Timeline and due dates


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Timeline and due dates

  1. 1. The Fabulous Final Project!<br />TIMELINE AND DUE DATES<br />**PUT THESE DATES RIGHT INTO YOUR PLANNER!!**<br />4/6, 4/7, 4/8:Mrs. Jansen, Mrs. Lynch and Mrs. Whitaker introduce individual research skills.<br />4/18:RESEARCH PAPER PROPOSAL DUE!<br />4/18-4/26:Note-taking in SS class and library time.<br />Friday 4/27:DATA CHARTS DUE!<br />4/27, 4/28, 4/29:Outline in SS class and library time. <br />Monday 5/2:OUTLINE DUE!<br />5/2-5/6:Write Research Paper in SS Class and library time.<br />Friday 5/6:PARENT READ ALOUD FORM DUE!<br />Monday 5/9:EDITED RESEARCH PAPER DUE!<br />5/9-5/13:Work on group Technology Presentation in SS class and library time. If not completed by 5/13, there is no more class time available, so any remaining work will be completed outside school.<br />5/16-5/19:Technology Presentations in SS class.<br />