gro Haram (SFT) and 3 more contributors – Edit result partners to highlight valuable information undocumented. Selected documents highlighting ecological issues for the following power lines: Ofoten - Balsfjord, • Distribute the editorial Balsfjord - Hammerfest, Varangerbotn - Skogfoss, task for On Demand Namsos - Roan, Roan - Trollheim, Nea - Järpströmmen, Ørskog - Fardal, Sima - fulfilment. Samnanger, Skåreheia - Holen, Netherlands cable, Skagerrak 4 19
  20. 20. Ecosystem example: Pan-organizational people finder People finder Balsfjord power line Search • Services such as LinkedIn All public agencies | Your agency | The Web provide great means of getting in touch with People results 1 – 30 of 225 View: Agencies & photos  | Sort by: Relevancy  | Alert me  people, but they don’t Statnett: Balsfjord power line - see all 18 people including have the data to locate people on a project basis. Add person to these results • E.g. on LinkedIn, only 1 Add myself result is available for the example search term Learn more + new (Q2 2009). Public affairs Project owner System architect Balsfjord in Troms + Enlarge • A people finder between Grethe Høiland + 47 480 111 92 Kirsten Faugstad Bjørn Solberg trusted partners, e.g. across public agencies, can SFT: Balsfjord power line - see all 18 people including become a great collaboration tool. • The service can rely on both structured and unstructured data as well as user generated content. Editor Project owner Senior writer Filter the results Gro Haram John Doe Jane Doe Profession + 47 480 111 92 Engineer – 5 Politician – 4 Stortinget: Balsfjord power line - 2 people found Researcher – 4 See all 5 professions 4 results for Balsfjord power line including: Related topics ”Dette arbeidet er blant annet bakgrunn for Reindeer husbandry planleggingen av nye 420 kV kraftledninger fra Wind power Troms Ofoten til Balsfjord og videre til Hammerfest.” Snøhvit Phase 2 20
  21. 21. Transparency & civil efforts Transparency Now! A Wired Manifesto – Set the data Empower all Create an free investors army of Horizontals Verticals Today, public companies and Once every company's data citizen-regulators financial institutions disclose carries identical tags, anyone By giving everyone access to their activities in endless can manipulate the numbers every piece of data—and documents stuffed with to compare performance. making it easy to crunch—we figures and stats. Instead, And they can see details of can crowdsource regulation, they should be forced to file every financial instrument— creating a self-correcting using universal tags that not just balance sheets and financial system and make the data easy to income statements. unlocking new ways of explore. Content Users measuring the market's health. “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants. Electric lights the most efficient policeman” – Louis Brandeis, US Supreme Court justice, Harper's Weekly, ca. 1930
  22. 22. More information Search User Experience and FAST’s UX consultancy
  23. 23. 1. Disambiguation Follow up seminar nokia Intuitive dialogs powered by search nokia phones nokia n73 nokia 5310 For teams that want to understand the potential of user experience in search nokia india The presentation focuses on three key concepts for the development search services: 2. Actionable results 1. Disambiguation – help the user go from vague to clear articulations 2. Actionable results – maximize the value of individual search results 3. Search management – understand where  Buy now  Buy now Sunshine cleaning Local Color to focus development resources 19:00 18:50 3. Search management 23
  24. 24. FAST’s UX consultancy • We help clients create great User Experiences • The value: 1. Increase service value & customer loyalty match business, user and technical requirements 2. Decrease process risk through visual specifications • Deliverables include: • Interaction design For entire services or specifically features powered by search • Scoping and requirements gathering workshops • Expert reviews • UX best practices 24
  25. 25. FAST search consultancy contact points Search User Experience • Bjørn Tennøe +47 480 111 92 Search Business Consulting (SBC) • Define objectives & direction • Jan Skjøy Business Integration Services (BIS) • Define the right solution • Stein Jacobsen 25
  26. 26. Bjørn Tennøe Senior consultant search UX / Microsoft Enterprise Search – Global Services Enterprise Search Mobile +47 48 01 11 92 © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. Microsoft makes no warranties, express, implied or statutory, as to the information in this presentation.