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Google hangouts v1

  1. 1. Google Hangouts Make Coaching, Training and Meetings Easy! Social Media Smarter Social Media Smarter
  2. 2. What is Google Hangouts? – Free video chat service from Google – Utilize Group interaction – Readily accessible via laptop, desktop or mobile device – Document sharing – Sync across devices – View history – Make Google Voice calls Social Media Smarter
  3. 3. Two Types of Hangouts • Hangouts – Video chats for 10 people or less – Not recorded – Available to only those you invite • Hangouts on Air – Viewed by anyone – Automatically recorded to your YouTube Channel – Can not invite public but public can view Social Media Smarter
  4. 4. Google Hangouts Can Help Your Business We’ll look at 3 business models, how to use Google Hangouts and some benefits of each. 1.Coaching Business 2.Service Providers 3.eCommerce Business Owners Social Media Smarter
  5. 5. Coaching Business • Google Hangouts help Coaches – Build trust and likability – Connect to clients face to face – Offer a new product to sales funnel • Offer group coaching • Share seminars Social Media Smarter
  6. 6. Service Providers • Google Hangouts help Service Providers – Distribute content – Reach larger audience of prospects – Strengthen branding – Create consistent voice and message Social Media Smarter
  7. 7. eCommerce Business Owners • Google Hangouts help eCommerce Owners – With Content Marketing – Build Community of Followers • Examples: – Product Demonstrations – How to use Products – Share Tips Social Media Smarter
  8. 8. Adding To Your Marketing Strategy • Google Hangouts offer many benefits – Branding your business – Excellent customer experience – Easy to use – Integrates with current marketing strageties – Helps grow business Social Media Smarter
  9. 9. 7 Uses for Coaches 1. Offer Free Consultations 2. Coaching Sessions 3. Group Coaching Sessions 4. Webinars and Education 5. Special Announcements 6. Q&A Sessions 7. Meet and train virtual assistants Social Media Smarter
  10. 10. 6 Uses for Service Providers and eCommerce Business Owners 1. Customer Service 2. Product Demonstrations 3. Tips and Online Education 4. Announcements 5. Launch Products 6. Build a Community Social Media Smarter
  11. 11. Getting Started with Google Hangouts By now you may have many creative and inspired ideas running through your entrepreneurial mind. So let’s turn our attention to how to get started with Google Hangouts so you can create your first Hangout. Social Media Smarter
  12. 12. Step One: Get a Google+ Account Sign up at – Have a Company Page to • Make it easy to be found • Brand your Hangouts • Add people • Follow people • Create Circles Social Media Smarter
  13. 13. Step Two: Install Google Talk • Install plugin from • login to your Google+ account to make sure it’s activated and installed correctly. Note: Once you install you can no longer be invisible but you can set your account to say “busy.” Social Media Smarter
  14. 14. Step Three: Start Your Own Hangout • Click the “New Hangout” tab – Top right corner of your Google+ account – Choose your personal account or company page Note: If you have multiple cameras and microphones connected to your computer, make sure you select the one you prefer to use first. Social Media Smarter
  15. 15. Step 4: Invite • Who do you want to invite? – Circle of Friends or Customers – Specific Individual – Public • Click “Add More People” • Confirm your invitations Social Media Smarter
  16. 16. Features of Google Hangouts • Instant message • Watch and share a YouTube video • Mute videos or yourself • Adjust your settings • Share documents and images • Take a screenshot Social Media Smarter
  17. 17. Wrapping Up a Hangout Wrapping up a Google Hangout is easy. Simply click on the phone icon to hang up. Social Media Smarter
  18. 18. Creating a Live Event – Google Hangout on Air A live hangout is a bit different than a hangout that’s by invitation only. There are a couple ways you can create a live hangout to share with your prospects. 1.Add Video Call 2.Create an Event Social Media Smarter
  19. 19. Hanging Out on Air Note: Once your on-air hangout is completed, it automatically becomes a draft recorded video in your YouTube account where you can edit it and publish to your YouTube channel. You can then market this video much like your other content. Social Media Smarter
  20. 20. Tips to Maximize Google Hangouts • Practice a few times with friends and family. • Mute yourself when not talking • Invest in a quality headset with microphone • Check Lighting • Eliminate Distractions Social Media Smarter
  21. 21. More Tips to Maximize Google Hangouts • Share and get the word out • Integrate all Google tools • Create a list of people to invite • Prepare! • Give your hangout a catchy title Social Media Smarter
  22. 22. Closing Tips • Make sure to test and track your success. • Ask for feedback • Pay attention analytics Social Media Smarter Social Media Smarter