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6th noodle tools


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6th noodle tools

  1. 1. 1054100647700013335010795000Guidelines for using NoodleTools with sources from the free Web & the library’s online databases<br />-1200150347980<br />Use NoodleTools for your bibliography and note cards once you decide on a topic and get it approved.<br />Login to NoodleTools using the login and password you were given by Ms. Lynch in class (reminder below)<br />095885<br />Create a bibliography using NoodleTools<br />Click on the link for the history paper project if it does not open, then click the Bibliography:<br />0-254000<br />Then…<br />Citing from Wikipedia, etc.)<br />Online encyclopedias:<br />Other websites (if you get them approved):<br />Citing from the library’s online databases<br />Find a good article using the school’s premium databases (see below for databases that are best to use and how to login at home)<br />041719500Click 1, 2, 3 to create a citation for online database:<br />-31750-28321000<br />You will need to look at the article you chose to see if it is a reference (encyclopedia), magazine, book, etc.<br />-327660053848000<br />Create the citation by filling in the boxes. Copy and paste from the article—the information is at the bottom of the article.<br />-3175022352000<br />Then click CREATE CITATION!<br />-6350022225<br />(Premium content)<br />Online<br />Encyclopedias: great for overview material <br />World Book Encyclopedia online (use World Book Student version)<br />Encyclopedia Britannica (try the Middle School Version first)<br />Wikipedia (available on the free Web)<br />Reference Databases:<br />ABC-CLIO <br />Use World History Ancient (Vikings, Middle Ages, Renaissance) or World History Modern (Reformation to Cold War)<br />     You can SEARCH or EXPLORE AN ERA for a topic (not all topics are available under Explore)<br />Ebsco Student Research Center (click Books and Encyclopedias)<br />Gale Student Resources in Context (scroll to the bottom of the list, second one up from the bottom)<br />Proquest eLibrary (click "clear all" then click Books)<br />On-shelf in the library<br />World Book Encyclopedia<br />Library books about your topic<br />