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Heroism Visual Flow Chart


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This document is a visual representation of my Project Based Learning unit on Heroism.

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Heroism Visual Flow Chart

  1. 1. Discovering the Hero !! ! Within - A PBL Unit After the completion of the novel To Kill A Mockingbird, students will begin the unit with a discussion of true heroism based on the characteristics of the main character Atticus Finch.Part 1 Two TED talks offer insight into good and evil in humanity. Chris Abani emphasizes the “small, seemingly insignificant acts of kindness,” that are heroic. Philip Zimbardo discusses how good people go wrong and that heroism is choosing to act when others do not. Heroism is in all of us. Wesley Autrey: An ordinary man who chose to be extraordinary. New York Times Article Interview with David Letterman
  2. 2. Part 2 Class Collaborative Investigation Research the following questions and compile ideas on a class Google document. What does it mean to be a hero? What are the characteristics of a hero? Driving Question: What inspires ordinary people to do heroic deeds? Heroic Images? Classification of types of heroes? Quotes about heroism? Videos about heroism? Famous heroes? Links to websites related to heroism?
  3. 3. Part 3 Individual Investigation Family & Friends Interviews Television News Newspaper ArchivesCourage to Come Back Award Find a living hero. Where else? Unsung Heroes Awards Websites dedicated to honoring living heroes Using the MyHero website platform, create a website dedicated to your chosen hero. The website includes a descriptive narrative on the life and heroic nature of the individual, along with original images, and links to external resources related to the individual or event. Include a description of What inspired this ordinary person to do an heroic deed? Draft and revise the written element based on peer feedback solicited on the secure online blogging platform Collaborize Classroom. Publish Website and present to class.
  4. 4. Part 4 Small Group Collaboration on Biographic Documentary Groups choose a hero from the class created MyHero websites. Students group according to who they are most interested in and based on possible limitations. Research, Gather Visuals. Conduct Interviews: Live, Phone, Internet (Skype?) Storyboard the documentary Shooting Write narration. Include description of What inspired this ordinary person to do an heroic deed? Compose and record soundtrack using Garage Band Assemble all elements using Final Cut Express Present to class. Submit to MyHero Film Festival Share all documentaries at local screening with invited school officials, parents, and hopefully some local heroes!
  5. 5. Part 5 Connecting to the Driving Question Driving Question: What inspires ordinary people to do heroic deeds? Re-examine original brainstorming document to discuss and reflect on itʼs elements including the introspective question: Do you have a hero within you?